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The Post About Nothing: The Ultimate Re-Run

by Travis on February 22, 2007

A little twist on the Seinfeld TV show, a post that has no plot, no storyline, or any real antagonist involved. I wanted to continue my personal favorites today, but the group I want to highlite only has one out of print album and my copy of it is scratched so bad that I can’t rip the last four songs. Of course I have no back plan. I do though, have my trusty booklets of CD’s that I carry almost anywhere with me. Six months ago I could pull out almost any Mp3 CD I had with me and be sure to find something that hasn’t appeared in some form on another on another blog. Well, those days are behind me. I had to actually struggle to find some tasty treats in order to do a post today. Bad thing is, I’m even coming with some stuff I’ve seen in the not so distant past on other sites. But, hopefully some of this stuff will be new to some of you.

My first offering is a real cheap way out on my part, since it was just pointed out on a well known website today (Oh Word), but I think it is so significant, that it needs to be brought out there. Just when I think I can’t be surprised much more when it comes to finding stuff on the internet, something will prove me wrong. Rafi at dropped his weekly “This Week In Blogs” which I love to read. This week he alerted readers to one of the holy grails in forum threads I’ve ever seen when it comes to Old School Hip Hop. When I say Old School Hip Hop, I don’t mean the early 90′s stuff. I mean the REAL Old School, the late 70′s/early 80′s stuff. It was crazy, I mean I felt like a kid at Christmas. The internet hasn’t done that to me when it comes to finds since the first time Dread over at Bust The Facts started dropping bombs, alright, which wasn’t all that long ago, but you know the feeling. Well to my amazement, as I was going through all the Old School goodness, I ran across something I’ve been looking for for a while. Some New Music Seminar battles. They used to show clips of them on Yo! when they were going on. I thought it was the coolest thing EVER!

The 1987 New Music Seminar MC & DJ Battle

1. Intro
2. Mr. Mixx Vs. Vandy C.
3. Melle Mel Vs. MC Breeze
4. Cutmaster D.C. Vs. Joe Cooley
5. Grandmaster Caz Vs. Bango
6. Mixmaster Ice Vs. Easy G.
7. King Sun Vs. Disco C
8. Cash Money Vs. Jazzy Joyce
9. Grandmaster Caz Vs. Melle Mel
10. Mr. Mixx Vs. Joe Cooley
11. Cash Money Vs. Easy G
12. Melle Mel Vs. King Sun Vs. Grandmaster Caz
13. Cash Money Vs. Joe Cooley

This shit here is LEGENDARY. Hands down one of Hip Hops historic moments. Caz, Melle Mel, Mister Mixx, Cash Money, King Sun, Joe Cooley, & even MC Breeze and Rhyme Syndicates Bango the B-Boy Outlaw??? It’s enough to make any B-Boy hard and any B-Girl wet. Be sure to check out that forum, there are some true gems to be found there. A must for anyone older than 30 and anyone younger that wants to know the TRUE ROOTS.

Enough, I’m off my pedestal and out of my geeked up hip hop nerd persona. Next up some DJ Spinna that I (don’t think) haven’t seen around. I guess I felt bad for ripping the Polyrhythm Addicts joint. I liked Spinna’s stuff with the Jigmastas and some of the stuff I’ve heard since then. I’m not going into a lot about Spinna, because honestly I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about him other than the fact he has been a underground icon for nearly a decade now.

First one is something I just saw posted on Darts Poisonous Paragraphs site, so check his post for a much better write up of it……can’t lose for trying. But I’ve already uploaded it, so if anyone missed it there, here it is again….Sorry Dart.

DJ Spinna – Heavy Beats Vol. 1 (Rawkus, 1999)

1 Joc Max Preface (2:10) [Featuring] – Joc Max
2 Who U Be (4:22) [Featuring] – Missin’ Linx
3 A Grooveamungus (4:26)
4 Time Zone (4:30) [Featuring] – Apani B. Fly , Talib Kweli
5 Rock (4:21)
6 Watch Dees (3:35) [Featuring] – Eminem , Thirstin Howl III
7 The Haunted Space Freak (5:01)
8 Conclusion (3:44)

This next DJ Spinna compilation is actually still in print, but it comes in a three disc box set. I just uploaded CD one. It’s a compilation of soul, jazz and funk. I’ll also leave the professionals to speak on these, but here is disc one.

DJ Spinna – Strange Games & Things (BBE, 2001)
Buy Here

1. 90% of Me Is You [DJ Spinna Mix] – Gwen McCrae
2. Reasons [DJ Spinna Mix] – Minnie Riperton
3. Mademoiselle [DJ Spinna Mix] – Foxy
4. Save Their Souls [DJ Spinna Mix] – Bohannon
5. Elevate Your Mind [DJ Spinna Mix] – Linda Williams
6. Another Day [DJ Spinna Mix] – Al Goodman
7. You Can’t Run Away [DJ Spinna Mix]
8. How Could You Break My Heart? [DJ Spinna Mix] – Bobby Womack, Bobby Womack
9. Strange Games and Things [DJ Spinna Mix] – Love Unlimited Orchestra
10. Hollywood Dreaming [DJ Spinna Mix] – Father’s Children
11. Mary Jane [DJ Spinna Mix] – Rick James
12. Easy Money [DJ Spinna Mix] – Dee Dee Sharp
13. If I Can’t Stop You [DJ Spinna Mix] – Johnny Bristol
14. Can’t Hide Love [DJ Spinna Mix] – Creative Source
15. Passion Play [DJ Spinna Mix] – The Sugarhill Gang
16. Wind Parade [DJ Spinna Mix] – Donald Byrd
17. Keep It Up [DJ Spinna Mix] – Milton Wright, Jr.
18. Lucky Fellow [DJ Spinna Mix] – Leroy Hutson
19. Secret Rendezvous [DJ Spinna Mix] – René & Angela
20. Girl You Need a Change of Mind [DJ Spinna Mix] – Eddie Kendricks
21. Hunk of Heaven [DJ Spinna Mix] – Lemuria
22. Magic Ride [DJ Spinna Mix] – Bobby Lyle
23. Life Is Just a Moment
, Pts. 1 & 2 [DJ Spinna Mix] – Roy Ayers
24. Heart’s Desire [DJ Spinna Mix] – Don Blackman
25. Bring Your Sweet Loving Back [DJ Spinna Mix] – Starpoint
26. California Dreaming [DJ Spinna Mix] – José Feliciano
27. It’s a Desperate Situation [DJ Spinna Mix] – Marvin Gaye

Someone was looking for the Dre Rodium mixes, which we’ve posted up two or three times now. My CD collection is a totally mess, so trying to track them down a third time is nearly impossible, but I did manage to pull this one out of the mess. Rest should be on their way.

Dr. Dre – Rodium Mixtapes: YOU GOT GANGKED

Last and finally least….An unreleased Showbiz & AG EP that dropped in the late 90′s. Naturally when I was looking for info on it, I saw that Andyman posted it up on 12 Inchers. Not suprising at all. None the less, if you missed it the first time, here it is……According to Andyman, it was stuff left off the “Goodfellas” LP.

Showbiz & AG – Under Pressue EP

A1 Under Pressure
A2 Stand Strong
A3 Ain’t No Fun
B1 Under Pressure (Instrumental)
B2 Stand Strong (Instrumental)
B3 Ain’t No Fun (Instrumental)

My apologies for the half hearted post. I started it off with good intentions. My main objective when I started this blog was keep things original. Well, we all slip from time to time. Hope you all found something you missed before…

Peace, Trav

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