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WYDU Classics '07: Vol 3 & Vol 3: The Spring Break Edition

by Travis on March 7, 2007

It’s that time again for some of our own personal favorites, the award winning WYDU Classics series. Alright, so maybe not award winning, but none the less they are chocked full of goodies. Most of it is stuff I want to hear for that particular month, some tracks from the years past that transform me to a better time when I didn’t have to worry about hearing the phrase “Cuuuuurtissssss” anywhere.

I have two editions for you this month just like last month. The first, regular edition, is the usual stuff I wanted to hear. Some of it is fairly popular, other not so much. I try to offer up a little bit of a variety, for man can’t live on one type of beer alone, he has to have some ales, some porters, so lagers, hip hop is the same way in my book. I apologize, you might need to name these files, I was having problem with my regular ripping program and I named the files after ripping them, but I don’t know if it took or not. So I present to you:

WYDU Classics ’07 Vol 3, March 2007

1. Eric B & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique
One of my top 5 all-time Eric B & Rakim joints. Fine malt liquor (is there such thing?). It’s ghetto hip hop, but in it’s finest form

2. Chubb Rock – Treat ‘Em Right
This shit makes you want to dance on your desk. A tasty Raseberry Wheat, full of flavor that will make you get up and dance

3. Smif N Wesson – Bucktown
Ill horn sample. Boom bap at it’s finest. This is the equivalent to Colt 45, classic brew right up in your face

4. Jeru The Damaja – D. Original
I always felt this got overlooked being released after “Come Clean” at least by me. This is like Guiness at it’s best, dark, thick, a meal in a can. Jeru gives you all you need in one album.

5. Diamond – 5 Fingas of Death feat Big L, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, & AG
This doesn’t get mentioned enough in the classic posse cuts. This is like a six pack of Coors Light that I bring to a party (I only bring five, cause I always drink one on the way there). It’s an old favorite that you always know what you are getting.

6. A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God (UK Flavor Radio Mix)
I just heard this remix on something Crooklyn posted up on his site a while ago. I love it! This is hip hop equivalent of Newcastle Brown Ale, those Brits know how to make some tasty beer and beats.

7. Schoolly D – Run
Schoolly is another one of my personal favorites. Good luck trying to find any of his early CD’s under $40 bucks. This of course has to be the old gangsta favorite, Olde English 800.

8. Cypress Hill – Throw Your Hands In The Air feat Erick Sermon, Redman, & MC Eiht
I had honestly totally forgot about this song until someone posted the video online not too long ago. With this bunch, you got to think Bud….one kind or the other.

9. Saafir – Light Sleeper (OG Version)
I think I like this better than the album version. This is the Saafir I like, his voice is ill.
Think of this is some Coors Light; light, crisp, and goes down easy.

10. Kokane – Nickel Slick N—a
Kokane was always one of my favorite west coast artists and doesn’t nearly get enough recognition. Some smooth funk here. I’d go with Mickey’s on this, smoothed out, but it’ll fuck you up with the quickness

11. Lench Mob – Freedom Got An AK (remix)
The first Mob album is probably one of my top 5 all-time produced albums. This remix would have been right at home on the album as well. This the equivalent to some St.Ides straight to your grill. Shit is mean as fuck, but after you drink/hear enough, you are intoxicated by the kick.

12. Snoop Doggy Dog – Jus Dippin (Battlecat Remix) feat Dr.Dre & Jewell
More g-shit 4 dat azz….The Battlecat remix is better than the original IMO. Just like Ice beer, a remix of the original but with more punch than the original.

13. E-40 – Sprinkle Me feat Suga T
I kind of slept on 40 Water in my younger days. Not sure why, I liked this album back then, a friend of mine had it, but never checked it until the last couple years. For me, it’s kind of like the old school Lowenbrau, you never realized how good it was until you got some sips/spins.

14. UGK – Pocket Full Of Stones
my first real introduction to UGK. Not the greatest in the world, but in small doses or in the right mood, it serves it’s puprose, kind of like Old Milwaukee’s Best.

15. Bizarre – Get The Dick (Raw Mix) feat The Outsidaz
That’s right, Bizarre from D12. This EP was from ’98, but the main reason I love this joint is THE MOST underrated group of all-time, the Outsidaz. Michelob Amber Bock is an underrated beer. Cheap, but still tastes good.

