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QB's Finest Part Two; MC Poet

by Travis on January 10, 2007

Thanks to the internet, the stories of “The Bridge Wars” have been pretty well documented in the past year or Two. MC Poet’s role in it though, has just came to light for us who weren’t exactly there or from the west coast. But thanks to like and Robbie’s interview with Poet, to Noz’s post on him in 05′, his pitbull like fevor on the mic has been documented.

Long story made quick, Poet took offense to BDP’s attack on the QB name after BDP straight took out Shan on “The Bridge is Over” & “South Bronx”. What came next from Poet is something that I’m shocked isn’t legendary in nature, “Beat You Down” comes straight at Kris’ throat with lyrics like:

“I’ll make you and break you, just like a puzzle/
Melodie’s a Gooney Goo Goo, she need a muzzle/
she eat all the chicken, the turkey and the hamburger – if you touch it, you’ll get murdered!/
That’s why you’re skinny, puny and measeley/
she eat all the food and beat you up easily”

The song is viscious in nature and is just one of a handful of songs that Poet gets at people.

Another track MC Poet did, was almost the mistake of going after was Just Ice. Poet recorded “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” with DJ Rockwell Noel in the late 80′s and included a line that went something like “Just Ice Will Melt…”. That and coupled with fact that Just Ice and BDP were pretty tight back in the day AND Just Ice don’t play that shit, Ice came down to the QB looking for Poet, Ice talks about that day in this interview on Jayquan (AN EXCELLENT OLD SCHOOL SITE):

That’s good to hear. So now what is this with the whole Juice Crew? You took a Shot Gun out to Queens and you was ready to bury cats?

Yo that’s way back, and yo check this s— out. It wasn’t the whole Juice Crew! I don’t even really like to talk about it, but when me and Black Poet last talked about it, we said we ain’t going to talk about it any more. See Poet wasn’t even down with Juice Crew. He made a record just dissing everybody. I heard “something, something and Just Ice will melt.” I was like “that’s all I need to hear.”

Isn’t Poet supposed to be righteous?

I didn’t know back then! All I know is me and two friends got in a car, I had a shot gun (We both start laughing.) my man had a shot gun, my other man had a 9. We went to Queens Village. We seen M.C. Shan, me and Shan is mad cool. Shan was like “what you doing out here? I said I am looking for this n—– named Poet. He said “that’s my man Just.” I said he talking about some Just Ice will melt s—, I am going to show him who the f— is going to melt. He was like Just, squash that, that’s my man. (Just start laughing.) I say alright Shan that’s your man, talk to your man. (Troy starts laughing as Just Ice puts emphasis on “talk to your man.”) So that was the end of that. You know what, to this day me and Poet is mad cool.

Poet went on to form PHD, which released an album on Tuff City in 89′ (Which is somewhere on this blog and I think on Bust The Facts as well) which is mostly in the same hard QB frame of mind as most of his material.

I offer up a couple zip’s of some of Poets harder to find stuff that came to me with thanks to Phillaflava forums.

The first being titled an Unreleased Noel Rockwell & Poet EP, but I think it’s more of homemade collection of their material more than anything else

1. Massacre

2. Taking U Out

3. Beat You Down

4. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose

5. Wopp Sensation

6. Wopp Sensation Remix

Then a collection of PHD tracks that were not included on the PHD album

1. Concrete (Orginal Version)

2. I am the Authentic (Unedited Mix)

3. Keep It Real (Remix)

4. Kick that Shit and Get High ft. Poet & Legacy of Kamik

5. Set It ft Havoc, Reecey, & Kamikaze

6. The Grand PO

7. This is for my Peeps (Uncensored Version)

8. Set It Part 3 (Mixtape Remix)



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