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Re-Ups & Rants

by Travis on February 3, 2007

(I started this post last night, didn’t feel like starting over)

Don’t you hate it when your cold medicine shit wears off in the middle of the night? I’m in between doses of Nyquill, fighting my annual cold. We’ll see how long it takes for this shit to kick in and just how far I get on this post. This isn’t exactly the weekend I wanted to get sick, but oh well.

I’m sitting here trying to stay warm in this frozen wasteland that is Denver, Colorado pumping K-Def’s “Willie Bobo The Fool” (peep it if you haven’t, and if you still can) in my headphones and hitting up Al Gore’s internet, reading things I don’t normally get the chance and pondering certain things, which is dangerous since it’s a quarter to two in the morning and I had been asleep since nine and I just took a double dose of Nyquil.

First off, I’m probably the only person that listens to hip hop that hasn’t checked out MC Serch’s “White Rapper Show”. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing as I’m seeing a lot of backlash at the show. I did check out some of the so called “contestants” on myspace and Youtube and all I have to say is “Daaayum”. How the fuck can you call yourself an MC…..hell even a “rapper” (I hate that term) and act that way??? Some of the shit I’m hearing is just appalling to me. They couldn’t identify “Run’s House”?!?!?!? Pathetic, plain and simple. I feel the majority of whites that are on the Hip Hop bandwagon don’t even know what they are trying to immitate (I’m white, so save the backlash). If you are going to get into hip hop and proclaim you are doing it for the love of it, at least try to understand what you are getting in to and KNOW THE HISTORY!!! I don’t fall into the prototypical “white hip hop” listener. I wear my hat straight, my pants aren’t to baggy, I don’t talk ebonics since I’ve never been in that climate, I talk the way I write, with some slang thrown in since it’s hard not to at times, since it is a part of me. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing someone type all “thugged out”. We’ve all seen it: “PeAse wUtz up hoMieZ? DiS hErE Iz Big DaWg, dOwN wit HiPHop 4 Eva”, I cringe when I see that. People ask me sometimes why I don’t dress and act in the stereotypical hip hop manner (whatever the fuck that is), I say that to me, it’s more important to understand the culture than it is to imitate it.

Enough of the soap box, the main reason I brough up MC Serch is that he is dropping some new material (suprise) which is news to me called M.any Y.oung L.ives A.go: The 1994 Sessions. It’s a collection of tracks he did in 1994, and tried to get Russell Simmons to fork out some money to finish and suprisingly(sarcasm, since this about the time Def Jam started slipping) Russell Rush wasn’t down with it. So it went on to get shelved until recently. All of a sudden Serch thinks now is a good time to drop this project after 13 years. Alright, despite the impecable timing, I’m actually looking forward to hearing this since I was a huge 3rd Bass fan. Pete Nice was always my favorite, but I always dug Serch as well and have respected his place in hip hop, and speaking of 3rd Bass, there are three tracks from the 2000 sessions they had that never were released (I don’t think). You don’t see many interviews with Serch, which is too bad, because he really does a good interview. There is a new interview with Serch on Tha Formula that is a good read. You can also go to his website and listen to the album before it drops. I’m on dial up, so I didn’t have the patience to listen to it tonight, but plan on giving it a spin at work on Monday. It sounds like it’s going to be a digital release, which all of a sudden seems like the new rage, but we’ll leave that for another discussion.

So Nas has dropped three diferent remixes for “Where Are They Now”? No one saw this one coming. I was actually kind of dumbfounded at his ignorance when he mentioned a few MC’s and groups in the original, which I won’t get into, since it’s been covered before in either in Souled On Music or Premimum Blend Radio, or maybe neither one of them, since my memory is a little foggy right now. Anyhow, Nas comes correct with the guest list. Since we basically focus on the past of Hip Hop, this has some revelance to us. It’s good to see some of these artists back on the mic. A couple, I haven’t seen or heard of for ever. I under what rock Nas found them under.

Since I started this post last night and have fallen asleep a couple other times trying to work on this, we are just going to wrap it up with a few albums people wanted re-upped. If I didn’t hit you off this time, hang tight, I’ll get there….

True Culture – Rude Boys Come To Play (Cardiac Records, 1992)

1.) Intro
2.) Fakin It
3.) Annihilators
4.) I Cry
5.) The Massive
6.) Keep It Goin
7.) It’s So Good It’s Bad
8.) Respect To
9.) The Cult The Culture
10) The Vibe
11) Rude Boys Come to Play
12) FCP Radio
13) Culture Come Again
14) The G
15) Trapped in a Bassline
16) Baby’s Feelin’ Hot

Resident Alien – Takes A Nation Of Suckas…..

People Without Shoes – Thoughts of an Optimist, 1996
1. nappyhead assasin
2. escape the streets
3. evil for eternity (remix)
4. 8 ft deep
5. mental maze
6. if
7. ghettonetics
8. little shop of horrors
9. green shoelaces
10. eveil for eternity
11. rainy monday

More re-ups coming, while I try to figure out what I want to do next with this blog

Also, I fired up another soulseek account. My user name is glavet, feel free to add me and browse my files, although, most of it is stuff I get off of other blogs. I’m on dial up for the time being, but that hopefully will change in the next couple weeks.

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