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Radio Shows & Mixtapes: The Final Chapter…Futura Flavas!

by Travis on November 29, 2006

We come to an end of another series by posting up something fairly new. Future Flavas started as a radio show, but is now the number one internet hip hop radio show, something I myself try to catch on the regular (when I have fucking internet that is). A bunch of cats are responsible for the show, led by Marley Marl, and along with other artists/DJ’s 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Beatminerz and everyone’s favorite DJ/Producer, DJ Premier.
DJ Premier Live On Future Flavas Jan 03′

This is an episode from Jan 03′. Nothing real special, but none the less fun to listen to. I find myself putting it on when I’m playing Madden or some shit.

More info at:

I realize I could have made this series better. But this won’t be the last time we run this. I have more stuff in the chamber. Still need to convert a lot of my old tapes into Mp3 form and will one of these days when I send the stuff to Brian aka Straight Checkin’ Em.

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