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The Hip Hop Version Of The National Enquirer….Reading Material

by Travis on November 18, 2006

Let’s face it, us guys can be just as bad as women when it comes to gossip. Look at some of the dudes into professional wrestling. I haven’t watched it since the mid 90′s, but all it is, is men soap operas.

Personally myself, I’m big into behind the scenes of the Hip Hop scene, especially the old school bullshit. I just like hearing about stuff that happened back in the day. So when I was messing around on the internet looking for some info on something I am posting up in the requests and ran across this, it entertained me for awhile and thought I’d share it. Some of it is kind out there, some of it I could care less about, but there is someone interesting stuff none the less. I think I’ve seen something like it before on a message board, so it’s been out there for awhile. There are some comments by a “secret New York Confirmer”, then I’ll put my two cents in as well on some. My Comments in Color

GOt it from

TRUE LIES! peep this list of rumors, half-truths, and pure secrets… it’s time reality is revealed!
Enjoy… and discuss amongst your friends!
Some of these are rumors, and some are very true

-LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee came to blows one night backstage.
Not too sure about this.
I’ve heard this more than once

-Freddie Foxxx put a gun in Benzino’s mouth on the Flavor Unit tour bus, because Benzino would not stop talking **** about what a thug he was
This is true.
I tend to believe anything about FOXX

-”The bridge is over” was a Marley Marl beat that Krs One and Scott La Rock found in a studio.
Conflicting stories on this one. It was definitely “found” though. If it’s Marley’s…
I think KRS mentions something like this in “Rakim Told Me”, book

-2pac was robbed and shot by some of Supreme’s boys.
He was robbed by King Tut’s/Jimmy Henchmen’s crew. And them BMF niggaz (No, not the ones you see now in the rap videos) that extorted Bad Boy for years

-”I got a story to tell” was vaguelly based on a real life incident Biggie had when he was slipping pipe to John Starks’ woman.

-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.
The TS and Roc-A-Fella clique (None rappers) got into a fight one night at a Club. Big Pun did confront Jay-Z that night, but Jay-Z had to fall the fuck back. Even though Roc-A-Fella was far deeper.

-Eric. B beat down Large Professor and ran Kool G. Rap out of New York to Arizona after ‘G. Rap revealed Large Pro produced most of the beats Eric B was supposed to have done on the Eric B. & Rakim albums and “wanted dead or alive”.
Indeed. Yes.
I’ve heard you don’t want to fuck with Eric B more than once

-Biz Markie produced most of EPMD’s first album.

-Ghostface, Superb and their team beat down and robbed 50 Cent and Tony Yayo after 50′s dis tracks.

-Just Ice was a prime suspect in a murder case.
Yep. And we willl leave it at that.

-Just Ice turned up in Queens on Poet’s block after the two Rockwell Noel & The Poet tracks dissing Krs One, Red Alert and Ms. Melodie with a shotgun and waited for Poet to come out. Needless to say, Poet stayed in the crib that day.
Confirmed…. he mentions it in this interview

-DJ Ready Red was kicked out of Geto Boys and shafted by J. Prince because of his lack of melanin.
That’s fucked up, dude is cool from talking to him on myspace

-Alpo, Fritz, the original 50 Cent from Ft Greene and various other notorious hustlers/killers from the legendary Paid In Full Posse were in the crew shots on “paid in full” and “follow the leader”.
They were also part of the Mobstyle shit from back then. Some crazy DVD’s out there about them if you ever run across them

-Rakim recorded a dis cut aimed at ‘Kane for “let the rhythm hit ‘em” and had a verse on the title track itself aimed at him. ‘Kane heard about this and called Rakim to squash it and Rakim went on to scrap the track and remove the verse.

-Eric B. did security for Mike Tyson throughout much of the 90′s.

-A young Fat Joe and his boys Tony Montana(R.I.P) and Charlie Rock L.D were one of the top two crack crews in the Bronx in the mid 80′s and bringing in thousands of $$$$ per day.
Not Fat Joe but his boy Tony Montana was big dealer back in the 80s. Fat Joe was in there with him, but he wasn’t his main sidekick or anything in the game.

