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Da Youngsta's

by Staff on February 8, 2007

I honestly, don’t have a lot to say about Da Youngsta’s. I really like about 1 or 2 songs per album back in the day. I really got into “Hip Hop Ride”. I initially shyed away from them becuase of all the kid groups that wer coming out at the same time ala Anotha Bad Creation & Kriss Kross to name a few. Tajj, Tarik, and Qu’ran make up this trio. They changed their name to the Illy Funkstaz for their last LP, which obviously is their most mature, as they were mid to late teens by this time. Here i present their discography:
Somethin 4 Da Youngsta’s
1. Something 4 Da Youngsta’s
2. Street Smart
3. Rated P. G.
4. Cartoons
5. Tuff Cookie
6. Y-Ya-Tryin To Play Me
7. I Didn’t Mean 2 Break Your Heart
8. Reminiss
9. Neighborhood Bully
10. Pass Da Mic
11. Somethin 4 Da Youngsta’s (remix)
The Aftermathw/ production from Pete Rock, Premo & Marley Marl
1. Aftermath, The
2. Wild Child
3. Iz U Wit Me
4. Handle This
5. Crewz Pop
6. Lyrical Stick Up Kids
7. Who’s The Mic Wrecka
8. Count It Off
9. Honeycomb Hide Out
10. Da Hood
11. It’z Natural
12. Rip A Rhyme
13. Wake Em Up
14. Shout It Out
No Mercy
1. Hip Hop Ride
2. Mad Props
3. No Mercy
4. Backstabbers
5. No More Hard Times
6. Put Me On
7. Stayed Away
8. Illy Filly Funk
9. Grim Reaper
10. Reality
11. In The City
12. People Round Town
13. What U Feel
I’ll Make U Famous
1. I’ll Make U Famous
2. Bloodshed and War
3. Everyman 4 Thyself
4. Gotta Get Da Cheese
5. U R Everything
6. Bad 2 Da Bone
7. Verbal Glack
8. 24 Hrs. To Live
9. Incredible
10. Murda
11. If I Had A Million
12. I’ll Make U Famous (Remix)
13. Bloodshed and War (feat. Mobb Deep) (Remix)

Gotta go now and watch The Office

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