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Trav's Personal Favorites Part Two: Del Tha Funkee Homosapian – I Wish My Brother George Was Here

by Travis on February 23, 2007

No storm chasing today, I didn’t want to spend the whole weekend stuck in Kansas after the blizzard hits. One of my partners went out and I’m back at the office “nowcasting” for him. Enough with the weather geekiness.

Today’s album I’ll add to my list of personal favorites is kind of an odd animal. I’m not a big Hiero fan. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but I’m down with the “cult” following the seem to have. Del was the lead off hitter for the Hiero crew when he dropped his debut album, “I Wish My Brother George Was Here”. From what I get from people is that if they are down with Hiero, they don’t like that album. If they aren’t, they do like the album. It’s been said that even Del doesn’t care much for the album.

The album is MUCH different than any of Del’s later offerings. It was executive produced by his cousin, O’shea Jackson, who we all know is better known as Ice Cube. Cube’s influence is clearly seen through out the whole album. The album was produced by “The Boogiemen”, which was comprised of DJ Pooh, Bobcat, and Rashad. It’s drenched in funk samples, that makes it truly one of the funkier albums that came out during this period. Funk production like that found on this album is really missing in Hip Hop now a days. Erick Sermon also had some truly dirty stinkin’ funk with his first album, Keith Murray’s debut and Redmans first two albums. DJ Pooh and his comrades really hook up the P-Funk on this album.

The album is very cohesive in nature. Between the P-funk based production and the lyrics, you feel like you are in Del’s neighborhood. Some of the later Del stuff I’ve heard has been very abstract in nature, the songs on this are more along the lines of story telling. Tracks like “Wacky World Of Rapid Transit” (something I used to identify with) and “Sleeping On My Couch” sound like personal memoirs from Del.

He actually got some air play from “Mistadobalina” and in some amount, “Dr. Bombay” as well. “Sunny Meadowz” was my shit, just a nice mellow track that you can sit back and light your favorite substance to smoke and just get carried away in the grooves. Humor is present in this LP as well, something that is lacking in a lot of releases these days.

Del The Funkee Homosapian – I Wish My Brother George Was Here (Elektra, 1991)

1 What Is A Booty (3:36)

2 Mistadobalina (4:18)
3 The Wacky World Of Rapid Transit (3:17)
4 Pissin’ On Your Steps (3:29)
5 Dark Skin Girls (4:29)
6 Money For Sex (3:52)
7 Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo (2:46)
8 Prelude (0:21)
9 Dr. Bombay (4:37)
10 Sunny Meadowz (4:26)
11 Sleepin’ On My Couch (3:19)
12 Hoodz Come In Dozens (3:48)
13 Same Ol’ Thing (4:19)
14 Ya Lil’ Crumbsnatchers (1:30)
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