-Q Tip got fuked up so bad by one of the members of Wrexx N Effect that he lost partial sight in one of his eyes. ****EDIT***^^^^^very true^^^^^
I remember when this happened. Funny though, Wreckx never stepped to Ice Cube for his “You Can New Jack Swing On My NUTS!” line

-Nas came incredibly close to being on the Large Pro produced Kool G Rap, Xtra P, Freddie Foxxx and Ant posse cut “money in the bank” as he was always hangin’ around Eric B.’s studio but had gone to pick up some weed with a chick so they let the Ant kid on there instead.
Conflicting stories here, I tend to believe this is the most plausible one of them all.

- Grimm was supposed to be on “Live at the Barbecue” but he was arrested on the way to the studio.
Read it in an interview with Grimm

-Rza and Killah Sin and another fam member went to see 50 perform after How To Rob and 50 got wind of them being there and dipped backstage and didn’t perform, I have heard this one several times.
This is true, but how they left is all speculation.
Seems like Wu was always hot on the heels of 50 back in the day

-Redman Smacked Prodigy around the time Hell On Earth was out b/c he was dissing Keith and Def Squad.
No. He showed in Queenbridge, one deep with a hoodie, and confronted Mobb Deep (Mind you Mobb was 20 deep and Redman was solo) and said “Do you got a problem?” and Prodigy fell the fuck back and said “Nope”. And that was the end of it. Confirmed by Redman AND Prodigy and Havoc in the Source around 1996. Keith Murray did hit Prodigy.
I’ve heard different stories about this one, but they usually wind up with P catching an eye jammie

-A member of Wu got jumped at Suge’s club in Las Vegas and Pac didn’t like the way it went down and told Suge to squash the beef and he agreed outta respect.

-When Nas came to Boston around 94/95 somebody in RSO Crew (possibly Benzino) walked up to Nas and sonned him by knocking his baseball cap off of his head.
I never heard of this, but I doubt it. Nas was always crazy deep back in the early 90s. They used to shut down his shows cause members of his click would rob the people in the crowd.

-Freddie Foxxx went to Landspeed records like 200 deep in order to get the money they owed him.
Not that deep, but yeah.
Again, believe anything about Freddie. has one about Freddie ready to fuck up Kool Keith in the friendly skies

-Kool Herc was shot around 78 or something.
HE was shot. When, I don’t know.
I know for a fact he was stabbed as well

-Grandmaster Caz wrote Rappers Delight.
Common knowledge

-Pharrel use to carry records around for Teddy Riley.
Yep. He also wrote some hit songs for him also.

-Benzino forced Mays to give him part ownership of the source. There are legends of Benzino and his people tying up Mays in his own closet.
Close enough

-Benzino actually one of the main reasons why Boston had such a small homicide rate in the late 90′s, the Feds put UC’s on every block and had a lot crazy ish going on so Benzino got a lot of the heads of the bigger gangs together to unite so that not everyone get locked up. That saw the murder lessen and the Boston police taken credit for “doing away with crime in a big city”.
True. Not sure if he’s the main reason, but he helped to get the feds off his ass.

-The entire city of Boston was blacklisted back in the day by the industry due to crowds and Boston rappers and thugs attending shows just to cause problems. Every rapper from Audio Two to Biggie had either a bottle smashed across their head on stage or their show cancelled due to a shooting. To this day very few rappers do shows in the Boston hoods because of it.

-Everyone in CashMoney has done at least 2 years in prison I believe.

-Jay-z was told by Scarface to change Reasonable Doubt because he actually named names of dealers.

-Guru didnt leave boston in the best of terms which is why the early of stages of his carrear boston did not play a big part. Gang Starr originally started in Boston and had a few emcees in it. Guru left for NY and took the name without people knowing.

-Rakim was still in high school when paid in full dropped.
He was 18, not sure if he was in High School.

