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Underapperciated West Coast Part Four

by Travis on January 22, 2007

This is actually plan B as far as posts goes. I had originally worked on the post I wanted to do on Friday at home over the weekend and was going to bring it to work with me to post up today, but I forgot the CD-RW disk I had the word document on, so I’m going with a post I was going to do tomorrow.

Two of the artists I was going to highlite on this series had their albums posted up on other blogs last week, so I was left scrambling for back up plans. The original plan I had, I left at home, figuring I wasn’t going to do this post until tomorrow. Since I travel with booklets of Mp3 disks to listen to while I’m at work, I was left scrambling for something just so I can crank out a post today since I’ve been absent for since Thursday.

Hiero Vs. Hobo

Normally I wouldn’t call Hieroglyphics underrated in any way. Maybe even overrated in some aspects. But there are some aspects and groups under the Hiero umbrella that did get overlooked. In the grand scheme of beefs, one such beef that always seems to get overlooked is the famed Hiero Vs. Hobo Junction beef that happened in the mid 90′s. This jumped off after Saafir did a little spot on Casuals’s “Fear Itself” LP. When Saafir started working on his debut “Boxcar Sessions”, Casual was supposed to return the favor. For whatever reason, Casual never did drop that guest apperance and the beef was on.

The two crews decided to settle this dispute on Sway & Tech’s “Wake Up Show”. Saafir lights up the first couple MC’s, but Casual and Tajai held their own. The rest of the Hobo Junction doesn’t really do anything to impress and sometimes it sounds like Saafir is using writtens, but you be the judge who wins.

I’m a little short on time so here are a couple more Hiero goodies, one which I think has been posted on here and other places in the past. The other, I can’t recall seeing before.

Extra Prolific – Like It Should Be Done
1. Intro
2. Brown Sugar
3. In Front Of The Kids
4. Is It Right?
5. Sweet Potato Pie
6. Cash Money
7. One Motion
8. Never Changing
9. First Sermon
10. Now What
11. It’s Alright
12. In 20 Minutes
13. Go Back To School
14. The Fat Outro
15. Brown Sugar (Domino Remix)
16. Give It Up

Hiero Oldies Vol 1 & 2 (Both Volumes are in the zip)
1.Souls Of Mischief – ‘Souls Of Mischief’
2.Casual and Pep Love – ‘It Gets No Better’
3.Del – ‘What Do You Say?’
4.Casual – ‘Gotta Lotta’
5.Pep Love & Jay Biz – ‘Everyday of the Week’
6.Tajai & Extra Prolific – ‘Let it Ride’
7.Souls of Mischief – ‘Step to My Girl’
8.Casual – ‘Where They At?’
9.Del – ‘Nowadays’
10.Pep Love & Jay Biz – ‘Reckless/Hush’
11.Souls of Mischief – ‘Live on WKCR, NYC (Stretch and Bobbito Show 11/13/92)’

Vol 2
1.Souls of Mischief – ‘Batting Practice (original version)’
2.Casual – ‘Fear No Evil’
3.Del – ‘Neighborhood’
4.Casual, Opio & Tajai – ‘Rippers’
5.Pep Love & Jay Biz – ‘Can I Kill ‘Em’
6.Del – ‘Pistol Whippers’
7.Souls of Mischief – ‘Our Secret’
8.Casual – ‘Me-O-Mi-O (Domino Remix)’
9.Del – ‘Crazy Del Song W/ Beyond The Cloak of Darkness’
10.Pep Love & Casual – ‘Feeling for the Flow’
11.Souls of Mischief – ‘Chaos and Turmoil

I have requests for tomorrow as well, so if you requested something….hang tight, hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow


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