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WYDU Goes Ignant

by Travis on December 5, 2006

Feels like a good day to be Ig’nant as fuck. That’s whats the fuck up today. Honestly, I was going to start a movie soundtrack series today, but left the soundtrack that I wanted to post today in my desk at work, so I had to work with what I had with me in my backpack. I have the “ghetto I-pod”, meaning it consists of mp3 Diskman and a bunch of mp3 disks. I wanted to make sure I did some sort of post today, so I reached into my little bag of goodies and pulled out something I have never seen posted anywhere else and is a bitch to find to buy. I should know, because I’ve wanted to buy a copy of these mixes for a while now. I present to all my loyal readers, J-Zone’s Ign’ant Mixes Vol One & Vol Two.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big J-Zone fan, not only his producing and mc’ing, but his taste in music is usually impeccable. Straight up ign’ant shit that would send any nun into a cardiac arrest and be the soundtrack for any Catholic priest on the prowl.

Zone isn’t your usual “underground” New York cat. Nah, dude is afficiando of all that old Rap-a-Lot & west coast shit. Now I’ll admit, this isn’t usually my type of thing, but I like to throw in these mixes when you feel like getting all “gangstered up” or about to spit game to some dumb female to come over and give you some play on a Friday night at 2 a.m. after a case of brew. It’s that type of stuff.

You won’t find any revelations (I don’t know, maybe some of you will) on these, you won’t feel like going out and saving the world. But that’s the beauty of these joints. It’s just pure ignorance.

Shit is pretty obnoxious and a pain in the ass during these holidays times. You have to get ignarant sometimes and just bitch slap that fat bitch that cut in front of you or kick in the tail light of that stupid fuck that took your parking spot (the cops frown on this, never understood why). These mixes will help you do that.

It was a bitch finding a tracklisting for these things, which also means, it’s hard trying to find a place to buy these. If these are still for sale somewhere, someone needs to let me know.

Volume One

01. Warning feat/ Ice-T
02. Intro
03. Still Talkin feat/ Eazy-E
04. Low Life Muthafuckas feat/ Poison Clan
05. Dookie Shoot feat/ The Dogs
06. I’d Rather Give U My Bitch feat/ Suga Free
07. Dope Man’s Commercial feat/ Master P
08. Psycho Rhymes feat/ Master P
09. Oooh Shit feat/ Master P
10. I’m So Bad feat/ UGK
11. Danger Zone feat/ Big L
12. Invasion Of The Purse Snatchers feat/ Too Much Trouble
13. Gorilla Pimp feat/ Project Pat
14. Bust A Nut feat/ Luke, The Notorious B.I.G.
15. I Need Some Pussy feat/ Willie D, Choice
16. If U Ain’t Suckin’ feat/ Too Much Trouble
17. Uzi Gets Shot feat/ Poison Clan
18. Bad Influence feat/ Poison Clan
19. Suck That Dick feat/ Disco Rick, The Dogs
20. Sorry Louie feat/ Eazy-E
21. Game feat/ Too Short, Freddie B
22. Mo Hoes feat/ Ron C
23. Every Single Bitch feat/ X-Raided
24. Woop Her Ass feat/ Convicts
25. Smokin Chronic/Jackin For Transpo feat/ Tweedy Bird Loc
26. Outro (Piss On His Dead Ass) feat/ Too Much Trouble

Volume Two

1. Ign’ant Intro
2. Your Ass Got Took – Scarface
3. I’m Callin UA Bitch – Tweedy Bird Loc
4. Why U Bullshittin’? – Suga Free
5. Psycho – Ganksta Nip
6. Ain’t No Doubt – Ron C
7. Nuthin But A Word To Me – Too Short (Feat. Ice Cube)
8. Baldhead Hoes – Willie D
9. Mo Fa Me – Devin
10. Ketchup On My Hot Dog – Section 8 Mob
11. We Don’t Want No 8-Ball (St. Ides Commercial) – Ice Cube
12. Kidnapped – Pretty Tony Capone
13. On The Bone Again – Brooklyn Assault Team
14. We Want Pussy – Too Much Trouble
15. Hoecakes – The Afros
16. Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch – No Face (Feat. 2 Live Crew)
17. Don’t Do It, Nut – Disco Rick & The Dogs
18. Whoetry – Pimpin Young & Jake $teed
19. Pay Me – Mr. De
20. Nut In Your Eye – DJ Assault
21. Mutt Them Ho’s – The Dogs
22. Get Your Roll On – Big Tymers
23. Pussy Ass Kid And Ho Ass Play – Luke (Feat. Bustdown & JT Money)
24. Oops! The CD Burner Fucked Up
25. Say Goodbye – Dave Bing & Killer Sha
26. Putcha Lips – Odd Squad (Feat. Big Black)
27. Nasty Bitch – Bustdown
28. Secret Fantasies – Tim Dog
29. Ign’ant Outro

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