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Underappreciated West Coast Part 3

by Staff on January 18, 2007

Back when Ice Cube was relevant and the Lench Mob was in full force, this unknown group came outta no where called Kausion. In the early 90′s I was a huge Ice Cube fan. So, anything he touched I would have to have it. For the few of you that know my tastes, know I love the gangsta shit. This is right up the alley of some CMW or Westside Connection. The beats here are similar to something after Death Certificate maybe even the Predator. If you ever checked of Mack 10′s debut, there is also an element of that here.

The group memebers are: Gonzoe, Kaydo & Cell. Some of you true west coast heads may know Gonzoe from his solo work. He also joined The Regime after Kausion was over, which included Tech N9ne, Yukmouth of the Luniz & even Poppa LQ of Rap-A-Lot fame. Mack 10, B-Real and K-Dee make guest appearaces on this album. This straight G-shit, with a hint of g-funk on a few songs. My favs are: “Land of the Skanless” & “Steal At Will”. This IMO is the most underrated west coast album bar none. I used to feel that WC & The Maad Circle was, but the bloggers and diggers have found that album and its been heavily promoted on these boards:



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