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Request & Re-ups

by Travis on December 9, 2006

Fucking computer took a shit, so three hours of work down the fucking tube. Guess I should save this shit while I’m working on it. Fucking zshare doesn’t email the links to you and thats what I was using mostly on this post…..fanfuckingtastic…..

***crashed on me again…..I had some extra stuff I was going to post up, but I think we’ll call it a night before I break something******

Needless to say I’m pissed so this is going to be a shitty post.

Ill Biskits – Chronicle Of Two Losers

Al-Tariq – Nikki (Wax only track from his album “God Connections”)

J-Zone – Bottle Of Whup Ass

Schoolly D – How A Black Man Feels

Godfather Don – Diablolique

Live Squad – Game Of Survival

Red Hot Lover Tone – #1 Player

Requests and the Such

Beastie Boys – Demos & Rarities (Paul’s Boutique Demos)

Homemade by me after Tommy B hooked me up with some nice beastie rarities. I had the track listing but don’t feel like retyping it all out, but “The Scenario” and “Desperado” are on here, so that alone should be reason enough to download it.

Mannish – Audiosedative (Correct Records, 1995)
1. That Crazy Intro
2. Impact Of My Insanity
3. Tasha’s Room
4. Expect That (Bird Mix)
5. Innermental
6. Chain Letter
7. Swarm
8. Jive U The Mann
9. The Shit
10. If Approached
11. Mannish
12. Speaker Time
13. War
14. Expect That (B-Zar Mix)
15. Endtro

The tracklisting in the file is slightly different due real player cutting up the tracks differently, but it’s the same album. Heavily slept on west coast album. Dude went on to release some singles as “13″ in the early indie record boom that are worth tracking down as well.

Milk – Never Dated (American, 1995)
1. Intro
2. Get off My Log – Big V, Milk
3. Laid & Paid II
4. Spam
5. Rude & Cocky
6. Go 2 Hell!
7. Ask Me How Thick

Some fucking reason, this is missing two bonus tracks that was on the tape, which i have but no way to convert it right now, so some one upload that shit.

People Without Shoes – Thoughts of
an Optimist (?, 1996)

1. nappyhead assasin
2. escape the streets
3. evil for eternity (remix)
4. 8 ft deep
5. mental maze
6. if
7. ghettonetics
8. little shop of horrors
9. green shoelaces
10. eveil for eternity
11. rainy monday

Don’t know much about this group, kind of sounds like a thugged out Zhigge.

DJ Andrew Unknown & DJ Mekalek – Ain’t No Love: The Lost Freestyle Sessions Part 2 (On The Strenght Entertainment, 2002)

1. Ain’t No Love Intro-
2. Main Flow, Louisville Sluggah & Wordsworth – ‘Premier’-
3. Akrobatik – ‘Night Is On The Mind’-
4. Punchline, Mike Zoot & Al-Shid – ‘Real Hip Hop’-
5. Mr. Complex & Life-Long – ‘Large Pro’-
6. Word Of Mouth – ‘Up Against The Wall Hallucinatio’n-
7. Grafh – ‘The ? Remains Spontaneou’s-
8. Louis Logic, J-Treds, Wizeguy & Gaston – ‘Buckwild’-
9. Breez Evahflowin’, Poison Pen & C-Rayz Walz – ‘Handle Your Business’-
10. Time Machine & Funk Bunker Fleet – ‘Broken Bus’-1
11. Halfway Intermission-
12. Apathy & Rise – ‘Rocafell’a-
13. A.L., Eddie Brock & L-Swift – ‘Firewater’-
14. Ruck (aka Sean Price) & Soul Kaliba – ‘Last Days’-
15. Esoteric, J-Treds & Breezly Brewin – ‘Gunn Clapp’-
16. Absolute & Pumpkinhead – ‘Unbelievable’-
17. Percee P & Rok One – ‘T.ON.Y. C.R.E.A.M.’-
18. Al-Shid, Hug & J-Zone – ‘My Minds Plain Tricks On Me’-
19. Masta Ace – ‘Death Be The Penalty’-
20. Apathy, Celph Titled & Grafh – ‘Rare Species’-
21. Rock – ‘Still Shinin’

There is some great stuff on this, so don’t sleep

Diamond Shell – The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell (Cold Chillin’, 1991)

1. Bugged Out Day at Powerplay
2. Back Again
3. Rock On
4. Same Ol’ Song
5. Giggles
6. Oh What a Night
7. Cut School
8. Captain Speakin’
9. Church Bell Toll
10. Grand Imperial Diamond Shell
11. Back ‘Em Up
12. Make ‘Em Say Huh
13. Shout Outs

Biz Markie’s cousin, and this joint is produced Biz and Cutmaster Cool V, so you are getting some quality joints on this album.

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