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Badda Bing, Badda Boom…..

by Travis on November 18, 2006

Well, a week from hell is in the books. Fuck school, seriously. Here I am in my 30′s still trying to finish up a degree so I can work for the man. I swear one of these days I’m going to move my ass down to some tropical tourist island and live in a hut and serve icees to the tourists and drinks with fruit and little umbrellas in them. I’m questioning my ability to close out this last leg of my degree. I knew I should have went into journalism instead of the science field. Whatever……that’s my rant session.

This fourth quarter is generating some buzz in the hip hop world. The Clispe, The Game, Jay, Nas, Fat Joe, Snoop, Hi-Tek, along with others. Making my rounds in some of the forums I either post in or lurk in and cats are buzzing about this shit coming out. Some dude even said it reminded him of “High School” days. I don’t know dudes background, but I can’t really say this stuff coming out is all that great. Maybe I’m the resident old cat on the corner talking about the “good ole’ days” all the time, but none of this stuff coming out really makes me feel like the art is any better of a position than it was 5 years ago.

I’ve heard every album mentioned up above except for the Clispe (gettting ready to throw it in the ‘phones right now and of course Nas, but judging from the tracks I’ve heard already, I’m not holding my breath.) and none of them really give me that “warm fuzzy feeling”. The Game is….I guess not my bag of tricks. Jay’s new album has some moments, but also a couple tracks that made me upchuck my lunch. Fat Joe was cool the first time I listened to it. Now, I’ve NEVER owned a Joe album in my life. He’s never been my favorite, hell I’ve never even liked his music much. I thought this could be a new page for Joe. Then the second time I listened to it, I fell asleep. I woke up 20 minutes later and I thought the same song was still playing. Then I started listening and low and behold, I thought I was hearing the same song over and over again. Not a good sign. Snoop’s is better than his last few albums, well everything since Doggfather, but coming in at 20 songs and guest apperances on 17 of those, it’s a little too much. Hi- Tek is just booty.

So my question is….Are people just accecpting the lower quality now a days? I mean really, this wave of stuff is more names than quality. The year on a whole has been rather lackluster to me. Only one album has really grabbed me the way albums used to, meaning I listened to it more than 2-3 times, and you’ll have to wait for the massive year end WYDU post to find out what that was. There were some good albums, but really, cats are geeked up over stuff that is no where near what it was in the late 80′s to mid 90′s.

I realize things will never be the same, but when dudes are saying this is the second coming of the “Golden Age” I just cringe. This has to be dudes that weren’t around during the Golden Age. They weren’t there to buy “The Infamous” and sit in the parking lot for an hour listening to it because they were memorized so much they didn’t want to drive anywhere. They didn’t pick up Big Daddy Kane, NWA, and Rob Base all in the same day. They didn’t watch taped “Yo! MTV Raps” episodes over and over learning the words to songs. Hell, I can only recite lyrics to a hand full of albums released in the past 10 years. Maybe I’m just a bitter old man, but sometimes I wish acquiring music wasn’t so easy. Yeah, this is coming from someone running a blog himself, contributing to the whole mess. Guess I’m just in a bitter & pissy mood.

Anyway, enough ranting….It’s time for requests

Contributions from others……


1200 Hobo’s – Evolution Mixtape (Truth Productions, 1997)
1. Beyond Darwin featuring DJ Swamp
2. Reinstated Sicness
3. Untitled 1
4. Untitled 2
5. Untitled 4
6. Tweak Opera
7. Roulette (Aliyas)
8. Nobodys Theme
9. Turtle Island (Rising Sun) Produced by G-Fresh
10. Strung out
11. Friendly Torment
12. Vibrated Instance
13. Jels Casualty
14. Garbage Man
15. Galapugus Outro

Stretch & Bobbito 11-11-93

Radio Show

Freestyles Professors Album can be found here
Def Jef – Poet With Soul Can be found here

Just Ice
J.R. Swinga – Chocolate City 12inch (1994)

Saafir – Boxcar Sessions (Qwest Records, 1994);4555989;;/fileinfo.html PW: NEXT
1 Grab The Train (1:21)
2 Swig Of The Stew (3:58)
3 Poke Martian (0:52)
4 Playa Hayta (3:36)
5 Pee Wee (2:50)
6 Battle Drill (3:58)
7 Westside (1:05)
8 Worship The “D” (4:05)
9 Light Sleeper (3:28)
10 Rashinel (1:34)
11 Can-U-Feel-Me? (3:50)
12 No Return (Goin’ Crazy) (4:34)
13 Big Nose (3:28)
14 Just Riden’ (3:39)
15 Hype Shit (2:53)
16 Real Circus (4:12)
17 Bent (4:29)
18 The Instructor (0:45)
19 Joint Custody (4:01)