-suge beating the sh*t out of snoop’s/ dre homies cause they were using that phone that harry o had an exclusive phone line… and the dudes saying saying to suge “hey we roll wit dr. dre”! first sign of dre holding no weight

-LL Cool J was cool with Alpo and many other rappers had drug ties then.
Yes. He copped from them. He was a coke head.

-Tupac did have some of his enemies killed.
No he didn’t.
Big Stretch from Live Squad’s death is awful fishy though

-Eazy-E was from a very middle class family so was Ice cube they weren’t thugs
No. Eazy E was one of the biggest dealers in Cali. Cube isn’t a thug, though.

-Suge doesnt like game because he expose some of Death Row business (stuff about Harry-O) and because he is not really blood.
They are cool.

-The reason Sheek wasn’t around much after LOX split from Bad boy cause he was clearing up cases he had.

-The real reason Mase left hip hop & Harlem is because of heavy extortion, not an epiphany from god
Him leaveing is a complicated story. His bullshit got his two best friends killed. I’ll just say he fucked over the wrong person’s woman.

FACT: as if i had to tell u, i hear from an insider source that Queen Latifah is certified 100% dyke, she just hasent announced it yet
Well, she has had males pound her out (I know this for sure. No not me. Just saying I know she’s fucked with many niggaz).

Kanye West produced some of THE best hits for bad boy back in the day and Deric D-Dot Angeletti was taking all the credit for production because kanye was under him-i heard this many times
Heard this too. No idea.

I heard Lil kim’s on/off boyfriend is a hardened killer and tried to take out sombody in jersey i forget who, i think 50 cent
Yes, World is is killer and from one of Brooklyn’s toughest drug crews in the early 90s. Lame that he took his drug team’s name from New Jack city…He’s cool though.

Artists who i heard were pus*y, most robbed more than twice
Busta Rymes – true—Not so sure anymore, the steriod rumors are around and the fact he has taken a bottle or two to cats in the past couple years
jazze phae – no idea
Nas – eh
Dr. Dre – yeah
Shyheim from the wu – he had to leave ny cause Bloods were after him. I guess that makes him pussy?
Mase(to the 20th power) got yapped for his chain at a knick game – Eh. And I never heard of that second one
Puff – No
Jermaine Dupri – Who knows

camron(still my man tho) – No, but he’s not a super thug in the leaststephon marbury got his chain yapped while takin a nap in his car in NY – Not sure what he was doing but yeah

Allen iverson’s been robbed many times – LMAO. Hell no. AI runs with some of the…nevermind. Just…no.

i hear young buck did get his gunit chain yapped in chicago -His chain was snatched but he wasn’t wearing it when it happened. But it was returned immediately.

DMX, i heard its all a front for image – No, not at all. DMX is everything he says he is. His jail record can confirm this.

of course Ja Rule and Irv, but i heard irv’s brother holds massive weight50′s hood but i hear he has NO thorough backup -
No. Both of them dudes are pussies that were childhood friends of Preme and think they are him cause he porivides them with protection.

Snoop lost his juice, but is backed by the crips only because he makes songs to crip to.- No.

Jadakiss – Definitely not a real gangsta, but he does his business. After he became a rapper, but whatever…

Artists i heard were thorough and whyStyles p- one news story i heard is that somebody tried to rob him back during the free the lox campaign, shot the man DEAD and got off on self defense- No. But yeah he’s street

Cormega-I’ve heard for YEARS this cat has sh*t on lock in some places in brooklyn and queens
- Yeah he’s a gangsta

Ghostface & Cappadonna- Reason ghostface wore a mask in the early days is because he was wanted for robbery when the wu 1st blew up, Cappadonna owned some drug houses here on Staten island for a little while after he got money, i dont know if they’re still in business
- Ghostface was wanted and that’s why he wore the masks. And all of them were thorough.

Fat Joe- i dont know any real stories but i hear things
- Yeah

Game-only what i hear from HIS camp, he’s been shot 5 times in the chest they say.
- He’s been shot. He is not a gangsta in the least bit.

