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by Travis on November 21, 2006

(***Yesterday’s post that I couldn’t post****)

Before Al Gore invented the internet, acquiring, or just hearing for that matter, the latest new joint was a difficult chore back in the days. Even with “Yo! MTV Raps”, you didn’t hear some of the “lower than the devil” type of underground stuff that was out in those early 90′s and the such. We basically had two ways to hear that new “funky, fly, fresh, stuff”, either on a hip hop radio show, such as KISS FM or if you were out on the west coast, KDAY. New York radio had shit on lock back then. You had radio jocks such as Red Alert, Mr. Magic, Awesome Two and Chuck Chillout. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be from New York, but would regularly buy tapes from dealers in the back of The Source magazine. There are still some tracks on some of those tapes that I have no clue who the artists are.

The other way for us to hear the new stuff was through mixtapes. Now I’m not talking about the garbage “mixtapes” that pollute the industry in the present day, I’m talking more about the Kid Capri’s (The Godfather of the mixtape), the Ron G’s, the Brucie B’s & the Doo Wop’s. They always had some of the exclusives are never heard before type stuff. Again, I bought alot of mixtapes from “The Source” ads, DJ Double R, DJ Double SS, Kid Capri, and some other goodies that I have long since lost.

Mixtapes have been around since Hip Hop first started, only then, it was a home made recording of a party or a show in the park. Grandmaster Flash tapes were like gold back then. Anyone remember the infamous Harlem World tape? Show’s and performances like these gave way to DJ’s such as Brucie B recording his DJ set’s at clubs such as The Rooftop. Kid Capri would go on to add the classics and R&B and soul to his mixes. Ron G would master the art of blending R&B a cappellas & hip hop beats. DJ Clue would be credited with turning mixtapes into the marketing tool that they are seen today, with the exclusives, the world premiers and the such.

For the next couple weeks at least, we’ll be covering some of the radio shows and mixtapes from back in the day. I don’t have the best collection of stuff and as I said I still have some stuff on tape (although, I’ve lost a ton of tapes over the years) that I need to send to Brian to convert, but we’ll throw up some of the “classic” mixtapes and radio shows that help make hip hop history.

First up is the second is the WKCR duo, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito. The cats had the “Best Hip Hop Radio Show” voted by The Source in the history of hip hop. College radio at it’s best, they help jump start sooooooo many MC’s career. I can only imagine being able to cop this show on the radio back in the day.

This is the 10-28-93 show that I promised after posting up the 11-11-93 show in last weeks requests. These must have been released on some sort of CD format that I’m unaware of, but none the less, it’s a little slice of history.
Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 10-28-93 Show

It’s a little late, but better late than never. WYDU Classics Vol 11, Nov 06′
1. Everybody Get High – Young Zee
Always been a big Young Zee fan. Can’t remember if this was after Musical Meltdown or not, but classic Zee in it’s own right.

2. Good Times – 10 Bass T
I remember hearing this back in the day, and thankfully just picked up on Masscorporation recently

3. Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin – MC Breed
Odd enough, I wasn’t a fan of this joint although it got major play on Yo! back in the day. Guess I was hating on anything not from NY, LA, or Miami at the time.

4. Ready To Go – Miami Boyz
I remember a cheap as fuck video for this jam, but I loved it. Had been searching for it forever until the almight Bust The Facts hooked it up.

5. M.I.A. – Missin’ Linx
You’ve all heard the sample before, but rest assured this track came out a full two years before Dre. Kind of takes away from Dre’s track just thinking about it.

6. E-40 – Sprinkle Me
I remember not wanting to like this song, but my homeboy from back in the day made me like this song by playing it every freaking day.

7. Almyghty Myghty Pythons – Curb Your Nerve
The Souls and ‘Cyde project that never came to be. They released the one single back in 2000 or 01′ but that was about it. This is more of an A+ solo track than a group track though.

8. Beastie Boys – So Whatcha’ Want (Soul Assasin Remix)
always a big Soul Assasins fan

9. Colored Section – The Bomb MC
I love this track since hearing it a couple years ago, a cat from MadKap

10.Brand Nubian – Alladat
My favorite Buckwild beat of all time, plus the lyrics mean a lot after dealing with a bunch of fake ass friends back when this orginally dropped

11. Cisco The Frisco Mack – Audi 5000
Found this on 12 inchers and loved it

12. Da King & I – Let’s Take A Trip
One of my favorite tracks on this album

13. Donte – Heat
Hi-Tek when he didn’t suck. I love this track. Donte was down with Mood, but I’m hoping he drops something after hearing this.

14. Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad – Hit Em’ In The Head
A bunch of MC’s that I don’t feel like namin

15. Eminem & Royce Da 5′ 9″ – Nuthin’ To Do
This is the Em that I love. I was always hoping there would be a “Bad Meets Evil” LP

16. Godfather Don – Piece of the Action
Classic GFD

17. Steady B – Serious (BDP Remix)
All this Steady talk the past month got me listening to this track alot

18. Bas Blasta – The Rythm
Another posse cut

19. Dr. Feelgood – Nice & SmoothOne more posse track to boot

One last note. I’ve never really been big on joining clubs, movements, or any of that type of stuff, but I saw some flyers around my campus for the Hip Hop Congress and decided to check it out. After a meeting, I decided it was something I could get down with. I know there are some dudes from the Denver Metro area that frequent the site, so I thought I’d throw this up to get some more heads to it. It’s a Hip Hop Showcase. We are trying to get some positive light shown to some local break dance crews, artists (both DJ’s & MC’s) and the graffiti artists. All four elements are going to be covered. I’m involved with helping putting on (although a fairly small role), so I’d like to see kick off with a fairly decent gathering.

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