Darkroom Familia – From The Barrio With Love (Dogday Records, 1999)
1. New Revolution
2. Northern Killa Cali
3. Funk N Da Hood
4. Woke Up Hatin The World
5. One Of Those Days
6. Cruise All Night
7. Pops Faded
8. Daddy’s Home
9. Call Me Locote
10. City Casualties
11. My Barrio Cries
12. Song Of The Big Sky

Darkroom Familia – Dope Game (Couldn’t find any info)

Album Base Links & Other Random Links That I didn’t upload (I forgot a lot of shit this morning ie Early PUTS albums, Schooly D, so albumbase is helping out hahaha)

Del The Funkee Homosapian – Both Sides Of The Brain (Heiroglyphics, 2000)
1. Time Is Too Expensive
2. If You Must
3. Jaw Gymnastics
4. Pet Peeves
5. Press Rewind
6. Offspring
7. Style Police
8. Fake As F**k
9. BM’s
10. Skull & Crossbones
11. Soopa Feen
12. Disastrous
13. Signature Slogans
14. Catch All This
15. Phoney Phranchise
16. Proto Culture
17. Stay On Your Toes

I hated this album. I never take albums back or sell them back used, but this one I did. Bunch of gobbly goop if you ask me.

Here is a blog that has the Cold Crush Brothers – Fresh, Wild, Fly, Bold

Alkaholiks – 21 & Over
Password: hanz@itsbx

Alkaholiks – Coast II Coast

Saafir – Trigonometry (Warp, 1998)
1. I’m Saafir (The Sauce Nomad);
2. Major Knock;
3. Goin’ Home;
4. Stay Hi;
5. JZ Theme;
6. Broad Minded (featuring Shock G);
7. Sendin-U.Signals (featuring Shock G);
8. Street Scene;
9. Birthday Suit;
10. Just Ridin’;
11. In A Vest; &
12. Rock The Show.

Now for my contributions…..

Mac Dre Vs Little Bruce – Crestside Vs Hillside
This is something that I got on Cocaine Blunts. I’m not the best person to shed light on this album, but it’ some classic east bay beef. If anyone can shed some more light on it, feel free. Someone emailed me a request for it, and oddly enough, I had it.The sound quality is a lilttle sketchy.

InI- Center Of Attention (Soul Brother Records, 2001)
1. Intro
2. No More Words
3. Step up
4. Think Twice
5. Square One
6. Life I Live
7. Kross Roads
8. To Each Their Own
9. Faxin’ Jax
10. What You Say
11. Props
12. Center Of Attention
13. Grown Man Sport
14. Mind Over Matter
15. Don’t You Love It
16. Microphone Wanderlust

This isn’t the BBE Lost and Found edition, this was something I picked up at the Hip Hop Site store in Vegas back around 01′ or so. It has a few extra tracks that didn’t show up on the BBE release that came out a few years later. One of my all-time favorite albums.

The Lost Freestyle Sessions from The Bobbito & Stretch Show
Part one

Part Two
Don’t have the part Two track list yet…Actually it’s in the file

Some tight freestyles by some of the best. Crazy shit.

Maestro Fresh Wes – Symphony In Effect (LMR Recordings, 1989)
1 Drop The Needle (5:45)
2 Untouchable (3:44)
3 The Mic’s My Piece (5:58)
4 LTD’s On The Wheel(s) Of Fortune (4:33)
5 I’m Showin’ You (4:49)
6 Let Your Backbone Slide (Power Mix) (4:58)
7 Private Symphony (5:39)
8 Just Swingin’ (5:28)
9 The Maestro (3:47)
10 Tear It Up (2:20)
11 Fortissimo (2:32)

J-Zone & The Old Maid Billionaires – Pimps Don’t Pay Taxes (Old Maid Entertainment, 2002)
1. Model Citizens
2. Q & A
3. Live From Pimp Palace East
4. Stroke Happy
5. The Trojan War
6. The Bum-Bitch Ballad
7. 190
8. You Block, You Bleed
9. Block Itch
10. No Consequences
11. A Word From Our Sponsor
12. County Check Pimpin
13. Zone For President
14. I’m F*cking Up The Money
15. Old Maid Legal Aid
16. Jalbait Jennifer
17. S.H.I.D. Chapter 5
18. Ms. Platonic Part 2
19. The J-Zone Fan Club
20. Invisible Ink
21. Metrocard Millionaires
22. Billionaire Theme
23. Fan Club President

YG’Z – Street Nigga (Reprise, 1993)

1. Street Nigga

2. Ghetto Club

3. Sumthin’ 4 da Head

4. Wonders in da Bed

5. Itchy Trigger Finger

6. Street Nigga [Pete Rock Remix]


Anotha Level – On Anotha Level
J-Zone – Bottle Of Whup Ass (Not in the case)

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