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Sunday Lite & The Week That Was

by Travis on February 18, 2007

The fact I’m even attempting a post is amazing in itself since I have ZERO motivation. I swear I’m going to stop drinking for good one of these days. Until then, hopefully its nothing 4 glasses of water and a liter of Gatorade won’t fix. We’ll kick this post off with a few tracks. I just started this Sunday Lite thing (thanks to Stag for the name) and already I’m doing re-ups. Of course I originally posted these tracks when we weren’t even topping a 100 visitors a day, so I don’t feel too bad putting them back up.

Tha Alkaholiks have always been one of my favorite groups. The music was always fun, the vibe was that of a party of each of their albums and the production was always on point. Most of you probably remember when they made their debut (sans Tash, who was locked up on a DUI charge) on King Tee’s “Tha Trifflin’ Album” back in ’93. But what most of you don’t know, at least I didn’t until I saw these tracks on the net almost two years ago (the blog I found them on escapes me, or I’d give credit for them) is that they came up as the “Everyday Street Poets” or E.S.P in the early 90′s when King Tila hooked up J-Ro, Tash, and E-Swift together. They released a demo of sorts, although I can’t find much on that.

The sound quality is kind of lacking, but what do you expect, they are demo’s. The music though, is in vein of that found on their “21 and Over” debut, kind of fun and carefree, in a good way of course. Not sure if there is a full demo out there floating around or if this is it. If anyone knows anything about it, kick the knowledge.

Everyday Street Poets (E.S.P.) aka Tha Alkaholiks
Groove Yard

Everyday Street Poets (E.S.P.)
Getz Funky

Everyday Street Poets (E.S.P.)
LA Law

Craig Mack is known as the first artist to come out on Puffy’s (sorry I refuse to call him P.Diddy) “Bad Boy” label and the one that got dicked out said label in the mid 90′s. Mack didn’t fit into Bad Boy’s image or the direction the label was going, which is probably all for the better for everyone involved, although I haven’t heard much out of Mack since then. Every once in a while, he’ll pop back up on the scene with a track. He dropped a joint called “Wooden Horse (?)” in the late 90′s/turn of the century that was dope as fuck. It sampled a Sinatra tune and it actually worked good. I have it on a disk somewhere in this mess I have strung around my apartment. Back on track, before he was Craig Mack, he was “MC EZ” and his DJ, “DJ Troupe”. I want to say it was ’88 that he released a single “Get Retarded b/w Just Rhymin’”, but I’m entirely too lazy to verify that right now. “Get Retarded” is kind of a underground classic of sorts, not because the quality of the album, but because it’s not easily found and because of Mack’s place in Hip Hop history. It can also be found on “Ego Trip’s Big Playback” that was released in 2002…..I think. Regardless here is “Get Retarded” and I think I have “Just Rhymin” somewhere on my computer if someone wants it.

MC EZ & DJ Troupe aka Craig Mack – Get Retarded

Amazingly enough, I’m going to post one more track despite all my laziness. I’ve been chatting back and forth with another Hip Hop head this week and the topic of one James Todd Smith came up. While L.L. might have tarnished his legacy with some of the crap he has released recently, I doubt anyone can deny his greatness when he still had “it”. L.L. was THE B-Boy when came up. Yeah, he may have ducked Kool Moe Dee on occasion, but he’s go after just about anyone on wax. The dude was a beast on the mic. You just don’t see that kind of flair, ego, or ability anymore.

Here is a clip of him freestyling over “It’s Yours” beat, which I’m sure didn’t go over to well with T La Rock, who wasn’t exactly a fan of L.L.’s either. I’m not sure if this was on a radio show, which I think it is, or at a performance. It also has edits, so that lends me to believe that it was on a radio show. It’s labeled as 1985, which would mean he was just coming out, I don’t remember where I got this, probably Cocaine Blunts. The dude is a beast on this. Enjoy!

LL Cool J Freestyle over “It’s Yours” 1985

Link Love

I’ve added quite a few new links over the past few weeks. I have no rhyme or reason where I put stuff on that list, but be sure to give it a look over. Despite what some moro
n said a couple of weeks ago, I try to remember everyone I told I would link up. If I missed someone, all you have to do is simply remind me. I’m not perfect and forget things, but I don’t mean any disrespect. I don’t ask for people to link me in return, I could careless if they do or not. I appreciate any link love, but I’m not doing this as some sort of popularity contest, hell I did this for months when we were only getting 50 hits a day. I don’t bomb people’s cboxs (I don’t care if someone does post a link to their site, it’s a good way for me to check your site out) asking for link exchanges, which is probably why no one heard of us for the first six months. I put links up to things I like, hell it’s my bookmark list.

With that said, I do have my favorites lately, From Da Bricks, Posionous Paragraphs, Cold Rock Da Spot, Souled On, …And You Don’t Stop, and Schooklyn Zoo. Of course there are my old reliables that are ran by people who I have the up most respect for and they will always have my support, Bust The Facts, Crooklyn’s Classics, Streets On Beats, and Miscreant Productions (holla at your boy, Tommy!) . Then there are my Colorado Comrades, To The Break of Dawn & Back In The Day. A new site that has popped up on my radar, Boomers Hot Shit, despite the, ummm, questionable name, it’s been, ummm, dropping hot shit lately, make sure you check it out.

