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2006 : A Good Year?

by Staff on January 7, 2007

I have never got on the internet to use it as a forum for my feelings or beliefs. I know there aren’t a lot of people out that that would give a damn about how I feel about anything in particular, even if George Bush is fucking everything up in Iraq and it sounds like shit is only gonna get worse.

But, I wanted to apologize to Travis for my half hearted effort on his year end list. Travis puts a shit-load of effort into this blog. I know my man spends a ton of his free time trying to make this shit take off. And I look at my poor ass list for year end and it looks like shit to the others that contributed. I did more of a disservice than I did helping out for that year end post. Trav-I apologize for this. I would like a chance to explain myself:

That about sums it up. I look at my list and you know what, it is wack. Ghostface is the only person in 2006 that put out any good music. The Coup to me had a decent CD and Clipse was alright. Some people had a few ok songs and that’s it. To be honest I was feeling Timberlake’s album second most behind Ghost.

To Trav and all of you, I am not going to apologize for not being excited about current hip-hop. But Travis I am going to apologize for my ass half effort. I don’t get any ounce of joy thinking about any of this shit that is out now. To me hip hop sucks right now and I feel like every year that goes by, like sorry ass 2006, it takes us into a deeper hole. I didn’t do a big year-end list cause I don’t feel like anything deserved my time and/or effort. That list I gave to Trav to post from me is bullshit. I felt like I needed to give him something because he has helped me out with so many albums I have been looking for and he gave me a forum to spout off like this. (but the panties thing was mucho creative, I will give you that!!)

So Trav I am hoping that you too will post your list of Top 100 all time, because people need to rememeber what real hip hop was. If anyone wants any of these songs reply and I will post them up:
1. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Straighten It Out
2. Keith Murray – The Most Beautifulliest Thing In the World
3. Live Squad – Heartless
4. MC Breed (feat. 2Pac) – Gotta Get Mine
5. Gang Starr – Ex Girl To the Next Girl
6. Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear
7. Gang Starr – DWYCK
8. Nas – Made You Look
9. Dre & Snoop – Deep Cover
10. Souls – 93 Til Infinty
11. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y.
12. Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks on Me
13. Kanye – Through the Wire
14. N.W.A – Alwayz Into Somethin’
15. 50 Cent – In the Club
16. Dr. Dre – G Thang
17. Snoop – Who Am I
18. Crooklyn Dodgers
19. Jeru – Come Clean
20. Busta Rhymes – Woo Haa
21. Pharrell (feat. Jay-Z) – Frontin
22. N.W.A – Fuck The Police
23. Special Ed – Neva Go Back
24. L.O.D. – I Feel It (Remix)
25. E-Rule – Listen Up
26. Eazy-E – No More Questions
27. N.W.A – Dopeman
28. Da Lench Mob – Guerillas In Da Mist
29. Lil Bastards – Bitch Get a Job
30. MC Breed – Ain’t No Future…..
31. EPMD – Crossover
32. Blahzay Blahzay – Danger
33. Ice Cube (feat. Das EFX) – Check Yo Self (Remix)
34. N.W.A (Ice Cube) – A Bitch Iz A Bitch
35. YZ – So Far the Ghetto’s Been Good To Me
36. MC Lyte – Ruffneck
37. Masta Ace – Me & The Biz
38. Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On
39. Large P – Mad Scientist
40. Group Home – Supa Star
41. Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin
42. Ja Rule (feat. Bobby Brown) – Thug Lovin
43. Goodie Mob – Soul Food
44. Grand Puba – 360 Degrees
45. Crooklyn Dodgers II
46. M.O.P. – Rugged Neva Smooth (Remix)
47. Masta Ace – Sittin On Chrome
48. Dre & Cube – Natural Born Killaz
49. Common – I Used to Love H.E.R.
50. Ice Cube – 2 N The Morning
51. Chubb Rock – Just the Two of Us
52. Channel Live – Mad Izm
53. Leaders of the New School – Sobb Story
54. 2Pac – If My Homie Calls
55. ODB – Brooklyn Zoo
56. Ice Cube – Wicked
57. Luniz – Got 5 On It
58. MC Eiht – Streiht Up Menace
59. G-Unit – Wanna Get To Know You
60. 2Pac – I Get Around
61. Rap-A-Lot Family – Buck Em Down
62. Run DMC – Down With the King
63. EPMD – You Gots To Chill
64. House of Pain – Jump Around
65. Ill Al Skratch (feat. Brian McKnight) – I’ll Take Her
66. Brand Nubian – Punks Jump Up…
67. K-Solo – I Can’t Hold It Back
68. CMW- Hood Took Me Under
69. Onyx – Slam
70. Ice-T (feat. Brother Marquis) – 99 Problems
71. Justin Warfield – K Sera Sera
72. KRS-One – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know
73. Notorious BIG – Hypnotize
74. Kwame – Nastee
75. Smif N Wessun – Lets Git It On
76. D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice
77. Jay-Z (feat. Notorious B.I.G) – Brooklyn’s Finest
78. Double XX Posse – Not Gonna Be Able To Do It
79. Big Tymers – This Is How We Do
80. Yaggfu Front- Busted Loop
81. Little Shawn – I Made Love
82. King Tee – Dippin
83. Ed OG & Da Bulldogs – Love Comes and Goes
84. Home Team – Pick It Up
85. Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick – The Show
86. Onyx – Throw Ya Gunz
87. Da Youngstas- Hip Hop Ride
88. Kriss Kross – Jump
89. Snoop (feat. Pharrell) – Beautiful
90. Ahmad, Saafir, Ras Kass – Come Widdit
91. Mz. Kilo – All Over A Ho
92. Scarface – Street Life
93. Styles P – Good Times
94. KRS-One – I Can’t Wake Up
95. The Game – Hate It Or Love It
96. YBT – Tap the Bottle
97. Showbiz & AG – Soul Clap
98. Ultramagnetic MC’s – Two Brothers With Checks
99. Public Enemy – Louder Than A Bomb (Remix)
100. Swizz Beats – Bigger Business

Nas’ album title is kinda ironic.


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