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When Method Man Still Had It…

by Staff on December 23, 2006

Well it looks like my man Travis is buried under 50 feet of snow with an icicle hanging out his nose like Dennis Quaid in that wack-ass ‘Day After Tomorrow’ flick right now, so I’m gonna take the opportunity to break out a couple of joints you may not have heard before. I’m stuck on dial-up internet like it’s 1997 so I’m not gonna be able to hit you guys off with any albums but hopefully I’ll have some ish that may be new to at a least a handful of you. So let’s get down to business…

It had a couple of okay moments (and admittedly wasn’t nearly as abominable as the wretched T0 from 2004), but Method Man’s recent 4:21… The Day After was overall just another disappointment on the big pile of mediocre records to come out in ‘06. With three weak long-players in a row, it’s sometimes hard to remember why everyone used to make such a big deal about the original Johnny Blaze. Here’s a rather good Meth freestyle that someone recorded off the radio and bootlegged on vinyl back in the Wu Tang empire’s halcyon days of 1995, which might remind you what all the hype was about.

The production on this track (courtesy of Dirtman) is excellent, and just goes to highlight the main weakness of much of Clifford Smith’s recent output, as he’s lyrically one of the more consistent rappers around. Plus he gives a shout out to the cult classic ‘Evil Dead 2’ (word to Bruce Campbell), which pretty much makes this one essential in my books.

Method Man – The Wu Tang Headbanger Freestyle


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