Trav’s Top 5 Spins of the Week

1. Juggaknots – Use Your Confusion
Yup, I’m still on the Jugg’s dick. Might have to go back and change my Top 20 of 2006, or fuck it, it’s my list, they might just make the Top 20 of 2007, since I didn’t really listen to this album until then. I did the same thing with the Cunninlynguists last year. I had the promo version for a good 3-4 months until I sat down to review it for a site I was writing for and realized what a great piece of work it was.

2. (TIE) Masta Ace Discography & Jay Dee aka J Dilla assorted stuff
No change again. I guess you can argue that this could always be in the top 5, since I listen to Ace on the regular, but with those new Hits U Missed, I’m listening to him more than usual (Nawledge, if you are reading this, email me, contact info on the side bar). There was a lot of stuff on J Dilla this week with his birthday and the anniversary of his death just recently passed. I’ve been zeroed in on a lot of his material this week, even some of his sample sources, which shows why he was even more of a genius. You’ll be missed Jay Dee!

3. De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate & Stakes Is High
So I broke down and joined that Last FM thing, I’m always into things like that anyway. Well it tracks your listening habits and all that, and this week De La was my leading artist plays, which kind of surprised me. I definitely listen to music other ways than just on my computer, but still, I didn’t realize that I had played De La that much this week. Well it started with someone reminded me of Buhloone Mindstate, maybe it was Scholar posting up “I Am I Be” last week on “Souled On”. I’m a HUGE De La fan, but when Buhloone Mindstate dropped, I was like a lot of people, it just went over my head. I eventually corrected my ways but I still find some mind blowing thing about that album every time I listen to it. And naturally when I think De La, I have to pull out my favorite De La album, “Stakes Is High”.

4. Atmosphere Discography
Yeah, I know it’s not always “cool” to like Atmosphere, but I’ve always liked their music. I’m an emotionally wacked out person anyway, so the Emo stuff fits me pretty good when I need it and this was one of those weeks where I put my mp3 disk of Atmosphere stuff in my headphones and bitch about drinking too much and women.

5. Brother Ali – Undisputed Truth
The advance of this has leaked. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest Ali fan in the world, but I’m starting to like the sound of this album. In the past, Ali’s voice just graded on me after a few songs, and it still does kind of, but DAYUUM, Ant came correct with the beats again….which leads us into another episode of……

Why is Ant so highly underrated as far as a producer?
Why does Football end so soon and baseball can’t start soon enough?
Why do I have a bad feeling about the Steelers new coach?
Why don’t I have tomorrow off….fuck!
Why doesn’t “Paul’s Boutique” get the credit for one of the best produced albums that it is?
Why did no one ever use the Dust Brothers again in hip hop?
Why did I laugh so uncontrollably at the movie “Beerfest”? I guess it’s so stupid it’s funny.
Why do the first few months of every new year suck so much for new music releases.
Why do I hate Redman’s new album cover?
Why are there so few women bloggers?
Why does free releases via the internet seem like the new rave, ie Talib & Madlib and the new Little Brother? (not that I’m arguing)
Why does the RIAA continue to shoot themselves in the foot ie the DJ Drama arrest?
Why haven’t I listened to Nas’ or Jay’s new albums all the way through in months?
Why is this site so disturbing, yet so incredibly funny?
Why does the NBA Slam Dunk contest suck so much compared to what it used to be?

In Closing……Questions about the Site…forums?
It seems that we have some hosting space to use up. Chris, who created, has some bandwidth which he has offered to let us use in some capacity. Chris has been extremely helpful in the behind the scenes of this blog, coming up with the design and the such and might even be able to post some stuff up in the future, which I’ll never argue with the others posting and taking some of the weight off of me. Anyway, we have been kind of brainstorming on how to use this space to our advantage. We thought about maybe doing some type of a forum. My question would be, would anyone use it? I don’t want to try to do something like that if no one used the thing. I know I’m not the most active forum person in the world, I’m only really active on one forum (, but if done right, it can be a nice place to exchange music, discuss, learn and build on hip hop. Or do any of you have any other ideas on how to use this free space. I don’t want to use it for hosting files, for legality reasons, but I would hate to see this go to waste.

Last thing, I’ve toyed with the idea of changing the design of the site. Maybe I should talk to Chris before I go doing this, cause I have no fuckin’ clue what I’m doing when it comes to that. But it’s been b
rought to my attention from someone I have a great amount of respect for (thanks Mr. O-Dub) that sometimes having white lettering on a dark back ground isn’t always the best way to go about things. I personally never thought about it, but he has a point. Plus, since I’m a person that can never stay in one place for more than 3 years, I like change from time to time. Anyone have any thoughts on the design of the site? I mean, I like it the way it is, but I want to hear other peoples thoughts.

That’s it, that’s all, I’m going to lay on the couch and wish I had something other than fucking NASCAR to watch…..


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