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The Week That Was & QB's Finest; Part Three

by Travis on January 12, 2007

What’s up Balla’s and Ballettes? Thought I was going to be out of town this weekend, but Old Man Winter threw yet another wrench into my plans. It’s currently a balmy one degree above zero with small flakes of snow falling. People have this misconception of Denver being a freezer box in the winter time but in reality nothing is further from the truth. In a normal year, it may snow at night but by the next afternoon it’s 50-60 degrees and sunny. This year though, we’ve been hit by winter weather four weeks in a row with one monster blizzard. This weekend we are getting only six inches of snow, but the “cold enough to make your piss freeze before it hits the ground” temperatures that are supposed to last at least through the weekend is going to keep me inside. Looks like a good weekend to get my collection back in order. So if any of you have been waiting for my master list and/or my want list, it should FINALLY been done this weekend (fingers crossed of course).

There has been an abundance of new blogs in the past month just when I didn’t think there could be anymore. Some good, some so-so, some I won’t bother to look at ever again. We are starting to feel like an old timer in this blogging land. None the less there have been some QUALITY, emphasis on quality, blogs that have popped up the past couple of weeks. I’m a strong believer mentioning these, because the more quality blogs out there, the better off we all are.

Cold Rock Da Spot
All I have to say about this blog is: It’s about freaking Time!!!! This blog is ran by Jaz, one the more helpful and down to earth cats I’ve came across in this cyber space land. He’s also one of the most knowledgeable hip hop dudes I’ve met. We go back a year or so as some of the original Cocaine Blunts memebers that was a treasure chest for lost and out of print albums before the blogs started taking over. His blog features some hard to find remixes, videos, and insightful and detailed posts you are going to find on the internet. I really hope his blog takes off because the knowledge he has to share is priceless. Give him a visit.

Poisonous Paragraphs
I’ve had some contact with this Boston cat before, mostly through my blog and some myspace messages and was impressed with his knowledge and writing skills. So when he started a blog of his own, I was immediately interested in what it would be like. Let’s say my expectations haven’t been let down. Plenty of detailed (I’m a fan of writing and this guy’s pretty good) posts and some joints that even I wasn’t aware of so it’s definately worth checking out.

Press Rewind If I Haven’t Blown Your Mind
I just found this blog this morning and I spent a good hour on it. It’s original in subject matter by the fact that it’s posting up scans of old Hip Hop articles from magazines such as “Rap Pages”, “The Source”, “Subculture” and others. I was a BIG fan of hip hop magazines back in the day, so this was like a treasure chest of articles for me. Makes me wish I wasn’t dumb and left my boxes of “The Source” (I had every issue from Dec 91′ until sometime in 98) at my parents house and let them thrown them out without me knowing it. This is definately any oldtimers dream, so pay the site a visit.

Premium Blend
This blog is ran by another a previous Cocaine Blunt original member, Kirk. The blog isn’t neccesarily new, but it was one of the first five blogs I started checking out waaaaay back in early 05′ and he’s revamped it and is coming back better than ever. Again, if you have a short attention span and don’t bother reading more than two sentances, you’ll miss out on the main reason this blog is so good.

Bass Lines // Angles and Rhymes
This is another blog I’ve taken an interest in in the passing weeks. Some quality hard to find 12″s along with some dope UK early Hip Hop, which I of course slept on. It’s an excellent example of some of the great blogs coming out lately

Back In The Day
I of course have to give any of my Denver Breathern some shine as well, especially if it’s good. Kido fired up his blog in early/mid Dec and has been killing it ever since then. We seem to have some of the same tastes in Hip Hop so if you enjoy this site, I’m sure you’ll be down with his as well. Some classics floating around on it.

and the last one for the time being…..

And It Don’t Stop
I’m sure I’ve ran across this in the past but forgot to link it up or something. Anyway, I re-discovered this this morning while playing around and was impressed. There isn’t your run of the mill material on here. There is a bunch of classic R&B, funk, Old School Hip Hop (meaning early 80′s), and other assorted goodies. It’s going to take me awhile to get caught up on that one.

It seems with the abundance of new blogs out there I’m missing stuff that people have either posted in comments or in the cbox. If you think there is a blog I should check out, feel free to drop a link. Every link I post in the link section is stuff I personally check out at least 3-5 times a week.

Weekly Top Five
A new weekly feature for those of you who give a rip, I’ll be listing the top 5 things I’ve been playing over the past week. It could be old, it could be new, it’ll just be what I’ve been playing in my headphones (I don’t have an Ipod, I’m a broke ass).

This past week I’ve had plenty of listening time. I’ve been getting off of work, going home playing a game of Madden while listening to an album or two. Then I go lay down (us old folks need their naps) while listening to an album then usually catch a couple more in the evening while doing some writing. It’s been more newer music this week, for some odd reason.

