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WYDU Goes To The Movies

by Travis on December 6, 2006

Alright y’all, I’m sick and the first time I wrote this post I got an error from blogger and it ate my post. Needless to say this post will be short and sweet and straight to the point.

We’ll be taking a look at hip hop inspired movie soundtracks for the next couple weeks. Hip hop has been a major marketing tool for movies for over a decade now. Like most things in music, the soundtracks were a lot better back in the day. I stopped buying soundtracks about 8 years ago, since most of them were complete garbage. I did have someone slip me a copy of that “Hustle & Flow” soundtrack that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but I still wouldn’t have forked out money for it.

Trespass OST (Warner Bros, 1992)
1. Trespass – Ice Cube, Ice-T,
2. Gotta Do What I Gotta Do – Public Enemy
3. Depths of Hell – Ice-T,
4. I Check My Bank – Sir Mix-A-Lot
5. I’m a Playa – Penthouse Players Clique
6. On the Wall – Black Sheep
7. Don’t Be a 304 – AMG
8. Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) – Gang Starr
9. You Know What I’m About – Lord Finesse
10. I’m Gonna Smoke Him – Donald D
11. Quick Way Out
12. King of the Street – Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner

Shitty movie, great soundtrack. Standout tracks include the title track, “I Check My Bank”, “On The Wall”, “Gotta Get Over” and one of my favorite tracks of all time “You Know What I’m About”. Honestly the only tracks I skip over are the Ice T joint and the last two tracks.

More in-depth posts coming later on in the series, I just want to get home and drink a gallon of Orange Juice and lounge on the couch the rest of the afternoon.

Table Scraps
Friday is request day once again and will probably be one the last of the year since it looks like I will be out town for the last few Fridays of the year. Re-ups and request are taken, the one time of the week I can get all the emails and cbox requests taken care of.

If I already told you that I would re-up something or post something earlier this week, please remind me, because unless I write shit down, I forget easily. Too many brain cells have been lost over the years.

Someone emailed me some great 45 King albums that I didn’t have and wanted help with some stuff he was looking for. Since I didn’t have any of his requests, I’ll post it up and maybe one of our visitors will have it.

The 45 King-The Lost Breakbeats: Gray Album
The 45 King-The Lost Breakbeats: White Album
The 45 King-The Lost Breakbeats: Pink Album
The 45 King-The Lost Breakbeats: Test Press
The 45 King-The Lost Breakbeats: Brown Album
The 45 King-Grooves For A Quiet Storm (Saw this somewhere, Strictly Beats maybe?)
The 45 King-Tuff Ass Jazz
The 45 King-The Brainstorm EP

I recieved an email from the publicist for YZ. It seems that a link I posted for his myspace page was wrong on some of his albums I posted awhile ago. The correct page link should be
Be sure to check it out. Looks like he is making a comeback, one which I would welcome. I look forward to hearing more material from him in the future.

Fingerprint Records Discography

This is NOT an invation for every inspiring group, producer, or MC to send me their stuff in hopes of me posting it, because 99% of the time, I won’t do it. I have dealt with Nobs who runs/owns? the label on cocaine blunts for awhile now and he’s a cool dude, plus the music I’ve heard from him and his label has been worthy enough of me mentioning it. He asked, I obliged. I suggest that check some of it out, if not all. Dez & Nobs “Behemoth” was my first introduction to them and is my personal favorite. Give some of them a listen then check into this New York City label. These links were uploaded by Hip Hop Bootleggers, so major props out to Krooked and the gang over there (I slept on the links that were sent to me and they expired).

Hand Held Aspects – From Point A to H (2001)
3-ones perspective
5-usual maneuvers.
6-note to self.
8-looking for freshness.
9-inertia’s lament.
10-ice the pain.
11-living room.
13-12 gauge.
16 -what it seems.

Erosadis – Misguided Messiah
1-The Second Side of the Eight.
2-Stereo Romance
3-Rotten Apple.
4-Hand Made Heaven.
5-Introduction to the Ministry.
6-Preaching to the Converted.
8-Song Number Eleven.

