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Might Be Gone For A Couple Days….

by Travis on February 22, 2007

I haven’t missed more than a couple days in a row of posting on here in a long time. Well that might change. Not only am I a hip hop nerd, I’m also a weather geek. My other love besides Hip Hop is storm chasing. You know, “Twister” and all that crazy shit (that’s not really how it is). Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty good day for chasing and that on top of it being the first good day of the season is the reason I might not be around at all this weekend.

I was busy at work today (intern meteorologist) and didn’t get anything uploaded so no posts today. If we do this thing, we are going to have to leave early tomorrow morning and head to south central Kansas/ panhandle of Oklahoma in order to be there in time for the action late afternoon/early evening. If that happens, there is a chance we might be stuck out there since there is a chance of a Blizzard on the eastern plains of Colorado Friday night, thus blocking re-entry back into Colorado, leaving us stuck in Kansas for an undetermined amount of time.

None of this is for sure yet. Still monitoring the situation and I want to make sure at least one of my storm chasing partners can head out with me. Hip Hop and storm chasing…nothing is better than chasing a storm while having some Public Enemy “Takes A Nation….” blaring on the speakers. Spring time can be a busy time for me, so there might be some times like this in the next few months. If I don’t post for a few days, and I know you’ll all be distraught, that’s where I’ll be. Then again, there might be a post tomorrow night…who knows?

Peace, Trav

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