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Re-Ups & Requests

by Travis on December 1, 2006

It’s offically December now, so the holiday season is getting going in full steam. Every year I tend to vary on my Holiday cheer. Some years, I’m full of holiday cheer, singing Christmas songs, decorating my apartment, and just enjoying the season. Other years, I hate everything to do with the holiday season. I hate the songs, I hate the commercialism shoved down my throat and I hate the crowds. Before I know it, it’s Christmas and the whole experiance has been a down right shitty one.

This year is looking like one of those I’m going to play Scrooge on. I’m already getting pissy toward the whole ordeal. It don’t help that my daughter is at that age when her christmas wish list is rather spendy and daddy is dirt ass poor. At least her mother is rolling in the dough (gotta love those exzubarent child support payments). Oh well, Bah humbug and give me that fifth of Southern Comfort.

It’s time for requests and re-ups. It’s mostly re-ups from over the months this week. You guys didn’t want to play with the requests except for the handfull of people that emailed me for stuff. So I’ll up those and throw in a couple goodies myself just to keep this post interesting.

Hopefully I’m getting everything re-upped that people wanted. I do have good news though, I got a new computer at work, so hopefully that ends the corrupt tracks issues I’ve been having. For the re-ups, I’m not going to do all that fancy shit I do with requests. If it’s been on here before, all the information you need can be found by doing a search on the blog.

Dilated Peoples – Imagery, Battle Hymns, & Political Poetry

DJ Double R

WYDU Classics Vol 8
1. Back From Hell (remix) – Run DMC feat Ice Cube & Chuck D
2. Frankenstien’s Pain – Frankenstien
3. The Band Gets Swivey On The Wheels – Son Of Bazerk
4. Check The Elevation – Tony D
5. Jayou – Jurassic 5
6. Illusions – Cypress Hill
7. One Eight Seven (Deep Cover 2) – Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
8. Drive By Miss Daisy – Compton’s Most Wanted
9. Westside Slaughtahouse – Mack 10 feat Ice Cube & W.C.
10. Comin’ Like This – 2nd II None feat DJ Quik, Hi-C, & AMG
11. Afro Puffs (extended version) – Lady Of Rage feat Snoop Dogg
12. The Renaissance – Amad Jamal
13. Tekzilla – Common
14. Logistics 101 – Louis Logic
15. Rush Ya Clique – The Outsidaz feat Eminem
16. Pardon Me- Dres
17. The Orginators- The Jaz feat Jay-Z
18. Ain’t Nuthin To It – K9 Posse

True Of Culture – Rude Boys Come To Play

Bobbito & Stretch 10-28 Show

Hydra Beats 4- A Kid Called Roots

Hydrea Beats 5 – Beatnuts

Hydra Beats 6 – Ghetto Pros

Hydra Beats 7 – Godfather Don—Godfather-Don-2.rar.html

Hydra Beats 8 – Anniversary

Hydra Beats 10 – Ghetto Pros

Hydra Beats 11 – Godfather Don

Hydra Beats 12 – Nick Wiz

Hydra Beats 14 – Godfather Don—Godfather-Don-4.rar.html

The Nonce – The Sight of Things

Requests & my two cents…

Dismasters – And Then Some (Sure Delight, 1989)
A1 To Be Real (4:38)
A2 Act Like You Know (4:26)
A3 Skrum, And Then Some (4:12)
A4 Small Time Hustler (4:18)
A5 Act Like You Know (Dub) (4:25)
B1 Keisha (5:15)
B2 Black And Proud (4:02) Vocals – Brenda Hilliard
B3 You Must Be Crazy (Brutus) (5:36)

I don’t know if the UK vesion is different than the US version, but according to Discogs, this is supposed to have two more songs at the end (a dub and a minute long acapella, so nothing major) than the copy I have. This is pretty old and had some Chuck Chillout produced things on it.

Movement Ex – Movement Ex (Columbia Records, 1990)
A1 Prologue-This Movement Is Ex-Rated (1:56)
A2 Freedom Got A Shotgun (5:17)
A3 United Snakes Of America (4:37)
A4 Universal Blues (4:30)
A5 KK Punanni (4:33)
A6 I Deal With Mathematics (5:04)
A7 Zig Zag Zig (4:58)
B1 Is My Mic On? (5:13)
B2 The Lord Speaks His Mind (5:02)
B3 Rap Mafia (4:02)
B4 Get Up Off The Pipe (5:05)
B5 Comin’ At Ya (3:33)
B6 Epilogue-This Movement Is Ex-Rated (1:05)

Polarity review Here. Picked it up myself a few months ago.

Grav – Down To Earth (Correct Records, 1996)
1 Intro (1:12)
2 What (4:18)
3 World Domination (4:14)
4 Snakebite
5 Sick Thoughts
6 City To City Rap [Featuring] – Al’ Tariq , Lil Ray
7 Thought It Was On Backing Vocals – Liz Mercado
8 Line For Line
9 Interlude
10 Keep Movi
11 Sex
12 One Puff
13 Down To Earth Scratches – DJ Nu-Mark
14 The Battle Scratches – Record Player Twilite Tone
15 C’mon Scratches – DJ Cue

I did a write up on this album back in march before we posted up full albums. It’s not all that bad of an album. It contains some early Kayne beats, before his head got so big, he couldn’t fit into a room anymore. Worth the download though.