Cashmoney CEO’s Brian and Baby Williams have a brother who’s LEGENDARY in new orleans, now serving 500 some odd years in jail for various murders, this is true, they do have a bro in jail who is hardcore and a lifer
- Yep. B.G. was down with his brother too.

Have you ever heard Eminem claim that he pulled a gun out on ICP?
- He did. Unloaded.

this is the FULL VERSION… without a secret New York City street source doing the confirmations:
Some of these are rumors, and some are very true

-Paul C was murdered by his wife and his brother.
-Showbiz has almost been sent upstate for attempted murder twice. I‘ve heard more than once that “Real bad boys move is silence” is a perfect saying for him

-Johnny Juice did all Terminator X’s cuts on the Public Enemy albums.

Kool Keith met Godfather Don outside some industry event that both of them weren’t allowed entry to. They snuck in through a back window and then hung out for the next month or so recording the ‘Don produced tracks on “the 4 horsemen” and, of course, all the classic Cenobites tracks.

-Diamond D and his old late 80′s group Ultimate Force with Master Rob recor
ded a full album with Jazzy Jay which has never been heard. I’d like to hear this one…dayum

- Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behead MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went ****ty. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.
Serch mentions something to this effect in an interview I read with him not too long ago

-Grimm also admitted that he came in third at the World Supremecy battle in 93, losing to SuperNat who won but that he was also involved in a shooting earlier in the day.

-Mf Grimm was held on trial for the murder of a cop.

-A boston beatboxer by the name of A-Train is said to have beaten BizMarkie, Dana Dane, and K-solo in a battle back in 88.

-Fat Joe gave Guru a place to live for awhile.

-JT the bigga Figga returned Nas chain to him when it got stolen in cali

Eddie Murphy lets Johnny gill sleep in his bathhouse to this day because he’s broke

FACT: ghostface killa has a brother still living in staten island, poor, with hardly a pot to piss in, and no support from his well off brother, its true ’cause i used to kno him, names Brian

heres some bay gossip
e-40 and mac dre were beefin over a girl..its rumored that the two bay legends funk came when a dude from mac dres neighborhood the country club crest, took 40′s girl and 40 beat the dude down fro disrespecting his brother. thats why to this day hillside and crest side dont get along…they each made several diss songs before squashing the beef–the hoods havent.

the luniz aint hard but east oakland respects that they went major and still rep the town so they got thier back

as stated earlier posts the game isnt welcomed in the bay

master p was ran out the bay because he didnt help none of the people that introduced him to the game. or had his back.

c-bo is in jail for shootin his baby momma–true fact

luniz and too short beef is because too short wouldnt let them be part of the dangerous crew

suge knight paid that cat $5000 dollars to assault dr dre at the vibe awards specifically during his lifetime acheivement award segment

reason why the diplomats got into the liquor business is because cam bought 3 liquor stores with confessions of fire money, he learned the in & outs & now sizzurp is blowin up

cam’rons dad used to be a singer in a old time group, i forgot the name but ive seen the album cover,kinda looks like him

ginuine’s real name is Elgin Lumpkin

the real reason jay-z doesnt like camron is because dame dash gave camron temp ceo position of rocafella at one point while both dame & jay were away on business/vacation, cam was talkin sh*t on radio stations, screamin @ heads who work there like he started the business from the ground up like jay did,he didnt like that

sean paul is not allowed within 100 feet of beyonce or jigga ’cause during the shotting for baby boy,sean paul tried to scoop beyonce by dissin her man sayin somethin alomg the lines of
“get wit a cute nigga like you deserve”

