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More WYDU Classics: Valentines Day WYDU Style

by Travis on February 12, 2007

Once again, it’s time for more of those zany, half-baked ideas that I call “WYDU Classics”. As I have mentioned many times in the past, but will repeat for our new readers, this is just something I cook up about once a month when I feel like for my own personal use. Since I’m such a nice guy that shares, I post them up for you guys as well. Sometimes they are some off the wall things. Sometimes they aren’t all that rare. Other times it will be some track I haven’t heard for ages that I ran across on my journey’s on the net. Basically it’s whatever I feel like listening to….well at least most of the time. This months is a little differnt, but we’ll get into that when I get there.

We are a little behind on our Volumes, so you get two for the price of one this month. I’ve been sitting on this volume since mid-January, but due to some internet/computer issues I didn’t post it up then. It’s taken on many forms since then as I’ve found a bumper crop of long lost 12 inch singles that have popped up on the net these past couple months. I love those old singles that have remixes/b-sides that never appeared anywhere else, so of course those are going to be on a collection of stuff for my own personal needs. You’ve might have seen some of these elsewhere, so I want to thank EVERYONE that had a hand in making this volume by posting up those great singles (Probably to numerous to mention, but you’ll know who you are…I hope).

WYDU Classics: Season 2, Episode 1 (Jan ’07)

1. Diamond – Hiatus (remix)
2. Showbiz & AG – Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
3. Sadat X – Wild Cowboys (Original Version)
4. Rampage – Beware Of The Rampsack (Smack U Bak Mix)
5. Chi Ali – Let The Horns Blow feat Various Artists (You should know who they are)
6. KMD – Nitty Gritty (Remix) feat Brand Nubian & Leaders
7. Grand Puba – I Like It (Buckwild Remix) feat Sadat X
8. Double X Posse – Not Gonna Be Able To Do It (Criminal Minded Remix)
9. Milk – Spam Feat Ad Rock
10. Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddly Dog – The Bomb feat Ant Banks
11. MC Rondo & Crazy Rak – Get Your Gat
12. College Boyz – Victim Of The Ghetto
13. Afro-Rican – Give It All You Got (Fuck that Fergie Bullshit)
14. Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Nigguh (Bizcapella Mix)
15. Frankenstien – So I
16. Supreme Nyborn – It Gets No Smoother
17. Tall Dark & Handsome – The Bronx Is Back
18. Krown Rulers – B-Boy Document

I hate the month of February. The weather sucks, everything is all drab, gloomy and gray. It’s short, but by the time you get used to it, the month is over and you have three less days to pay bills. It’s just a fucked up month. To top it off, you have a bullshit, commercial holiday like Valentines day dropping on it. Thankfully, all except one serious girlfriend, most of my past girlfriends weren’t all that into the holiday, which is a good thing.

We here at WYDU will probably just go out and get a couple of high quality hookers and call it good, but I realize some of you are caught up in the trap of a demanding girl. Well that’s why I’m here, to help you in all in your day of need. Usually I charge a small fortune for this kind of info, but as a service to all my loyal readers, I’m going to share with you:

“WYDU Tips To A Great Valentines Day”.

1. If you live with your g/f , you poor sorry sap sucker, Valentines day is expected to be an all day event. In the past, I’ve found that waking your girl up by sticking it in her butt is a sure fire way of starting off the day on the right foot. She’ll love the attention her pooper recieves first thing in the morning.

2. Fuck breakfast in bed, that shit is for pussy whipped bitches. If she insists on breakfast, Mickey D’s opens up by 5 a.m. in most places, give her a five dollar bill and kick her ass out the door.

3. It’s always best to wait until that night to give her the present, this way if she doesn’t like it, you only have to hear her bitch about for a few more hours. If she is one of those chicks that expects flowers or something while at work so she can show off to her co-workers, then I’ve found the best thing to do is….a) if you live in a warm climate and can find flowers in someones yard, gangk that shit, why pay $40 bucks for flowers when you can have them for free b)if you live in a colder climate, then flowers won’t be out yet. No fear, if you hang out around the back of a flower shop, sometimes they’ll throw out the “less attractive” flowers. A flower is flower, take that shit. What about delivery you say? Find some panhandler. This is fairly easy in a bigger city. Give his ass a couple bucks, or better yet, a 40 oz of “Evil Eye”, give him some directions and send him on his way.

