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Trav's Year End Thoughts

by Travis on December 30, 2006

Happy New Years

We are back! I’ve been busy and on the road the last couple days along with the usual holiday type stuff going on. Things are starting to get back to normal, although I will be out of town again this weekend, but I hope to have the blog up and running close to normal this week. Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years. Mine was actually uneventful, with me actually staying home alone after I gotten into town around 8pm that night. I haven’t had an enjoyable New Years Eve night in several years. It’s usually a night filled with amatuer drinkers who end up doing stupid shit, and the party most of my friends were at was up in the mountains, so I said “screw it”. It’s always a crazy night with crazy shit going on, so hopefully everyone made through safe and sound.

R.I.P. Darrent Williams. I’m not a Denver Bronoco’s fan, but I enjoyed watching Darrent Williams play. The kid had some passion for the game and was fun to watch. For him to lose his life in a senseless tragedy is unfortunate.

Boise State & The Fiesta Bowl!!!!!
Fight Broncos celebrate the orange and blue
Boise will stand and cheer for BSU
Fight for distinction and our alma mater bravely defending BSU
Fight on Courageously for Boise State
Success and Honor make her great (B S U)
Boise’s proud tradition heads up competition
Glory for B – S – B – S- U
Go! Orange! Go! big! Blue! Fight! Fight! B-S-U!

Boise State Fight Song

If you all haven’t figured it out yet, I’m claiming Boise as my hometown (it’s the third largest city in the Northwest now after Seattle and Portland). I’ve lived there most of my life, went to high school there, and attended Boise State for four years. My parents still live there and I go there when I visit my parents, hell I just spent a week there. So to say I’m amped about last nights game would be a small understatment. Little Boise State from the small WAC beat the mighty Oklahoma Sooners.

I hope if you are from the states, you had a chance to catch that game if you are a sports fan. I honestly thought it would be a tough road for BSU, but they jumped out to a 14-0 lead and a 28-10 lead. Little Boise State, that had no business playing with the big boys. Little Boise State who was going to be stomped by the mighty Oklahoma Sooners. It was 28-10 midway through the third quarter. That is when the fun started though. OU battled back to 28-26 with under two minutes left. “No problem, they still have to make the 2pt conversion” I thought after the neighbors pounded on the walls for the forth time of the night after I chucked a shoe up against the wall in disgust. First attempt, Pass Interference on Boise State, move the ball to the one. Second attempt, OU throws a fade into the corner of the end zone to the tight end, but wait, another flag. This time it’s an illegal shift on OU, take the ball back to the six yard line. “Even better I think”. Not so. After looking for another fade to the corner, Thompson throws to the back of the end zone for the 2pt conversion. 28-28 with a little more over a minutes left.

Then the unthinkable happens. Jared Zebransky throws an INT to a Sooner defender as he takes it to the house. 35-28. “FUCK” I shouted out as I chucked my BSU hat into my front door and chucked another shoe into the neighbors wall just to piss them off. Next thing I know, it’s Fourth and Eighteen and I’m ready to head to bed, pissed as hell. I stood in the hall way with the changer in my hand to flip the TV off and throw it as soon as they missed the conversion. Zabransky drops back, throws and on the mark bullet to Drisdan James, who runs a few yards and right before he gets met by an OU defender he flips the ball back to Jared Rabb who takes off another 35 yards for the remarkable touch down with seven seconds left. OVERTIME BABY!

In overtime, Oklahoma gets the ball first, hands off to Adrain Peterson who immediately scores on a 25 yard touchdown. No sweat. Boise State is on the five yard line with another fourth down facing them. Shotgun formation, whats this? Zabransky shifts out into a WR slot and the ball is hiked back to Vinny Parretta who then hits Derek Schouman in the end zone. FUCKING AMAZING. I’m going nuts by this time. BANG BANG, more banging on the wall….fuck off I think to myself. Then instead of tying it up, Coach Peterson decides to end this thing once and for all. Looking back at it, I don’t blame him at all. The way Oklahoma scored with ease on the first possesion in overtime, it was obvious that BSU was tired. Zebransky drops back, acts like he is going to throw a screen, Ian Johnson comes behind him, takes the ball and scampers untouched into the endzone…..BOISE WINS, BOISE WINS!!!!

The city of Boise has grown in leaps and bounds since my younger years. It has always been a football town. When I was going to BSU it was still a 1 AA school. The stadium was always pretty packed back then, but we used to get tanked and sit in the very top, so we wouldn’t get in trouble. I guess now, if you don’t get student tickets in the first half hour or so, you don’t get them. The stadium is sold out every game. They sold out their alotment of Fiesta Bowl tickets (17,500) in 15 minutes and if you saw the game, you saw blue and orange everywhere. Little Boise State is making the big time. Now how about a freaking playoff system so Boise State can get their chance at a title????

That’s all for today. Back to year end stuff for


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