50 cent tried the same thing too

50 cent & ja rule’s beef never started be4 they were famous, they didnt even kno each other, real reason’s because ja was rollin with his posse one day just after he got famous, saw 50 cent rollin alone (after how to rob) started talkin sh*t so 50 clapped him dead in his eye, this was before ja poked him with a knife

ghost face and capodona
ran in to one of 50′s boys (ZOO) at a block party in staten islandd.p from killah army took zoos watch because he was talking to his girland they stomped him out
few monnths later 50 seen ghost at def jam and they exchanged wordsand then 50 put out that diss track
thats how that beef sh*t started

pete rock was fu*kin nas’ baby momma and nas got wind of this and thats why they dont work together anymore Who hasn’t fucked her? Besides me……

dmx got his chain jacked in toronto on a movie shoot

eric b use to do bodyguard work for suge

DMX used to rob old ladys for their purses cuz he didnt wanna sell drugs…maybe its true most of his crimes were done with other people…

dj premier stopped workin wit jeru the damaja…cuz jeru got pissed when premier was fu*kin his sister…

ghostface said on tony’s money “this what happens when u dont give niggas they fu*kin money” in response to de la soul for not paying him for the track he was on he also jacked their beat
True, but it’s squashed

superb while in jail supposedly wrote all the rhymes for every ghostface album after ironman…lyin ass nigga…

littles jacked alchemist chain at a recording studio?

someone got jacked at a soul assasins studio session while gza was their and everyone but gza was forced to strip lol nobodys fu*kin wit the W

-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.^^ my nigga jayson was there, he cosigns this, this is where the fat joe/hova “animosity” started
Jigga was on stage a lil tipsy with the mic and pun and joe came up to rock and hova didnt want to get off.. said some slick sh*t to joey and pun and Pun cracked him with a bottle of bacardi. PUN speaks on it in “100%” if you listen to the lyrics.
Don’t let the liquor fool you, cause I’ll stick it to youSomethin sharp to the heart, or somethin big to move youThe Desert or the shottie, whateva you the bodythat chose to be the dumb nigga at the partyToo much Bacardi started speakin dumbThen you tried to snuff Joe – must have been Puerto Rican rum
jay-z did snuff fat joe and did get hit wit a bottle after snuffin fat joe, but after gettin hit wit the bottle pun and joe left quick, it was about to be over for dem cuz hov was strapped, then lance got stabbed, jay didnt do it, but he aint no snitch so he copped a plea, to this day fat joe hates jay, “dont even talk about the rucker”- fat joe’s team has won at the rucker, jays team didnt show, “im the proud new owner of the nets, no diploma no regrets, dont even talk about no rucker motherfu*ker i am set”-jay-z, fat joe is yet to respond, and if u listen to the mind right remix jay-z, memphis bleek, h money, and beans, jay is talkin to pun and joe.-just the facts.

jay-z told bleek to put “ima ball til i fall wat u think of that” cuz jay told carmen to tell nas, when nas was callin carmen while jay was messin around with her to tell nas that, im with a real baller now. nas took offense and responded, on ready for war- memphis bleek – bleek quips – “ur life style was written (nas relased it was written)/ who u supposed to be play ur position”, on is that your chick hov quips – “jus playing the cards chose for me/ jigga man, who u supposed to be?” settin the stages for one of the greatest rap beefs ever.
source sound lab, jay-z memphis bleek, and beanie sigel went to record for the dynasty and heard nas was in the studio and went to say wat up, no beef, the bleek beef was recently squashed, Nas snuck out of a back door, – Hov- “where nas went?” and niggas was like, “he heard u was comin and left during the middle of a track.”

Ol Dirty Bastard and LL Cool J were supposed to work together. Then, when they were in the studio, ODB pissed on one of L’s platinum plaques (he was drunk, surprise, surprise) and LL threw him out.

Master P tied up and pistol whipped Pimp C after UGK were running around and telling everyone how P didn’t pay them for their guest appearances

Can someone verify this? I heard Master P was talking smack about the eastcoast or something, and Meth smashed him in the face. Heard that one too. Again, don’t fuck with the Wu

Oh, and here’s another gem: Mase burned a Wu Tang flag, and Ghost punched him.

Rhymesfest battled Eminem before he was famous. Rhymefest won.

afu-ra knows tae kwon do…nas dropped outta high school…rza used to skip class all the time and still get good grades…OdB has his own chips—

afrika baambata was in a gang (uhh no shit sherlock)…biz markie was the first artist to be sued for sampling (didn’t the Turtles sue De La first?)