4. Making dinner is always cheaper and, in my book, earns more brownie points than taking a chick out to dinner. This is usually better done while she is not around. Go to the store and by some of those “Dinner in a bag” shits. They have shrimp scampy, pastas, all kind of stuff that looks like you worked your ass off to make. Make it up, dirty up some dishes and serve that shit up. For drinks, call one of your pussy whipped friends who would have some bottles of the expensive wine laying around. Jack a bottle from him if you can, or if you can’t, then chances are has an empty bottle ask to have one of those. Then pick up some of that cheap ass “Boone’s” at your local liquor store. Pour the bottle of Boone’s into the expensive wine bottle and you have yourself an expensive bottle of wine for a couple of bucks.

5. If she is one of those elaborate bitches
, (then what are you doing with her?) and insists on you taking her out then shit becomes tricky. It’s going to cost you money no matter what. I know damn well though you didn’t make reservations, who would except pussy whipped bitches? Pick a restraunt of your choice (the cheaper, the better), then go up to the Host/Hostess (I know there is some fancy term in the more expensive places, but hell if I know it) and check the reservation list while they are not looking, pick a name, and go with it. This can back fire though, so your best best is to dump any chick that expects to actually go out on Valentines day.

6. Lingerie is ALWAYS the best present. It’s more for you than it is her anyway. There is no excuse NOT to have bought some kinky ass crotchless panties on Valentines day. This will add into the next step.

7. Girls want to feel sexy, so after you give her the box from “Fredricks Of Hollywood” (they have the more kinky shit) get her to do a strip tease for you. Throw on some ass shakin’ music and let her flaunt her shit. Pull out a dollar out of your wallet (make sure you get it back) and put that shit somewhere she has to fish for it.

8. Thankfully Valentines day falls in Feb, when there really isn’t shit for sporting events, unless you are an NBA fan, then this might create some problems. In this case, you play “dumb” like you forgot the reservations (which we know you did anyway) and take her to a sports bar. It’s going to be less crowded than usual anyway. Make sure you are by a TV so you can watch the game. Sure it might piss her off, but it’s another reason you give her the present toward the end of the night.

There you go, everything from my own personal book. If this doesn’t work, then you shouldn’t be with the girl.

With that being said, we here at WYDU wanted to give you some music to put your woman in the mood. I was going to make it some “crass for some ass” kind of thing, but my potnas over at Streets On Beats already beat me to it, and honestly are better suited for that type of thing than I am. So if you are dating a chick like Trina, then they have the hook up. I put together a hodge podge of some of the more classic hip hop love songs, some of my personal favorites, a few rare gems and of course some ultra sexy knockin’ hiney type shit.

WYDU Classics Season 2 Episode 2: The One With The Valentine Songs

1. Digital Underground – Kiss You Back
2. Nice & Smooth – Sex, Sex, Sex
3. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – I Got A Love
4. Little Shawn – I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time)
5. Pharoahe Monch – The Light
6. The Roots – You Got Me
7. Atmosphere – Don’t Ever Fucking Question That
8. The Coup – I Just Wanna Lay Around All Day In Bed With You
9. Bizzie Boys – I Think I’m In Love
10. Supreme Nyborn – Do It Baby
11. 2 Deep – How About A Kiss
12. B.O.X. – Hey Luv
13. Kurious – Nikole
14. Al Tariq – Nikki
15. Masta Ace – Bklyn Masala feat Leschea
16. Tonedeff – Shag
17. Barsha – Knockin’ Hiney
18. Kwame – Ownless Eue

There you have it…..Happy Fucking Valentines day for all you poor sorry saps that have to deal with it….hahahha

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