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WYDU at The Movies & Various Other Things

by Travis on December 14, 2006

T-minus seven hours and counting. That’s when my last final is today, thank goodness. I’m to old for this shit. At least there is the end of finals celebration, I’m sure alcohol is going to be involved somehow in tonights festivities. Needless to say, I’m a little behind with things I wanted to cover this week. Big ups to Brian for posting up some good stuff yesterday. Lot’s of things going in these last weeks of the year, in the hip hop spectrum and in everyday life. We’ll jump into a few things today about somethings going on, along with posting up some more movie tracks. I also got a few things that I’m toying around with for the site in the next couple weeks, a few weekly type things and of course lot’s of downloads. Trying to keep things fresh for both you, the visitor, and me, because I’ve been running out of creative ideas and motivation as of late. Anyway, let’s jump into it.


As usual, I try to keep up with the new blogs that seem to be popping up on a weekly basis. Some of the stuff is really good, some of it not so good. There have been a couple good sites that have came on the scene in the last couple of weeks that I think deserves some shine.

Lawn Jawns
Creativity is something that is sorely lacking in both Hip Hop and in the “blog land”. Let’s face it, we all kind of do the same thing, some of us may do it better than others, but it’s just a different spin on the same thing for the most part. So when something creative, different, and (excuse the played out description here, but….) fresh comes along, it’ll grab my attention. That’s where “Lawn Jawns” comes in.

For those of you not in the know, “The Lawn” is the forums for “The Justus League”, consisting of Little Brother, The Away Team, LEGACY, Ceasar Comanche and several other like minded artists. I basically lurk, while adding my two cents in when I feel neccessary, but it actually is one of the more intellegent forums I’ve ran into. It’s also home to some talented artists and producers. I’m not usually a big fan of 90% of the stuff I hear on the net from inspiring hip hop artists, but this place has some talented cats that frequent the site. Lex, who has already been featured on this site, is a regular on the site (although I met him through first) along with Preach, an MC who I’ve been trying to track down to do a feature on for awhile now along with several others talented producers and MC’s.

Well a group of producers from the site have came up with a very interesting concept. Once a week they will take a sample and each of them will flip it in their unique style and post it up on the blog. If I have a weakness in my Hip Hop prowness, it’s sampling and the use of it, but I can still apperciate good production as well as anyone.

Week one’s sample comes in the form of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Feel the Spirit of My Guitar” and so far, 13 producers have submitted their renditions to the site for this week, all availiable to check out via either download, or the web player they have on the site (although I couldn’t figure out how to work the damn thing).

As I said, I’m not the best one to judge the quality of how a producer flips a sample and all that goes into it. My short three year production career was, at most, good for a laugh or two, but there is some serious talent on this blog and should make for some very interesting competition in the coming episodes.

Last night, I sat down and ran through each producers contribution twice each and then gone through them again this morning. The only producers I was familar with going into to this was Dain & Skoolafish, the others were fairly new to me. There was a lot of variety and my opinions changed from last night. If I was handing out awards for my personal favorite it would go to Samnilla’s version. I can see someone ripping lyrics on that and it had a serious head nodding factor. Other ones that caught my ear were done by AKG, Jaymojanglez, LOW, Moasic, & Skoolafish.

I think this is a very intersting concept for a blog that I hope to see catch on. It’s something worth watching and maybe sometime in the future having voting to go along with, nothing like a rivarly to stir the creative juices.

From Da Bricks

I’m a sucker for blogs with well written posts. I guess it’s just the internet geek in me. Anyways, Dan Love has started a well written blog with a variety of hip hop artists being highlited, it’s something that I make sure I check out every day.

Mosh It Up

There are some nice tracks popping up on this site as well as of late. Well worth a daily look, I know I have.

To The Break Of Dawn

Of course I have to give some shine to my fellow Coloradoan. This site is excellent. Where else can you get a 12inch of Spectrum City at? Machiventa has well written articles to boot to go along with his little gems he has been posting up. Pay him a visit.

DJ Illispe

I’m a little late on this, but it’s worth posting up regardless. Internet DJ’s are a dime a dozen usually, but two I always check for when they drop something are DJ Hyphen and DJ Illipse. Illipse comes with one point mixes and great music thats great to throw into the stereo/computer while playing some Madden or just fucking around the apartment. He has a new Mixtape that is worth copping, so make sure you pick it up and visit his myspace



1. The 13th Message/Livin’ In A Zoo – Public Enemy 2. Black Cop – Boogie Down Produc
tions 3. May Day On The Front Line – MC Ren 4. Stick ‘Em Up – Hurricane 5. Sneaking Up On Ya – Fu-Schnickens 6. Lifeline – Parental Advisory 7. The Nocturnal Is In The House – P.M. Dawn 8. Baby Be Mine – Blackstreet Featuring Teddy Riley 9. It’s Alright – Tracie Spencer 10. Sweat Of My Balls – CB4 11. Straight Out Of Locash – CB4 12. Rapper’s Delight – CB4

The parody of all the “urban” films coming out during the time. It is rather humorous, something I need to pick up again one of these days. The soundtrack is decent, with my all-time favorite Fu-Schnickens (is there such a thing?) then the humorous trio of Hi-C, Daddy-O and Kool Moe Dee kind of ends on a medicore note for a medicore album

Tower Records Closing….

So you’re saying to yourself, “Who cares?”, right? Trust me, I’m the same way. I’m very partial to the mom & pop stores and patronize any store that is independent if I can help. I even kind of giggled when I heard Tower was going out of business. Then it hit me; SALE. Hitting up music stores that are going out of business is one of the finer things in life.

At the beginning of the month, somone told me that the hip hop cd’s had been discounted down to $3.00, I guess I should have went down then. Well I waited until yesterday, simply based on my own arrogance that I could pick up on all the good stuff since the simple minded, flock followers wouldn’t be after the same stuff I would be after. Yeah, arrogance can be a bitch sometimes. Sure, they are down to a buck a piece now, but the store here in Denver had been thoroughly picked over. Sure, I did pick up 10 CD’s, but I’m sure I missed some great deals. For those of you out there that haven’t hit it up yet, you might want to check it out and pick up any spare crumbs that might have fallen through the cracks. If you live by some store out in BFE (Butt-fuck Egypt for you naive ones), you still might have a chance to score some great deals.

Here’s my score from yesterday.

Rodeny O & Joe Cooley

At first I was rather excited about running across these. I figured they’d be re-releases, since they orginal ones have been long out of print, but I was kind of pissed when I got them home and they were some cheap ass repilications without so much liner notes. Shit, I already had these on discs that I had gotten from Bust the Facts, I wanted the freaking liner notes basically. Yeah, no such luck, basically bootlegs for the most part. Whatever, I guess, they were a buck a piece. Now, if I would have paid the $17.00 these were orginally marked, I would have been heated.

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