Gumbo – Droppin’ Soulful H2O on Fiber (Chrysalis, 1993)
1 No Need To Run Anymore
2 Feelin’ Like
3 A Free Soul
4 The Boat
5 Do You?
6 I Know You’re A Virgin
7 Droppin’ Soulful H20 On The Fibre
8 Reality
9 The Jungle
10 Basement Music
11 Ya Know
12 Dancin’ Beauty
13 Big Bowl Of Life
14 Soldier Boy
15 Last Night

Produced by Speech of Arrested Devolpment fame, that should give you some sort of clue on what to expect.

Steady B – What’s My Name (Jive, 1987)
A1 Believe Me Das Bad (4:22)
A2 What’s My Name (4:01)
A3 Don’t Disturb This Groove (4:19)
A4 Funky Drummer (3:57)
A5 Use Me (4:17)
B1 Gangster Rockin’ (4:16)
B2 My Benz (3:38)
B3 Hold It Now (4:04)
B4 Rockin’ Music (4:01)
B5 Introduction (1:03)
B6 The Hill Top (2:25)
B7 Rong Ho’le (3:35

Bobcat – Cat Got Your Tongue? (Arista, 1989)
1 Do It (4:47)
2 I’m Serious (3:37)
3 I’m Cool (5:32)
4 Who’s Got The Juice
5 I Need You (6:25) Co-producer – Trenten Slamm
6 Come With Me (4:36)
7 Best In The West (4:25)
8 Clubbin’ (5:05)
9 Linda (2:54)
10 Cat Got Ya Tongue (2:59)
11 West Side Story
12 The Mob (4:36)
13 She Wanted To Share Her Lovin’ (5:55)

Another incredibly medicore album from Arista during the late 80′s. Bobcat is a westcoast mainstay, producing for the likes of Del, Ice Cube, & 2pac, but is probably most notably famous for producing a large chunk of LL’s “Bigger & Deffer” album.

Schoolly D- Saturday Night The Album (Reissued On Jive, 1987) *There is a version he put on himself from 86? I believe

A1 Housing The Joint (5:06)
A2 We Get Ill (4:06)
A3 Do It, Do It (2:56)
A4 Dedication to All B-Boys (4:02)
A5 Get N’ Paid (2:58)
A6 Dis Groove Is Bad (4:30)
B1 Parkside 5-2 (5:48)
B2 B-Boy Rhyme And Riddle (5:06)
B3 Saturday Night (5:26)
B4 It’s Krack (5:30)

Something about late 80′s Philly hip hop that I just love. Call me crazy, but I think they were doing it almost as good as NY at the time. What happened? I’m not sure, but Schoolly & The Hilltop Hustlers were some serious shit back then.

Colored Section – Bomb MC (Tweleve Inch RPM, 1998)
1. Intro
2. Beat Street
3. Light Skinned
4. Bomb MC (Old Gold Mix)
5. Rat Syndrome
6. Hip Hop Anthem
7. Bar B Q
8. Tabitha
9. Rap Stars
10. Bomb MC (Original Recipe)

One of the members from Madkap went on to form this trio. I actually like this more than the Madkap album. It’s nice great west coast shit in that Madkap/Pharcyde vein. This is a polarity rip and they have been called “Ghetto Ass Rips”, but if you’re like me, you could give a shit less and are just happy to have it. You’ll need to name the files. It’s going for fairly cheap used on Amazon, I might just have to pick me up a copy.

DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip – Masters Of The Rhythm (Mercury, 1989)
A1 Rhythm Is The Master (4:24)
A2 No DJ Like Chuck (4:37)
A3 Gimme Minze (5:51)
A4 Roll Call: Bronxwood Productions (4:14)
A5 The Mic I Grip (2:53)
B1 I’m Large (3:25)
B2 That’s Life (3:02)
B3 No Holding Back (3:38)
B4 Time To Rhyme (3:14)
B5 Son Of A Gun (4:14)
B6 Chuck Is Chillin’ (1:34)

Some more Chuck Chillout. Someone was on the Chillout fiend this week. Good album, with “Rhythm Is The Master” as a Yo! favorite back in the day, that’s how I came across it back in the days.

Craig G – This is Now!! (D&D Records, 2003)
1. Don’t Care Who We Bang
2. Wrong
3. Ready, Set, Begin
4. Place Ya Bets
5. Now That’s What’s Up
6. Words From Warbucks
7. Stomped
8. Let’s Get Up
9. Damn This Day
10. Frostbit
11. Love Is Love
12. Dribble or Shoot
13. Do It Over Again
14. Make You Say Yes
15. Executioner Song
16. Say What You Want
17. Freestyle Bonus

And yes, it’s out of print, since D&D is no longer. This album is medicore at best, but then again, there never has really been a GREAT Craig G album. Another Polarity rip, so you’ll have to name the tracks.

Five Deez – Koolmotor (Counterflow, 2001)
1. Say Intro
2. Latitude
3. Omni
4. Got Dough
5. Decapitated Orgasms
. Instruments Of The Trade (The Word)
7. Sexual For Elizabeth
8. Possibly
9. B.E.A.T.
10. Ten
11. Sugar
12. Even
13. Plasma Avenue
14. Afganistan Dan’s Skating Stand

I was suprised this was out of print, but it is. It’s an alright album, some easy listening hip hop for those older folks. Great to fall asleep to, but I have to be in the right mood any other time for it.

Well that’s it for another round. I thought his would be an easy one, but there was a lot of uploading going on today. If you wanted something re-upped that I forgot, let me know.

Peace, Love, and Hair grease, Travis

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