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Sunday Lite & The Week That Was

by Travis on March 4, 2007

Oh glorious day! For once, the weather Denver, Colorado is so well known for, has decided to happen on a weekend day. Did you know that Denver has the second most sunny days after San Diego? No shit, true stuff right there. So for once, I have motivation to hammer this Sunday Lite post out as fast as I can, because I have to get out in this weather. I was couped up all day yesterday writing for other projects, so I’m itchin’ to get the hell out of this apartment, although I should spend all day today writing as well, but fuck it. As The Biz says “It’s spriiiiing agaaain”. So after this, I’m going to bust out to the park and walk off some of this winter blubber I’ve acquired. Actually I never got rid of the extra winter luggage from the year before. It’s a bitch getting older….and getting a desk job….and writing more. I have lots of excuses for the extra weight I’ve put on, but I’ve been trying to cut back on some of that spare tire causing garbage. Cutting back on the beer, no more soda pop, trying to cut back on the sweets (I have a sweet tooth from hell) and trying to get some more exercise. This is new to me, never had to watch my weight before, but I guess that’s part of getting older.

It would be a great day for to catch a few innings of baseball, speaking of which, if anyone is down with fantasy baseball, there is a few openings in a free yahoo roto league I’m in. If anyone is interested, hit me up.

You all aren’t here about to read about my fat ass, so on to the music……

Big Red – Created A Monster (Produced by Diamond D)

I really don’t much about this 12 inch, other than it was released in ’95 on Payday, who seemed to drop the ball more back then than Elektra. The B-Side was “How You Want It” and that too I think was produced by Diamond. If anyone has it, lace it up. As most Diamond beats, it has a deep, thick bass line. Big Red isn’t a special MC by any stretch of the imagination, but he still holds his own and reminds you why you liked the mid-90′s so much. I think dude showed up on Diamond’s lackluster “Diamond Mine” mixtape from last year. Speaking of Diamond, make sure you pick up the rerelease of “Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing” which was early Diamond, well worth picking up!

Walkmen – Fortress (You’ll have to change the file info, it has Obie Trice as the artist. This song was on some early Obie Trice material I had on a disk)

All my Star Wars nerds STAND UP! Yeah, this shit is mad corny, but how many hip-hop joints sample the “Imperial March” from Star Wars? For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of hearing this joint before, it samples the “Imperial March” from all the Star Wars joints, which is kind of cool in its own nerdy sort of way. I think it’s talking about Star Wars in the song, hell I never really listened to the lyrics, I’m too busy imagining Darth Vader bumrushing some dudes off the stage with his Light Saber. The 12 inch dropped in ’98 on Atomik Recordings with “Countdown Theory” as the B-Side and there was also a CD maxi single that had instrumentals, remixes and the such for both songs. The maxi-single came in at around nine tracks if I remember right. Both tracks were produced by Celp Titled, so I’m assuming there was some kind of Demigodz tie with these cats. I remember when I first heard this song on “Underground Hip Hop” early in ’99, I was kind of shocked. It was something I didn’t want to like, but still did. Those were the early days of finding stuff on the internet for me and this and “Scapegoat” by Atmosphere were the two early joints I was fiending back then. Guess it’s just the nerd in me.

Masta Ace Inc. – The Inc. Ride

You should all have this and if you don’t, get off the fuckin’ computer and go buy “Sittin’ On Chrome” and all of Ace’s other joints. It’s no mystery that Ace is my favorite artist. The dude is just amazing to me. I do have to admit, “Sittin’ On Chrome” is my least favorite of all of Ace’s joints, which means I still like more than most other albums. But in the celebration of the up oncoming Spring season, which leads into Summer and this track just gives me those Summer vibes. With it’s smooth as silk Isley Brothers sample, this song sounds best when played in any kind of a convertible with a system. If you have to, you can substitute and vehicle with the windows rolled down and the volume turned up.

