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King Of Talking On Shit….Mixtapes/Radio Show Part Three

by Travis on November 25, 2006

I’m alive and well after last night. Fairly uneventful, a few old hang outs, a strip club, and a lot of Madden and music. Only crazy thing was a chick lost a bet and I’ll leave it at that and you guys can use your imaginations.

Alright we’ll drop a couple more mixtapes on y’all. Hopefully these aren’t fucking corrupted. One of my least favorite mixtapes DJ’s is DJ Clue. Why am I putting him on then? Well, he does have a mark in the game for sure. If the fuck would just stop talking all over shit he wouldn’t be all that bad.

Clue is famous for coming up with the exclusives on his shit, pretty much the first DJ to do that. Sometimes they weren’t exactly “cleared” with the artist as you can tell by an intro on one of the mixtapes I’m about to drop. It has Biggie doing a phone interview and giving a “shout out” of sorts to Clue. Something about finding him on the streets.

Anyway, I’m not in the mood to write a whole lot about this. Yeah, I’m being lazy, but only have so much time and so many things to do while I’m vacation.

DJ Clue 1994 mixtape (just realized my copy is missing tracks 20 & 21. Sorry about that)

Next is a Bad Boy mixtape from 96′ I believe. It’s Puffy and a DJ screaming all over it, but it’s still kind of cool to get a glimpse into Bad Boy at the height of their rule. A couple nice freestyles on here (Redman).

That’s all boys & girls. I got some college football action to catch and a big game for these parts, Boise State Vs Nevada…GO BIG BLUE!!

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