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Sunday Lite & The Week That Was

by Travis on February 25, 2007

My day started with me rolling my hungover ass out of the rack around noon. I then spent about an hour surfing the net, reading up on my favorite subjects of hip-hop, weather, sports and fantasy baseball. My mojo just wasn’t there yet. After a fairly calm and uneventful weekend, I helped a buddy celebrate his new house by breaking it in with a BBQ last night and I am paying the price today. Well after a shower and an infusion of ice tea and a Subway sandwich, I’m not sure if I feel better or worse, but I’m finally sitting down to pound this Sunday post out. Like last Sunday, I’m lacking in the motivation department, but hopefully like last weekend my ass will catch fire about half way through and I’ll end up writing a decent enough post.

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. Between the normal everyday workings of this blog and some other side projects I have going on, my writing skills are certainly being tested. We still have an interview lined up as soon as we can work a time that can work with everyone involved. I’m pretty excited since it’s my first interview and who it’s with, but I’ll leave it at that. I also have my first “guest blogger” slot coming up. I will be writing a guest post for a blog that I have much respect for, but we won’t let the cat out of the bag on that either just yet. I will also will be involved with another site that is opening it’s doors this spring. It’s not hip hop related, but it might spark some interest for the regular visitors none the less. More on that when the site’s opening gets closer. So I’m definitely not at a loss for work. All I know, is the smell of Spring is in the air. About freaking time after the winter we’ve had here.

They always say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so I guess I should be flattered. Thursday night after a few beers while playing Madden with a buddy, I hopped online and floated around some of the hip-hop forums. I usually tend to stay away from sites like SOHH and UGHH, cause it just disturbs me at some of the shit I read on those sites. Well I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to check out UGHH’s forums. As I was looking through the posts, one caught my eye. This internet radio “D.J.” was promoting his playlist for Thursday night. It consisted of The New Music Seminar from 1987, a Dr. Dre Roadium Mixtape and two albums from DJ Spinna…….hmmmmm. That sounds awful familiar, very similar to my Wednesday post. I’m not big on internet “beef” or confrontation. It’s just stupid in my book and a waste of negative energy. But as I mentioned, I had a few beers in me and I’m known to be a lot more mouthier after a few pops in my system, plus dude seemed kind of conceited in some of his posts I had read, so I left him a little note saying it looked awful familiar to what a blog posted up the day before. Of course I got called a hater and a herb, and he had all the stuff on wax and his radio station was responsible for all the hip hop blogs. Whatever…I find it funny, but if you are going to use my ideas, at least give me credit for them and not act like you are the all holy savior of the Hip Hop radio movement. I’m glad I can influence people like that…..I’m truly flattered.

On to…..

Sunday Lite

After posting up Del on Friday, someone brought up a b-side to one of his singles off of his album, “Burnt”. Del was great for putting out unreleased B-sides in his early years. Who can forget one of my favorite songs in “Undisputed Champs”. As mentioned, “Burnt” song is more “Hiero sounding” in nature, it was also one of the first on wax appearances for the rest of the Hiero crew, with Opio, Tajai, Casual, and A+ all appearing on the track. All of them bring it on the mic and is just another example of the the b-side winning again.

Del feat A Plus, Opio, Tajai, & Casual – Burnt

I probably haven’t said it much on here, but I’m a big fan of the Blastmaster, KRS-One. Sure he is hypocritical, condescending, and arrogant but I find it nearly impossible to question his achievements and contributions to hip hop. The man is probably up there in the top 5 MC’s of all time. Yes, his image and legacy has been tarnished with some of his later releases, although last years “Life” release was his most enjoyable album since “I Got Next”. I found this remix of “Questions & Answers” back on Cocaine Blunts waaaay back in the day. I can’t find much info on the origins of this release. No history, no story, no nothing. I’m assuming it was produced by Pal Joey, who is almost more of a mystery than this song. He did a handful of tracks for BDP on Edutainment, Sex & Violence, and also did “Black Cop”, a track on Cooly Live’s album and a track for MC Lyte on her “Act Like You Know” release. I always thought he was the quintessential of the “Boom Bap” sound. Then he kind of just vanished. Regardless, this track is kind of cool. I’m not sure if I like it more than the original, but it’s still fun to listen to.

Boogie Down Productions – Questions & Answers (Remix)

If some asks me my favorite hip hop producer, I answer the same way probably 50% of the real hip hop heads would answer: DJ Premier. Primo’s top accolades are amazing and some of the people he has worked with are the “Who’s Who” among the hip hop world. But unlike a lot of producers that let the fame go to their head, he’ll still do something for some unheard of MC. This cut comes from someone so unknown, I’m not even sure if I have the right name for this MC. I can’t find nothing on the track, not on discogs, not on google, nothing. It doesn’t sound like a trademark Primo beat, except the bassline sounds Primo-ish in nature, so
I’m assuming it still is. It’s a pretty tight beat, some nice horns and as I said, the bass line is nice. I found this on Soulseek way back in the day, so who knows what it really is. If anyone has any info, fill me in.

Mr. Dong (?) – Catch Wreck

This might become a Sunday Lite tradition, we have another live track for you. This from ruler, MC Rickey D aka Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, doing a live rendition of “Treat Her Like A Prostitute”. Doug is on the beat box and Rick is spitting the lyrics, ala “La Di Da Di”. I have no clue if this is an old school, back in the day joint, or if this was after they got back together to do some stuff together later on. Regardless it’s kind of a fun listen and definately worth putting in your “Live Hip-Hop” folder.

Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh – Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Live)

Last but not least, is something I sent over to Jaz at “Cold Rock Da Spot“, which I’m sure he’ll be putting on one of his excellent compilations in the near future, but I thought I’d share it with whoever might have missed it. It’s known by now that Polarity and I are both fans of Red Hot Lover Tone‘s hip hop material that he released in the early 90′s. I also like the early Trackmasters stuff, while Polarity has a near unhealthy obsession with all their material. This is a Diamond D remix of his single “Give It Up“, from his self titled debut LP. The beat is very fly and a prime example of why Diamond was killing it during this time period. It’s edited, which is kind of a bitch, but still worth a listen, for the beat alone.

Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up (Diamond D Remix)

Trav’s Top 5 Spins of the Week

It was kind of an odd week as far as my listening habits went. I didn’t really key on any one thing. I was out of blank CD’s, so I didn’t download much of anything new (I download shit at work, then burn it to a blank CD as mp3′s, sly, I know). I was just listening to a variety of shit, but I’ll try to sort it out as best as I can.

1. Cunninlynguists Discography –
This was the week the Juggaknots finally fell from the top. This week, I was more into familiarity, listening to some of my favorites, I guess I wasn’t into a exploratory mode. I had the ‘lynguists in my headphones quite a bit at work this past week. I also go to sleep every night with music on, and I usually prefer something I’m familiar with since if it’s something new, I’ll stay awake analyzing the shit. Cunninlynguists are probably my favorite post millennium group, with “A Piece Of Strange” still getting regular spins a year after it’s release. I have an MP3 disk with all their releases, including their two “Sloppy Seconds” releases.

2. The Roots Discography –
I owe this all to the EXCELLENT post on The Roots by Eliko B over at Rapaholic/In The Name of Allah. This is one of the well written posts I’ve ever seen on a blog. Well after reading about The Roots, I popped in my Roots MP3 disk that has my favorite albums from them, they don’t all fit on one disc, which is true sign of their legacy.

3. A Tribe Called Quest Discography –
More familiarity and another mp3 disk of albums. Tribe is on the same level as De La for me. I actually had the privilege to serve them at a “Chili’s” when I was bartending there back in ’97 on what would be their final tour before breaking up. Phife and Jarobi came in first and sat down in the bar. I knew they looked familiar, well at least Phife, and when I took their order, Phife ordered a Dr. Pepper and I knew right then who he was. I was pretty excited since I had tickets to the show the next night. I’m not one get gassed when I see someone famous, but it was still pretty cool. Tip came in later, I think he was already tossed, cause he was pretty loud and acting the role of a famous person. Unfortunately, in Salt Lake City, not many people in a Chili’s knew who the hell he was, but he was impressed I did. They left a pretty good tip and bounced after a few drinks. The next night was one of mixed emotions. I got to see my dates D sized breasts bounce up and down throughout the night, but it was the first time I heard they were breaking up since they announced it that night. This was before I was the internet much and it was before it was announced in “The Source” the next month. I still hold hope they get back together and make an album.

4. J-Zone discography –
Told you I was all about familiar stuff this week. Another favorite of mine, both production wise and MC wise. I have his albums and some of his instrumentals all grouped together on one big disc. I’m trying to make sure I have everything he has ever done. Not sure if i do yet, but I’m getting close.

5. Del Tha Funkee Homosapian – I Wish My Brother George Was Here
I listened to this 4-5 times over the course of the week. I do that about every six months with this album. Plus the fact I was doing a write up on it kind of forced me to listen to it.

Speaking of this album, it’s time for another series of……..

Why do west coast producers like DJ Pooh, Battlecat, and Bobcat not get their share of fame?
Why do all of Dr. Dre’s recent beats all sound the same?
Why am expecting the worse when it comes to this new Redman LP?
Why am I still anxious to hear it?
Why is El-P so liked?
Why does most of MF Doom’s stuff make me want to fall into a narcoleptic fit?
Why do athletes continue to do stupid shit and jeopardize their career and lives for that matter by going out and acting like thugs? (see Pac Man Jones and the Indiana Pacers)
Why doesn’t the NFL or NBA do something to stop this shit?
Why doesn’t the MLB just put a stop the Barry Bonds and his homerun chase? The man is a cheat, a liar, and just a plain all around Jackass….and this has nothing to do with me being still bitter at him for losing the ’92 NLCS then leaving the Pirates afterwards.
Why do I love this Amy Winehouse “Fade To Black” LP so much?
Why do I like that Lily Allen LP as well?
Why I like Mark Ronson’s production on both of those albums?
Why have I never really listened to his stuff before?
Why am I watching the TV shows “Lost” and “Heroes”, when I’m not into comic books or science fiction?
Why is a six back of Lipton ice tea almost as much as a six pack of beer?
Why are people saying they keep getting negative overtones from Records companies and artists over blogs, when I’ve only gotten positive reaction from the such?
Why the big hub bub over the fucking Oscar’s? I mean, I respect the art of films an film making, but this shit of “So & So is wearing….” fuck that. The U.S. is too much into who’s famous and shit, makes me sick.

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