Blahzay Blahzay – Ice Grillz
I’ve always like Blahzay and alway kind of wondered why they aren’t more looked up upon as one of the better groups of the mid-90′s. Regardless of their perception in the hip-hop circles, they dropped a nice album in’96. After that though, not much has came out of the camp. This track here is the last thing they did that I know of. It was a 12inch that got released in
’00 on Fat Beats and it’s some nice shit. The horn sample alone is worth the price of admission. Shit is dark and gloomy, but you have to keep listening to it, it’s that good. I’m not sure what Blahzay is up to now a days.

Constant Deviants – Can’t Stop

A couple of weeks ago I kind of clowned the whole Indie boom that happened toward the end of the 90′s decade. It made many kid go out and buy a Jansport back pack, some big ass Kross headphones and bitch about the mainstream. While they had a point about the mainstream around that time (shiny suits anyone?), the whole genre would soon grind down to boring, monotonous, and straight up garbage type of hip hop and these little hipster nerds would become just as condescending as their mainstream thug counterparts. BUT, some of the early Indie stuff was pretty tight. This is one such little gem that I know next to nothing about, but I LOVE this track. I can’t even remember what caused me to download this track from the almighty Audiogalaxy (anyone remember that shit?) back in the day. I’m glad I did, but I’ve never been able to find much out about them. This track was released in ’98 on some small label. The beat is some fly jazz shit with dope piano keys and a nice string rift, horns, shit it’s got everything. I couldn’t even tell you the name of the MC, but he does a nice job talking about the old days. The hook is nice as well, it’s basic but sticks in your mind and it actually has one of those DJ fellas and he is making squiggy squiggy sounds….weird…don’t hear those anymore. Anyone have any material by these cats, hit me up.

Ace Lover – Weedspots

At the turn of the century (god that make it sound old) I was pretty down on Hip Hop. I mean, sure there were a few things here and there, but all in all, if 86-96 were the “Golden Years” then 98-03 were the “Dirt Ass Brown Years”, because there wasn’t much out there. I did a lot of downloading of single tracks on both Audio Galaxy & Napster. I hadn’t yet fell into the lure of full albums, mainly because I was still sporting the Dial-Up internet connection, guess not much changes….but, every now and then, I’d run into some artist that I really liked. The bad thing, most of these artists only had 12 inch releases under their belt. Ace Lover comes straight out of NY, so maybe someone like Crooklyn can speak on him better than I can, but dude is a noted freestyler and even has an album out as 2 for 5 with Oktober. This joint has a cool little beat to it as Ace Lover describes the spots to pick up his favorite buddah sess. I’d like to see more from this cat. I heard he has a mixtape of sorts, if anyone has that, hook me up!

Trav’s Top Spins For The Week:
I downloaded a lot of stuff this week and I’m still trying to play catch up. Top that off with the eight or so CD’s I bought this week, didn’t seem like I had enough time to check out everything I’d like. But I did have some quality time to play some stuff.

1. Yaggfu Front – Action Packed Adventure
Every once in awhile you just have to pull this album out and give it some play. For me that time was this week where it caught major play for me this week. I admittedly slept on it when it dropped. I did pick up when it was released, but after a few spins and all the crazy stuff dropping in ’94, I put it to the side where it didn’t get much play and I ended up losing the CD in one of my many moves or one of the parties I had back in my younger days. Well I found it used a couple years ago and I had to wipe the eye boogers out from sleeping on this cause it’s quality hip hop. They are making some more noise, so be sure to check them out

2. Boodah & The Bandit – Drugs On The Mind EP
The bad thing about the amount of material found on blogs is when do you have time to listen to all of it? I know it’s a problem for me. I can’t even remember where I got this but it was sometime ago and I’m just now getting around to listening it. I remember seeing the cover at the CD stores back in the day, but for some reason I thought it was on some Brotherhood Creed shit. Well I sat down and decided to give a listen and damn this is some good shit. After the first listen, I listened to it again. Goes to show you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

3. J-Zone Discography
Still pumping my man J-Zone’s stuff. The man is just different and that’ something that you don’t find much. I know, a lot of people think just because something is “different” that it equals good (Aesop Rock anyone?) but Zone is different in a good way. I hope he doesn’t keep his threat of not rapping anymore, that would be a pity.

