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Beer and Wings Await…..

by Travis on February 1, 2007

I’m running late for .30cent wings and happy hour beers at the University Inn…so this is quick as possible.

Del The Funky Homosapian – The Lost EP (Possibly from back in the day)

Sorry for taking so long to get that shit up. I told you all I’m absent minded and flaky….

I caught someone wanting a request for WYDU Vol 3 on a post from waaaay back…there was still an active link, but it was hidden in some comments or some shit..anyway here it is

WYDU Classics Vol 3

Search for the track listing…you are big boys and girls…..

I also need to clean up the links and add new ones, hopefully tomorrow morning. If I have said in the past that I would put your link up and still haven’t, let me know. Also if there is anything out there I don’t have in the links that you think should be….let me know. Those links are also my own personal bootmarks, meaning I check them myself on my rounds, so if they aren’t up there, it means I’m missing them myself…and I don’t want to miss anything good.

Alright, I’m out..mmmmmmm I can taste the cold Coors Light and wing sauce on my lips already…….

Hopefully a post with more substance tomorrow


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