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Used CD Shopping Trip 2-27-07

by Travis on February 28, 2007

First off, it’s day two of “Reader Apperciation Week”. One of our loyal visitors, Stag, nailed it on the first response, congrats Stag. Stag picked the Shadz Of Lingo LP, so it is now gone. Guess I need to pick something a little harder. Today’s should be, but if you watched “Yo! MTV Raps” back in the day, you’ll have a better chance at it. Just to review here is how it is working:

1. Each day this week, I’ll ask a trivia question, Hip Hop related of course. The FIRST person to answer CORRECTLY in the comments section (MUST BE IN THE COMMETS OF THAT DAYS POST) will get their choice of CD’s. There are three CD’s left, the winner get’s their choice. I AM THE JUDGE, THE JURY, AND WHAT I SAY, GOES….END OF DISCUSSION.

2. I will give the official decision by the end of the day. I will then have that person email me their address and their choice of CD and I’ll send off the CD on Saturday or Monday. International is fine.

3. One question will be announced from today until Friday. I will try to announce the day before when I’ll post the question for the next day.
4. You can only win once, keep it fair for everyone else (Sorry Stag).The four CD’s that are being given away.

I personally vouch for all of them, or I wouldn’t have bought them twice.
1. Cru – Tha Dirty 30 (Violator, 1997)

A slept-on album from the Violator crew. Features the majority of the production done by Yogi, who would go on to become a member of Puffy’s “Hitmen” crew. Guest appearances by Ras Kass, Slick Rick, & The Lox. (yes, I do know what it’s going for on Amazon, but seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth, plus I know where to get another one if I wanted to sell it. All I ask if you pick this one, pick it for your own personal use)

2. Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – Dust to Dust (Def Jam, 1993)If you don’t know who this is, you shouldn’t have this album. 2/3 of Third Bass, with production from the Beatnuts, KMD (MF Doom), Sam Sever, and Pete and Rich themselves. Guest spots by Pyscho Les of the Beatnuts, Kurious, and a debut performance of Cage.

3. Barsha – Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics (Bum Rush Records, 1990)Part of the First Priority music family. Production handled by Audio Two and the King of Chill. Ignore the bad cover.
Tomorrow, I will ask the question sometime in the morning. I’ll make it a little more interesting and you’ll have to guess when I do it. It will be sometime between 6am MST and Noon MST, that’s all I’m saying.

Today’s Question:

During Big Daddy Kane’s birthday party in ’91 or ’92, a new and up and coming MC dissed Kane while he was freestyling on the mic. This was at Kane’s OWN BIRTHDAY PARTY I mind you. Who was the MC?
(I had the tape, and I wish to god I could find it again)
Good luck! First to answer correctly, wins.

Used Shopping Trip 2-27-07: Second Spin, Denver, Colorado ($11.62)

It’s been awhile since I posted one of these because, well, it’s sucked the last couple times. I went two weeks ago and basically got shut out, at least on the used CD tip although I did bring home three new CD’s. Seems like I’ve been pounding my usual spots a little too hard and the new places I’ve gone to check out have been very lackluster in any material to get me excited.
Yesterday I was out and about doing some errands after work and was driving by Second Spin. I figured “what the hell” and stopped by. It had been awhile since I hit it up. Once again, they are having one of their sales, “Buy two used CD’s get the third half priced” and “Any CD under $3.99 is half off”. After going through the regular area for the used CD’s and not finding anything I really wanted or needed, I went to the bargain bins. They had filled them up since last time, which was a good sign. It’s a time consuming and back breaking ordeal (I’m 6’2 or so and bending down to read the titles is a bitch). After digging through three different bins, I finally found somethings worth buying. I’m not saying this is the best batch of stuff I’ve ever brought home. There is actually some really wack shit in here, but when you aren’t paying more than $2.00 for a CD, I can live with a few slip ups here and there. So here is the list.
I’ve never been big on the kids rap thing from past, but I didn’t mind these kids on the “Juice” OST from back in the day. They were on Micheal Conecption’s label, a former banger who was responsible for the “We’re All In The Same Gang” movement on the west coast. I had honestly never listened to this LP before, but since it had a Bomb Squad track and a DJ Quik track, I figured I’d roll the dice. For two bucks, it’s worth a listen.

I know, what the hell am I buying this for? Well I remember someone desparetely wanting this a few months ago. Hopefully they still want/need it, because this is really horrible. I was hoping I didn’t like because of my closed mindedness I possesed when this originally dropped, but no, it still sucks. I think it was when labels where trying to get the next PM Dawn….imagine that….

Honestly I wouldn’t have bought this if someone had’t put a previous Kilo album link in Bust The Facts blog the day before. I don’t know much about dude, but people seem to be wanting him. Saw this for cheap, figured what the hell?

I seem to remember this flopping when it came out and judging by the production, I can see why. I’ve been eyeballing it for sometime and then someone said they wanted it, figued I might as well pull for it. It gets a little tiring listening to the preaching, but it is what it is

As we know, I like Kwame. This is his last album. It’s honestly not THAT bad, but nothing like “A Day In The Life” which is a favorite of mine. Yeah, it’s corny, but so what?

Urban Dance Squad – Mental Floss For The Globe (Arista, 1990)
*Link Can be found on Bust The Facts*

Some more Spearhead type shit. I loved the song “Deeper Shade of Soul” when I was kid, so I had the tape. The rest of it is on some, rock/hippie/hip hop type shit. For a $1.50, I’ll re-add it to my collection

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