4. Frankenstien – Bootleg
If you read this blog at all, you know I’m a Frankie Ano fan. The dude just had his own flavor behind the boards and while he wasn’t the best lyricist in the world, he still put out great songs. The bootleg joint that I posted up here before contains the majority of his work and it great to put on if you are in the mood for some mellow laid back joints.

5. (TIE) Hell Razah – Renaissance Child Little Brother & Mick Boogie Presents “And Justus For All” Pacifics & Illmind – The Case

Some new stuff I’ve been spinning as well. I’m a fan of Wu, but when it comes to their weed carriers, I usually balk at them. Last years Bronze Nazareth was pretty nice, nice enough to get me to want to check this out. While not good enough to hang with some of the Wu starters, it’s a nice 6th man off the bench type of release. Some nice beats and entertaining to keep it in the rotation for a week or two. Little Brother has been one of those groups that people either love or hate them. Myself, I’ve always been kind of partial to them. They put on a great live show and most of their stuff is pretty nice. “Minstrel Show” was somewhat of a disappointment to me. It just got boring to me after a couple weeks. True I played the shit out of the first couple weeks, but still, a classic album shouldn’t lose it’s luster after two weeks. Well after another medicore attempt with the “Seperate But Equal” mixtape, LB comes with “And Justus For All”. There are some great joints on here and some not so great joints, but the good stuff is holding off the bad stuff for now. I’m not familiar with The Pacifics really, but I’ve heard of Illmind. I wasn’t really
impressed with Illminds rendition of Jay’s “Black Album” mixes, but some of the stuff I heard after that was rather nice. I was pleasantly surprised by this album/EP. It’s not very long, but some joints on here. It’ll be getting more play in the upcoming days.

Time for more mind boggling (at least to me) bits of information that flies out my head from time to time……

Why do we have to be subjected to “Producer Beef” now between Timbaland & Scott Storch? What has hip hop come to?

Why does Scotty look like one of those hoser hipster kids I used to shove in a locker in high school? Does he really think he is a white Kayne West? Sorry but white people just can’t pull off that look without questions of your sexuality coming up.

Why must we be subjected to a re release of Boot Camp Clik’s “For The People”?

Why the hell did the Patriots get Adrline Thomas? Fuck, that’s all they need.

Why the hell can everyone else find cheap copies of Nine’s debut “Nine Livez” and I can’t? DAMMIT!

Why can’t anyone make a good baseball game for PS2?

Why is it taking me for fucking ever to catalog my music collection? There has to be an easier way

Why do I want to like that Redman mixtape, but can’t?

Why does this even make more hesitant of the new album.

Why does this new online Poker in the United States suck ass? I can only find a couple sites on the internet now to play live money poker…..

Why does the US government think that they have to keep me from playing poker online? Don’t they have something better to do, like feed the poor or make universal health care available?

Why did the whole Dipset movement take over O-Dubs Soulsides site a couple weeks ago? I wouldn’t even think they knew that exsisted. Maybe I shouldn’t even mention them, that’s the last thing I want on this site.

Why do people insist on saying Masta Ace jacked Eminem’s style. I swear I’m going to go upside someones head for saying that shit one of these days. KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!! Em has already acknowledged Ace’s influence on him.

Why can’t Nas find that “Dead Little Indian” release since he can find some of those people he did for those remixes?

Why don’t I believe Dr. Dre when he says “Detox” will be out this year?

Alright, I’m going to soak up some rays…..or maybe I’ll just take a nap…….

Peace, Trav

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