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The Week That Wasn't…..

by Travis on January 24, 2007

I’m not the most computer saavy person in the world. If it wasn’t for my “web-guy” (thanks Chris), this blog would be done on whatever default setting Blogger has. I still haven’t switched over to the “New Blogger” because I hate having to try to learn something new. Needless to say, I’m still having problems with the burning feature on my new computer. The thing does everything but wipe your ass, but I still can’t figure out whats wrong with the burning feature. Everything else works fine as far as playing, coping disc stuff to the hard drive, ect…. Guess I’ll wait and see what happens when I try to use some different disks in it. This post took me four hours Sunday to write up, not all at once, I was watching the NFL playoffs while writing (go Bears), but I still hate wasting time like that. It was originally supposed to appear Friday, but I had a short day at work and wasn’t able to work on it. Then the whole burning issue happened, so you get Friday’s post a few days late.

Most of you can skip over this next rant, because honestly, I haven’t had a lot of problems in the past and 90% of the visitors to this site are pretty cool cats. I plan on getting back to setting one day a week aside for re-upping past posts and doing requests. I used to do “Requests Fridays”, which took a TON of time and ended up me spending sometimes as much as 6 hours on a Friday night of all nights filling requests. I want to get back to that (maybe not on Friday) one of these days, but for the time being, I’ll kind of do requests and re-ups as I go. I’ll be the first to admit, I can get absent minded, flakey, and totally space stuff off (just ask Chris or Polarity, I still owe them CD’s from last year). Just give me a little time and sooner or later I will get to it. If it’s been a few days and I still haven’t posted you request/re-up and I said I would, I have no problem being POLIETLY reminded. If you light up the c-box with your request over and over, I’m going to tell you to go fuck yourself and ignore you from then on out. I’m not doing this for my own good. I’m trying to help others recoup stuff they’ve lost or just want to hear something they missed. I enjoy helping others. I think it keeps the music and the right hip hop vibe alive. But I’m not going to deal with morons like the one we had last week. Plain and simple. Enough of the rant. Like I said most of my reqular visitors and commenters are class acts, but it only takes a few to piss me off.

back to our regularly scheduled post…….

Used Music Shopping Trip 1-9-07, Cheapo Disk, Denver, CO; Total Spent $9.49

Our Jan 9th trip took us to Cheapo Disk (thats the real name) in Denver off of Colorado BLVD. Cheapo Disk is an odd place. I’ve had days when I’ve walked out of there with 15 CD’s of some pretty hard to find stuff. Then I’ve had days when all I found was Deion Sanders, 2 Big MC, and other corny ass shit. You never know what you are going to find there. It’s also a little more spend than some places. You rarely find anything under $4.95 and most things are between $6-$8. They also rarely have sales like Second Spin does right down the street. But as I said, from time to time you’ll find some hard to find shit in there. I’ve came out of there with an ORIGINAL Masta Ace – Music Man disc, A-Teem, Dred Scott and some others. El Travster was pretty broke this week, so the limit was set at $10, meaning that if I wanted to walk out of the store with two discs, I was going to be limited to a $3.95 disk and a $4.95 choice, limiting my choices even more. I probably should have went to a cheaper place, but it was on the way home from work. Well there wasn’t a lot there on this trip. I probably could have rounded up 5-6 decent choices, but I ended up with these two choices, one a jewel in the rough and one a… can I put this nicely, fuck it, it sucked.

Rough House Survivors – Straight From The Soul (Relativity, 1992) ($4.95)

This was a slept on release from the early 90′s. I should know, I slept on it until Polarity sent me a copy of it a couple years ago. I guess I was judging a book by it’s cover, thinking it was one of those half-talented hard rock releases that was plauging the music at that time. With Tony Dofat doing his best Pete Rock impressions, the album lives up to its name, containing soulful beats and decent lyrics. I haven’t seen this around in the past five years much, but then again, I’ve only been looking for it for the past couple years. Amazon has it pretty cheap, but after you mix in shipping costs, I was fine with picking it up for what I did. If you want to download this album, check Jaz’s blog as he posted it up a few weeks ago: Cold Rock Da Spot

E-Dawg – Platinum (Spot Entertainment, 1999) ($3.95)
1. Journey feat Loon-E-Toon
2. No More Tears feat Money B
3. Shackles feat Sir-Mix-a-Lot & Francce
4. Coolin’ feat Loon-E-Toon & Francce
5. Wanna Ride feat E Ness
6. Eye For An Eye feat Francce
7. Crackin’ feat Travy Trav (No, not me), Dick Bone, Smokey The Last Emperor
8. Sexxxin feat DUBL
9. Throw ‘Em Up Smokey The Last Emperor
10. Gots To Get Paid feat DUBL, Loon-E-Toon

Coming from the Northwest, I’ve always supported the artists from the region when I can. E-Dawg was down with Sir-Mix-a-Lot in the early 90′s and dropped “You Can’t Slip” as the B-side to the “Baby Got Back” single. It’s was a nice cut and got me hyped to E-Dawg’s flow and voice. He also did some stuff on the “Seattle…The Darkside” compilation in ’93 and released a 12″ on Def American (Rick Rubin’s label) called “Drop Top”, also in ’93. My boys on Streets On Beats hipped me to his “Despardo” album that dropped in ’01. When I found this a couple months ago, I was curious. At $3.95 and a couple of the copies gone, I figured I better pick up this last copy. I can’t find shit on this release, even his myspace page doesn’t mention it. It was actually recorded here in Denver and released on a Denver label, so I don’t know if it was a local thing or what. The album is pretty bad, save for a couple songs. Weak production, too much singing on the hooks, in bad west coast fashion, plaugue the album. I’m actually sorry I’m upping this, but since Jaz already posted up the Rough House Suriviors album, this is what you have.

Couple Requests

King Of Swing (Bum Rush/Virgin, 1990)
1. Strategy
2. Betty Boop
3. Nod Your Head To This
4. Show Em What U Got
5. U Know I Love Ya Baby
6. 2 Minutes of Funk
Swing Fever
8. Funky Breakdown
9. Rumors
10. The Hustler
11. Go Cocoa!

Nine – Unreleased, B-Sides, Rare Release

1. I’m Comin’
2. Rah Ni–a
3. Six Million Ways To Die feat Tragedy
4. Feel No Guilt feat Demasters
5. Who Not Knowin’
6. Watcha Want Remix
7. It’s Ugly
8. Ova Confident Remix
9. Famaldahyde
10. Me, Myself, & My Microphone
11. The Vetern
12. Watcha Want Instrumental
13. When The Shit Hits The Fan
14. Chuck Chillout Show feat Dueces Wild
15. Back Together feat Full Force
16. Gods, Earths, & 85′ers feat Poor Righteous Teachers

Someone wanted the Nine albums, but those have been posted recentely on other sites. This is something I don’t believe I’ve posted up before, and I told Dan Love that I would set it up. Nice collection of tracks he’s done with others, some remixes, and just funky stuff.

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