I heard a rumor(probably not true) that Jim Jones got beat up by some blood in LA in front of his body guard when the blood asked Jim jones what set he from he said “dipset”

And Fact, Lil Bruce and Dre use to have funk cause Bruce was talkin bout Dre retarded grandma(or mom) at a club on stage.

Allen iverson fu*ked nas babymoms too, thats a fact (again, who hasn’t?)

Krayzie Bone beat up Prodigy

Kane & Slick Rick came to blows backstage at the Run’s House tour in 88(i think). (Providence RI) Fight lasted about 1 minute before Vance Wright broke it up. (actually heard this back in the day as well. I heard that all was not well on the “Run’s House” tour back in the day)

Freddie Foxxx was originally gonna be Eric B.’s rapper not Rakim (I think it’s safe to say that this is true)

One of those Just Ice murders was for a known Drug Dealer

Mc Hammer found out 3rd Bass was coming to Cali, and ordered someone to merk them

Outlaws had beef with Capone and Noreaga, but was squashed later

Wyclef was close friends with Haitian Jack, the notorius gangster accused of sniching on tupac about the rape case,why?
“Tupac blamed Jacques Agnant AKA Haitian Jack for setting him up in the sexual assault trial. Tupac got the maximum penalty while Haitian Jack got 3 months suspended sentence. It was roumoured that Haitian Jack was a Federal informant. pac shouts him out in Makaveli-Against all odds “
play that track & he tells the story
somebody asked me before who pac had orded a hit on
one dude i kno
Stretch of the Live Squad
Tupac fell out with Stretch after the robbing & shooting at the recording studio because he became close to Badboy going to Biggies concerts. Stretch was murdered execution style in Jamaica one year to the day after the Tupac shooting.

-According to Marley Marl, him and Cormega had already finished a whole album ready for release before Nas was due to release illmatic. It eventually fell through as Mega was sent to jail.

- Das EFX stole their iggedy style from UK hiphop outfit Demon Boyz while on tour with EPMD.

-Fritz(that nigga back in the day) used to sell bricks to Alpo, AZ, Rich Porter, Boy George, Tony Montana (Fat Joe’s boy) and them. in other words, he supplied the dealers

-reason why curtis jackson took 50 cents name was because the real 50 cent had major beef wit supremes team & had em shook during his prime

-Masta Killa was the last member to join Wu

-Biggie did a 9 month bid in North Carolina

-Eric B had Large Professor beaten down on one occasion for Xtra P talking sh!t about not getting production credits and because he thought he was gettin’ at him on “snake eyes”.

p Diddy was a back up dancer for Kane & heavy d sometimes

Russell and Puffy had a fall-out due to an argument that Puff & Kimora had at a club. (it got real ugly)

YZ puts hands on treach so Treach boys jumped him. Yz then went for a chainsaw.

Treach (naught by nature)has done Porn movies and is Pepas (salt n pepa)baby daddy
memphis bleek is not fake as everybody thinks, he actually sold drugs, he was actually pushin weight when he met jay, before the rap sh*t started poppin off jay made him stop because he was only 15, bleeks boy got gunned down over a dice game and bleek adopted his daughter.

In bedstuy and bushwick, big and jay had some famous battles in the street, and in their high school, big always said jay won because jay rapped to fast, jay also battled busta in their high school, lil kim also attended that school.

Before reasonable doubt, Jay-Z and Jaz-O ran into LL cool J at a club, LL recognized Jaz and they spoke, Jay approached and asked to battle, LL didnt back down, Jay won the friendly battle, thats why LL to this day never takes offense when jay calls himself the best rapper alive, or best rapper dead or alive, when LL claims goat.

