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Huh?? Say What?

by Staff on February 5, 2007

Just a favor asking people to leave a comment when downloading. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s the same problem with all blogs, and the people running it always bitch. But, I have a new son & work, Travis has school and work and a daughter so the least people could do is leave a little comment. Maybe something along the lines of how a songs takes you back to when you where in high school laying the wood to some chick in your car or how you used to smoke weed to a group that we posted their album up. We spend the time out of our busy lives to post up albums, songs, pictures and a half-interesting quip about what makes what we are posting special to us. We wanna hear why it is special to you too. Example – Sh’Killa is downloaded 98 times as of this moment and the only commnets I got where “Can you upload track 12, its missing”. FUCK people, you make me not want to post shit for ya’ll. I speak for myself, sorry for draggin Travis into this, I just wanted to make a point that we are not here for FUCKING LEECHERS.

I just want to say to Chicago and any one else. I am sorry if across harsh. My purpose wasn’t to be a dick and I didnt want anyone to be turned off by my comments. I want to make that clear. But, I get fired up when I get a new song or album that I know is rare or i never thought I would ever hear again. I know when I met Travis a few years ago, I would get so excited when I knew he had some albums that I had been looking for, and he would share with me. When I would get the link from him, i was so grateful. I only post albums so that I can find others who are excited to get some of these albums and see your reactions. Sure, you are going to have those out there that dont give a damn and will still leech, but I was just hoping to maybe let people know that your response it a big part of what keeps us going. I love to hear what people think. If you don’t like South Central Cartel (or anyone else for that matter) I want to hear why to. I really like getting in hip-hop discussions with others. Some comments can also take conversation on different paths other than just about the album or songs posted. To everyone, I apologize if I came across as an asshole. But, please post comments and maybe we can even get a better feel for our audience’s likes and dislikes.

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