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Merry Christmas

by Travis on December 25, 2006

First and foremost, I’d like to wish all the regular visitors here a Merry Christmas or whatever you may celebrate and a Happy New Year to go with it. Thanks to all of you frequent this site, without you guys, I wouldn’t have the motivation to do this, so without you, there would be no WYDU. Thanks! Hopefully, Santa brought everyone what they wanted. I was pretty lucky this year and scored a digital camera and a new computer, so I’m rather happy with my loot.

Well I survived the Holiday Blizzard of 2006. That is the most snow I’ve ever since at once since I moved to Denver back in 2004. The most I had experianced before that was 15 inches in April of 05′. I had 25 inches in my apartment parking lot, along with drifts that were up to my waist, roughly 4 feet. It was an absolute mess. The city was basically brought to a stand still and if you were unlucky enough to be out on the highways, most notably the Boulder turnpike, you spent your night in a city shelter. Good to see my fellow Coloradoans Notes and Kido made it out alright. I, myself, was stuck in my apartment for basically two days. Could be worse I guess. It took me two hours Friday to unbury my car. I was supposed to fly out of Denver Friday morning. DIA didn’t open back up until Friday afternoon, so needless to say, that didn’t happen. I didn’t even mess with it, I had the airline credit me for a future ticket and got in my car and drove fourteen hours in snow, ice and fog. Guess what it was doing when I got into town? Yup, that’s right, fucking snowing. I’m offically sick of snow. Santa can shove his white Christmas up his ass.

I haven’t been around the internet since Wednesday. I usually like to stockpile some uploads then share them when I have the time when I’m on vacation, but I didn’t have the chance this time. So since I’m away from my collection, plus the fact that my parents don’t know that hi-speed internet even exsits, let alone have it, I’ll be jacking albumbase links. I know most of you have albumbase, but some don’t, plus it might be some stuff you don’t know was on there.

250 Rap Videos
Some great long lost videos in this collection. It’s worth looking over, that’s for sure. Everything from Apache “Gangsta Bitch” to Smoothe The Hustler “Broken Language”.

Merry Muthafu*kin’ Christmas
Eazy E – 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick (Ruthless, 1992)

1 Intro: New Year’s E-vil (0:49)
2 Only If You Want It (3:03) Producer – Naughty By Nature
3 Neighborhood Sniper (5:12) Producer – Cold 187Um
4 Niggaz My Height Don’t Fight (3:14) Producer – Bobby “Bobcat” Ervin
5 Merry Mutha****** Xmas (5:54) Producer – Dr. Jam , Madness 4 Real; Rap [Featuring] – Atbann Klann , Buckwheat , Menajahtwa

I’m not very big on Christmas Themed Hip Hop. It’s not that I find it sacreligious or anything. I’m not religious and don’t me get started on the topic of religion. It’s just that there is nothing very similar in the terms of Hip Hop and what you think of Christmas. Needless to say, I don’t own any “true” Hip Hop Christmas albums. Yes, I have “Christmas In Hollis”, but who hasn’t heard that. But in the “spirit” of Christmas, this is the closest thing to a Hip Hop Christmas carrol I own (okay, it’s an albumbase link, but I do own it).

I realize most of you should already have this in your crates, but for those who don’t, or lost it, here it is again. It’s more of a maxi single, coming in at 4 cuts and an intro of pure Eazy E influenced attitude. I don’t remember the exact chronological events leading up to this (nor am I going to take the time to research it right now), but I believe this is after NWA had all but split up. “Merry Mutha ******Xmas” has the Atbann Klann, the precursor to everyone’s favorite pop rap grou, The Black Eyed Peas…oh yeaaaa. Eazy was never as good holding a whole album effort by himself, but at four songs, this was just about as much as one could stomach of Eazy without regurgatating. It’s good for a fun, short lived, time and also a crucial piece of any Eazy discography. So crack open that 40 tonight that Santa left under the tree and throw on some gangsta shit.

RIP James Brown

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