Nas is not really welcomed back in Queensbridge.
The reason i dont feel nas music, NAs witnessed his brother (ILL WILL)get gunned down and aint do sh*t. Nas also, never sold drugs, if u watch the Driven on VH1 jungle says he did, it was a front, nas used to get robbed, and picked on, the real reason he dropped outta high school. Nas also got robbed at one of his video shoots, and had to buy back his chain.ooooooooooooooooooooh hahahahahahahhaha

My favorite rapper of the moment, Joe Budden was put on anti depressants, was addicted to angel dust, was stabbed by his babys mother, locked up numerous times, nigga named joshua tried to kill him twice, pulled the gun twice, gun jamed twice, joe budden was in his hummer and they beat joshua down then took him to the precint.Joe budden owns numerous cars, including a hummer, and ferrari, but chooses to drive his 93 toyota corolla wit factory rims. Joe budden is not broke as many niggas think, he doesnt make any money off of album sales, but he is probably the smartest rapper around right now, he owns his publishing, which means millions of pump it up dollars.

U-God has beef with the Rza over Money

Biggie was not the playa he claimed to be, he never started gettin women until he got money, his bm looks like a man. (I did see a picture of her…ewwww)

Song Cry was a real song about Jay-Z’s longtime girlfriend

Trick Daddy was jumped and got his chain snatched at a show in Detroit for dissing Trick Trick a local Detroit rapper cause he thought he stole his name.

Jay-Z doesen’t own his publishing for Reasonable Doubt, but tries to diss Nas for not gettin paid when he sampled his voice from Illmatic.

2pac had relationships with a few celebrities on the low, Jada Pinkett and Quincy Jones’s daughter to name some.

Ice Cube isint from Compton and went to a college in Arizona, he was never a gangsta.

Xzibit is from Alberquerque, New Mexico.

Scarface tried to commit suicide when he was younger.

Three 6 Mafia used to be called Triple Six Mafia and made songs about worshipping the devil, but were forced to change their name when they signed to Reletivity.

-B.I.G. had some of his dudes run up in D&D studios and beat down Starang Wondah then had them put the phone to his ear while B.I.G. proceeded to tell him never to fu*k with him again. This was in retaliation for OGC’s first video where they had a fake Biggie get beat down.
Starang admitted it on Heltah Skeltah’s “I Ain’t Havin That”"like when i was up in D&D i caught 2 or 3 stitches / i was still gettin bi*ches at the tunnel takin pictures”
more jacked shit
The people behind Murder INC actually held weight when PIF posse was running

AZ supposedly fu*ked lil kim & foxy brown, tupac was known to be boning jada
pinkett & quincy jones daughter

game claims he caught his 1st body on march 4 1994
its rumored that fat joe personally buck fifty’ed cuban link

fat joe writes 25% of his lyrics he has a team of ghostwriters
banks isnt 21, he’s 29
monica & young buck might of hooked up
the beef connection:::::
Jay Z and Nas had a battle. Nas dissed Angie Martinez who is on Jay’s dikk. Angie
Martinez is an unofficial member of the Terror Squad who is headed by Fat Joe who
has worked with Nas many times.

Fat Joe has been throwing subliminals at Jay Z
throughout his whole career.

There were claims that Big Pun smashed Jay over the
head with a bottle.

When Big Pun died Fat Joe 150ed Cuban Linx. The only person
that helped Cuban was Remy who recently battled Lady Luck. Lady Luck has worked
with Ali Vegas alot who has took shots at Clue & Desert Storm. Stack Bundles who
is on DS has been dissing 50 Cent & Ali Vegas in recent freestyles. Joe Budden
who is also down with Desert Storm has been dissing 50 Cent and G Unit who is
home of The Game. The Game recorded a track with Stack Bundles where this all
started. Joe Budden’s freestyle over Where Im From was connected to Beanie
Sigel’s & Jim Jones freestyle over the same beat. Jim Jones has “tied his flat in
a knot” with Game. The Game has some type of beef with Memphis Bleek who is part
of the ROC team just as Jim Jones. The Game recorded the Certified Gangsta remix
with Lil Flip. Camron and Memphis Bleek both worked with TI who now has beef with
Lil Flip. Lil Flip was on Ludacris’s album and they both claim to have beef with
TI. TI has worked with 8 Ball & MJG and were in their last video along with

ghostface has been shot 3 times but never brags about it like other known MC’s in
the rap industry

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