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Super Bowl Sunday

by Travis on February 4, 2007

The greatest sporting spectacle in the world. The U.S. drops everything for one Sunday of the year. We gather around the TV’s with beer, pizza, wings, and chips and scream and shout. Most of the time, the game doesn’t live up to the hype, but every so often we get a great game. The last GREAT game was Super Bowl XXXV (Pats 20 Rams 17) back in 2002, although four out of the last five games has been within 11 points, with only really one blow out (Bucs V. Raiders, which was fine with me). It’s more of a event than anything else anymore. It’s a reason for people to get together and have fun. Hell, there are some Super Bowls I can’t even remember after halftime, both because the games were bad and I was smashed by then.

This year, I kind of have a Super Bowl hangover. If you read this blog often, you know I’m a HUGE Steelers fan. Last year it was all about the Steelers and the Super Bowl. This year, although I like the Bears, just doesn’t get me excited. It might be one of those games I either fall asleep ala the Chargers V. 49er’s or start drinking too much. It’s hard to give much of a rip after your team has been in it the year before. Hell, I haven’t really given much of a rip since the Steelers didn’t even make the playoffs this year. Anyhow, I hope everyone has a good time today and enjoy yourselves.

Jay-Z Pre-”Reasonable Doubt”.

It seems like it’s the cool thing to not like Jay lately. I can understand some of it, although personally, I don’t really have anything against Jay or his place in Hip Hop. Yes, he makes some shitty songs, and some shitty albums (The Blueprint 2 has to be one of the worse albums EVER), but when Jay is on point, he is one of the better MC’s in the game. His comeback attempt got lukewarm reviews. I personally didn’t mind it all that much. It could have been better, but there was really only one true “garbage song’ (“Anything”, although “Hollywood” is pretty close to garbage as well). Before all the glammer and the glitz, Jay was a hungry MC. His debut album “Reasonable Doubt”, is a true classic. He had hunger, passion, and the beats to back it all up.

Jay has been around for awhile. First appearing on some tracks with Jaz as group, which the name escapes me, that Noz on Cocaine Blunts posted a couple years ago. He also did the infamous “Hawaiian Sophie” on The Jaz’s debut album “Word To The Jaz”. From then, he’d pop up on certain efforts, from Big Daddy Kane to Original Flavor.

Sometime around ’94 Jay decided to get into the Rap game full time. He first signed a deal with PayDay records. He would drop his first single in ’95 “In My Lifetime” b/w “Can’t Get With That”. Produced by Ski, who in my opinion is probably THE most underrated producer in the game. Jaz contributes a remix version and Clark Kent does the B-side.

A1 In My Lifetime (Original Ski Radio Version) (4:10)
Producer – Ski
A2 In My Lifetime (Original Ski Street Version) (4:28)
Producer – Ski
A3 In My Lifetime (Skistrumental) (4:28)
Producer – Ski
B1 In My Lifetime (Big Jaz Radio Remix) (4:48)
Producer – Big Jaz
Remix – Big Jaz
B2 In My Lifetime (Big Jazmental Remix) (4:05)
Producer – Big Jaz
Remix – Big Jaz
B3 Can’t Get Wit That (DJ Clark Kent Version) (4:10)
Producer – Clark Kent

Jay would go on to be dropped from PayDay, after they dropped the ball. The rest is pretty much history as he would go on to start Roc-A-Fella and become an icon, not only in Hip Hop, but in the mainstream culture.

Before “Reasonable Doubt” was dropped, he dropped “Dead Presidents” b/w “Ain’t No N—a”, which the Dead Presidents version being the original. Same beats, but different lyrics from the version that appears on “Reasonable Doubt.

A1 Dead Presidents (Album Version)
Producer – Ski
A2 Dead Presidents (Clean Version)
Producer – Ski
A3 Dead Presidents (Instrumental)
Producer – Ski
B1 Ain’t No Nigga (Album Version)
Featuring – Foxy Brown
Producer – Big Jaz
B2 Ain’t No Nigga (Instrumental Version)
Producer – Big Jaz



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