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The FM Dial….Radio Shows & Mixtapes: Part IV

by Travis on November 27, 2006

Afrika Islam – WHBI Early 80′s mix (From 83? I believe)

You can’t have a radio posting without including the 13th B-boy for the Zulu Nation and the man credited with being the first Hip Hop Radio DJ. Afrika Islam is rooted in Hip Hop history from coast to coast, being involved with the Afrika Baambaataa & the Zulu Nation on the east coast in the late 70′s. In the late 80′s he was an important cog along Donald D (another east coast Zulu Nation member that moved west) & Ice T in starting the Rhyme Syndicate and bringing authenticity to the west.

As far as this clip, it’s a approx 20 minute set, done sometime in the early 80′s. It’s basically just all mixed together, but it’s rather interesting if nothing else. A small piece of history.

Terminator X Rap Mix Hour
I’m unsure of any orgins of this. I guess I found it interesting since Terminator X wasn’t exactly the most charismatic of Hip Hop DJ’s and even has some debate on just how much of an actual DJ he was. No clue on year or radio station, but here it is for your listening pleasure.

Harlem World Christmas Battle 81′

I was going to save this little gem for later, but with the lack of quality posts for a few days, I figured I’d come correct. Honestly, if you have any love for TRUE Hip Hop, the history and the culture, you should already have this little diddy in your collection. This is THE infamous Harlem World tape. I orginally got this bad boy as some 45th generation tape waaaaaay back in the day. I was memorized by it when I got it, because it was the first lesson in REAL old school culture. This has the infamous Busy Bee Vs Kool Moe Dee battle that has made the rounds on the internet before along with some other classic groups that you just have to download to find out.

This is an example of the first mixtapes that were orginally out there. No DJ’s, no exclusives, just some cat recording the events unfolding before him through out the night. This IS history in all it’s glory. I suspect a lot of the hardcore cats are there will already have this, but for those of you who don’t, get on this and don’t let it pass you up, because this will be the early days that people a 100 years from now will be talking about.


Alright, I realized I’ve been slacking on re-upping shit and replacing corrupt tracks, so if there is something that has a corrupt track or you can’t download, let me know and I’ll try to get it up this week.

If there is anything on the site that is no longer up and you want a re-up, again, let me know and I’ll re-up it on Friday. If there is an over abundance of things that people need re-up, that might take place of the Friday Requests.

I’m back in Denver and back to a some what normal schedule, although the next couple days are busy with school stuff, but I should be able to reply to emails and comments a little better after back to back weeks of heavy work loads and holiday travel. If you sent me an email and I haven’t replied back, forgive me tardiness, but I’ll get back at you. And Rob my man, I spaced shit off again man, but we’ll connect one of these days bro!

Haven’t done this in awhile, but wanted to show some love to a new blog out there that deserves some shine. To The Break Of Dawn deserves to get off the ground. The first few posts have been exceptional, so it’s a site worth watching. If you enjoy the old school out of print shit that the Daughter brings you, you need to check …Break Of Dawn… as well.

I added links to some forums I frequent while trying to kill time in between classes (and I wonder why I don’t get anything done) and at work. Now I’m not going to lie and say I’m a big fans of forums, because I hate most of them. Every once in awhile though, I find some I can deal with. A lot of forums are either over zealous rap kids trying to tell everyone why Dipset is the greatest shit since “Depends Undergarments” or some Hip Hop nerd kid on Anticons dick, so I tend to shy away from most of them. BUT, that being said, you can find some great stuff on some of these forums (Cocaine Blunts in its Prime) and can communicate with some cool people (This site is made up of four members). If there are any others out there that you think I should check out, feel free to drop links, but please don’t leave no bull shit. There are others out there that I need to dedicate more time to, but it’s hard to get into forums a whole lot. The only ones I’d call myself a “regular” on are and cocaineblunts.

That’s another post in the books

Respect Due, Travis

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