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Sunday Total Randomness

by Travis on February 12, 2007

It’s one of those lazy Sunday’s, although I have plenty to do, I don’t feel like doing any of it. I wasn’t able to really upload anything Friday for the weekend, so I’m just going to give you a few loose ends that I found on some disks while I was looking for some other stuff. Going back to our days of being a single track blog, which isn’t a bad thing either.

Frescho & DJ Miz – We Don’t Play (Tommy Boy, 1990)

What do you get when the 1989 New Music Seminar DJ Champion hooks up with the 1989 New Music Seminar MC Champion? Well you get a pretty dope 12″ and a song that got some play on “Yo! MTV Raps” back in the day. DJ Miz continued the legacy of the Philly DJ’s during the late 80′s and has some great cuts on this album. Frescho was a Brooklyn MC, that seems to pop up from time to time, but never really took off. He had a track called “Planet Brooklyn” that was produced by Primo. It’s said he is on the Christian Hip Hop tip now.

The group never released an album, which is unfortunate, because it would have been interesting to see what they could have done. This track was the A-side to said 12″, the b-side was “Ain’t U Frescho?” & “Now Ya Know” (if anyone has “Ain’t U Frescho?”, hook me up please). This track is pretty dope in terms of lyrics and scratches. Frescho has a pretty quick rapid fire type flow and a commanding voice. Miz cuts up shit nicely through out the whole song. The beat it’s self seems kind of dated. I played it for a friend of mine and he curled his know up and said it sounded wack, guess you’d have to have been there to apperciate it. I’ve been told that that is was all they released, which is unfortunate.

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 – Renagades (Original Version) (Never officially released?)

As far as I’m concerned, this version shits all over the one with Jay that appeared on “The Blueprint”, and I actually liked that version. Royce and Em share great chemistry on everything I’ve ever heard them on, so it’s only naturual that they killed this. Their work as “Bad Meets Evil” and the 12″ they dropped made me hope they would release something back when they were both hungry.

I’ve heard multiple reasons for Jay ending up on the final version, all from Royce’s label wouldn’t allow it, to Jay paying more money for the beat, to it was part of the fall out with Dre and Royce. I’m not going to venture which one is true, although I would go with the label issues. I hope they can work together again in the future, maybe working with Royce will make Em hungry again.

Jay Z & Jaz as High Potent – HP Gets Busy (Get Live, 1986)

Noz at Cocaine Blunts posted this piece of history almost two years ago. It’s how I discovered Cocaine Blunts and how I discovered blogs.

This is the first recordings of both Jaz and Jay Z. According to Jaz’s Myspace page, Jaz was 14 and Jay was 16 at the time of this recordingAs Noz put it, it’s pretty corny, but not as bad as “Hawaiian Sophie”. Not the greatest song in the world, but it’s still nice addition to a collection. You still get the rapid fire Jay on this, a style he would use up until he started working on “Reasonable Doubt”. Jaz is truly slept on in his role in the golden age era, but seems to be a tad bit upset by that fact these days.

Mad Kap – Questions (Loud Records, 1995)

I like Mad Kap, don’t get me wrong, but the main reason I posted it up is the fly ass beat by the Beatnuts on this. This wasn’t on their 1993 release, “Look Ma Duke, No Hands”, instead it appeared on Louds promo release “Nudder Budders ’95″.

It’s a great track. Beatnuts really laced up Mad Kap on this one. The crew interviews themselves, over some beautiful strings and horns. If you liked the album, you should really enjoy this track.

Ghostface feat Raekwon & Slick Rick – The Sun (Never released)

This is my favorite Ghostface track. I’ve seen this on some of those “unofficial” Ghostface releases, but I think it was left off of “Bulletproof Wallets” due to sample clearances. I looked up to see where he got the sample fr
om, but no dice. Anyone know?

Ghost is typical Ghost, while Rae comes off and adds to their obvious chemistry. Slick Rick bats cleanup and this sounds like this was made for him, even the chorus sounds like something rick would come up with. This is a great song to wake up to on an early spring morning…who said we didn’t have feelings??


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