Neanderthal Youth – Unearthed
3-You Oughta Promote
4-Grunt Part 1
5-Thrift Shop Hip Hop.mp3
7-Where I’m At.mp3
8-Grunt Part2
9-Thy Plant.mp3
10-Electric Uprock.
12-Grunt Part 3
15-Last Track.

Eibol – Karma Kingdom
01 All For What.mp3
02 Double Dog.mp3
03 Burnin’.mp3
04 Ask _’s.mp3
05 Status Control.mp3
06 (Stars) Feating J.Fuentes.
07 Grounded.mp3
08 Karma Kingdom.mp3
09 Instinct (Interlude).mp3
10 Peel The Nikes Back.mp3
11 Dedication.mp3
12 Rhythm.mp3
13 A Song For Jake.mp3
14 No Love Lost.mp3
15 Place To Be.mp3
16 Ways Of The World.mp3
17 Vagabond Song.mp3

Nobs – Musicide
1-Either Or.
2-Blood Sells.
3-Fair Weather Song.
4-The Strained Voice.
5-Mind Cloud Stranded.
6-Idiot Box (Ft. Icon The Mic King).
7-Insanity And His Litter Box Trained Wife (Ft. Brad Hamers Of Phlegm).
9-Cigarette Break.
10-Right Foot Blue.

11-Diseased You.1
2-Crippled Defense.
13-The Leaking Saxaphone.
14-Salmonella Last Supper (Ft. Brad Hamers Of Phlegm).
15-Exit Stage Left.

Nobs – Workin
1-Big Moses Goes for a Job Interview.
2-Pass Go.
4-Paint Her Dead.
7-I Sing Happy Birthday with Grenades in my Mouth.
9-Big Moses Is Art.
10-Go Drown.
12-The Lottery.
13-Memoirs of a Guitar Player.
14-You Wont Be Here Again.
16-Big Moses Lesson in Spoken Word Poetry.
17-Gridlock in Paradise

Dez And Nobs – Behemoth (2006)
01 Intro.
02 Behemoth.
03 Awe.
04 Fingerprinterlude.
05 Lemmeeguess.
06 There It Is.
07 Before.
08 After.
09 Xenophobia.
10 Bustit.
11 2 Trillion 2.
12 Fresh Out The Box.
13 Staring Problem.
14 Girl, Interrupted.
15 Beatrice.
16 My Own Dick.
17 FuckDez.Com.

Losaka – For The Folk
01 Folktronica (Love).
02 Downtempo (Nostalgia).
03 Cinematic (Anger).
04 Uptempo (Confusion).
05 Lounge (Insanity).
06 Discotech (Lust).
07 Simple Ass Rap Song (Pride).
08 Hidden (Hidden).

Losaka – Porqueria
1-Merging Rhodes.
3-The Hierarchy of Stairs.
4-The Best Things.
5-Advice From a Drowning Man
.6-Rose Is Dead, Violet Is Blue.
7-Mothers Ghost.
8-Angel and Damien’s Wedding.
9-Gaita Para Chavez.
10-Brain Detergent.
12-Note To Listener.
13-i.e Jazz.
14-Stoplight Prophet.
15-Pride and Paraphernalia.
16-Stimulated Beautiful.
17-The Spaceman and The Unknown.
18-Bad Smack.
20-Accepting More.
21-Loose Leaf Dichotomy.
22-Theory of a Park Bench.
24-All This Time.

Hippo – Hippodrome
2-Feel So Good and Free
3-Cathedral Guy
5-Catch Up and Ketchup
6-The Name
7-City Song
8-Hippopotami Plural
9-Tell the People About
10-Thin As a Rail
11-Second Best
12-Tight Bathing Suits
13-Peer Pressure
14-Groove Out
15-Hippo in the Mirror
16-Jungle Heavy
17-Alone with Hippo
18-Escape from the Zoo
19-Mid Evil Castles
20-Hippo Funk

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