1. Juggaknots – Use Your Confusion
I didn’t have enough listens to include this on the year end list. I didn’t even have a chance to listen to it until mid Dec, but this week this has been on my discman every day. This shit really grows on you. Maybe it’s just the fact they are “old school” enough for me, but this is better than most albums out now a days. “Leon Phelps” and “30 Something” are tracks that get the rewind button multiple times.

2. Masta Ace – Hits U Missed 3, Hits U Missed 4, and Grand Masta: Remix & Rarity Collection
Ace is my favorite Hip Hop artist hands down so naturally anthing fairly new from him is going to get a lot of play from me. Good luck tracking down Hits U Missed 3 & Hits U Missed 4 because those are only being sold at his shows which were in Europe the last I knew of. I was lucky enough Phatsoul was able to attend one of his shows (WHERE IS THE SHOW WRITE UP FOOL?!?!?! HAHAHA) in Croatia and he sent them to me. They are something I’ll definatel
y be buying when they become available. Don’t ask me to up them because I won’t. I’m close to his cousin and out of respect to her and his site, I will NOT upload any of his material.

3. Iomos Marad – Go Head

This was a suprising release in my mind. His “Deep Rooted” LP from 04′ was kind of dull, but this little jazzy ditty has gotten a few spins this week. Definately worth checking out if you haven’t.

4. Talib Kweli & Madlib – Liberation
I’ve never been a big fan of Madlib, at least not since the Lootpack days and Ta lib hasn’t been exactly the most exciting MC in awhile now but this isn’t all that bad. Madlib comes with actual hip hop beats instead of some off the wall sounds made on jupiter bullshit and Talib is Talib, so that is good or bad.

5. Ro Blvd & Free Speech – Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth
This has been floating around as a free download for close to six months or more but I was hesitant to listen to it until this week. I must admit, while not breaking down any barriers themselves, it’s a good listen.

QB’s Finest: Part Three, Cormega

I have to be honest, this Queens Bridge series hasn’t really excited me as much as it should have. Maybe it’s the fact that besides Poet, Nas and the some of the Juice Crew related stuff, the QB sound doesn’t always appeal to my tastes.

The next artist is looked upon as almost god status by some circles, but honestly I’ve never been the biggest fan of his. Cormega, or simply ‘Mega, has been around since the early 90′s but a trip upstate left him out of the QB golden age of Nas & Mobb Deep releases. He caught an early buzz on the streets while still in jail after Nas penned “One Love”, which he name drops ‘Mega. When ‘Mega was released from the pen, Nas hooked him up on the “Affirmative Action” (A song which I love) track from “It Was Written” and gave him a slot in the super group “The Firm”. Nas and Cormega would end up having a fall out which resulted in his removal from the group along with his album “The Testament” being shelved for the next four years.

Finally in 2000, Mega got a release from his contract and came with his own label, dropping the shelved album and any future releases. He has since made amens with Nas and recently performed on stage with Nas and Foxxy for the first in over 10 years.

Cormega – Hustler/Rapper
1. Three
2. Piece Maker Interlude
3. What’s Your Poison?
4. Da Bridge 2001
5. Straight Outta QB
6. Crime Side
7. Realmatic
8. Loyalty
9. All I Need Is You
10. Hold His Own
11. Who Can I Trust?
12. Testaments
13. We Gon Buck
14. La Familia
15. Usual Suspects
16. Freestyle
17. Angel Dust
18. Affirmative Action
19. Affirmative Action (Remix)
20. Freestyle
21. Freestyle
22. Montana Diary
23. Slow Down Baby
24. Freestyle
25. Freestyle
26. Killaz Theme
27. They Forced My Hand
28. Poetry

Re-UPS!!! I haven’t done my Friday request thing in awhile, mainly because of the holidays, traveling and basically not wanting to but they’ll be back soon. Maybe not next week, but soon. Here a couple joints people had requested that I happen to have with me.

Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – Dust To Dust

1. Rat Bastard 2. Sleeper 3. Kick the Bobo 4. Verbal Massage 5. Lumberjack 6. Pass the Pickle 7. Rapsody (In J Minor) 8. Ho 9. Outta My Way Baby 10. 3 Blind Mice 11. World According to Hubert Dover 12. Rich Briing ‘Em Back 13. Blowin’ Smike 14. Double Duty Got Dicked 15. Dust to Dust 16. Verbal Massage, Pt. 2

I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, I still love this album.

Godfather Don – Diabolique

1. Insane 2. MC Assault 3. Big Katz (featuring Sir Menelik) 4. Who Is Here??? 5. Burn RMX 6. Diabolique 7. Kaos 8. Live & Let Die 9. Life Ain’t the Same (featuring Sir Menelik and Mike L.) 10. Dip Dip Die!!! 11. Make Em Suffer 12. Connections 13. Pick Up the Mic 14. Voices 15. Y 16. No Competition (featuring Mike L and Scaramanga) 17. Properties of Steel 18. Y

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