16. Da Ruckus – Shine On feat Eminem
I can’t remember where I got this, but it’s a great track, nice production and a nice guest drop by Slim Shady himself. Kind of like some Micro brews, you might not hear much about them, or where they come from, but they are mighty satisfying.

17. Omniscience – Touch Y’all (remix 2) feat Sadat X
Another great track that didn’t appear on the lost album. I compare this to a great Heffeweizen, tastes good by itself, but once you and a little lemon to it aka Sadat X, it just adds to the whole beer.

By now I bet you are all wondering if I’m getting ready to go on an alcoholic binge of gigantic proportions. No, I’m not, but there are many college kids across the U.S. that are getting ready to do that, it’s called Spring Break. The end of this month is the time when college kids go to some warm beach in Florida, Texas or Mexico and get sloshed. It’s a ritual.

One of the things I’ve always regretted in my life was never hitting up Spring Break. Might be a little late for that, I might get some weird looks being a 30+ y/o at a Spring Break place.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve done my fair share of drinking over the years. I started while in High School and continued on pretty much ever since then. I worked for a summer as doorman, which had some fun and exciting times. Also spent five years as a bartender. If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you’ll understand just how much drinking that involves. I’ve had some great moments over the years because of our good friend Alcohol and a few not so great, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I still like my beer and a
good party.

By now I bet you are asking yourself “What the hell does any of this have to do with the WYDU Classics?”, well I’m getting there. One thing that has always been there at the parities and drinking episodes has been hip hop music. I’ve always had songs that I played while getting ready for the night, or on the drive to the bars, or at the house we were drinking at. I have a soundtrack to my partying years. And in the tradition of Spring Break, I thought I’d unleash it.

These are tracks that have been there, through out all the drunken nights. Two things I regret not doing in my partying years were not going to Spring Break somewhere and not hitting up Mardi Gras. It’s still not to late for me to hit up Mardi Gras, but I might get laughed at being a 30+ old man on the beach.

So hopefully this will help people out there get their drink on…..Bottoms UP!

WYDU Classics ’07 VOL 3: The Spring Break Edition

1. King Tee – Act A Fool
This was always the joint I’d fire up before any night out. It’s a high school classic, but it’s helped me get in the mood for many many years.

2. DJ Quik – Tonite
This song is good for both getting ready and the day after, especially if your trying to get up for a Saturday night after a long friday night. I’ve been hung over many a time pumping this trying to get the second wind for Saturday night.

3. Eazy E – 8 Ball
So nothing really relevant to my upbringing, but it was a great song to throw on during the high school party.

4. Beatnuts – Pyscho Dwarf
This was later on in my life, me and my hip hop heads would pump this shit before going out. Isn’t it just about everyones goal before heading out?

5. Brews Brothers feat Charlie Bawles & Louis Logic – Happy Hour
A great drinking joint to pump when doing the pre-game bar hopping warm-up.

6. E-40 Feat The Click – Hurricane
My boy got me hooked on this one. He’d always come get me from the bars then him and I’d continued to get faded while playing Mortal Combat on sega blasting this joint till his g/f friend would come down and yell at us for being loud.

7. Young Black Teenagers – Tap The Bottle
When this dropped, I was always the hip hop head in the bunch of friends I was hanging with. I got everyone hooked on this song. We’d have to play at any party we had.

8. Masta Ace Inc – Rollin’ Umdada
This song comes on in my head any time I would roll into a hip hop club with my boys. It was also a good primer club joint. Get’s you pumped to hit the clubs, something I don’t do much of anymore.

9. Atmosphere – A Tall Seven & Seven
This song would always reminded me of the amateur drinkers that couldn’t hold their alcohol. It’s never fun being around cats that can’t hold their liquor. I’ve been guilty of it myself, but doesn’t happen much anymore.

10. Louis Logic – Factotum
I’d play this joint a lot when I’d come home after a few. It’s a great chilled song to have a couple more on the couch before going to bed and pass out.

11. Fila Fresh Crew – Drink It Up
This joint appeared on the NWA & The Posse album that dropped before “Straight Outta Compton”. It was another song that us drunk 16-18 y/o would sing a long with at the party.

12. King Tee & Ice Cube – King Tee’s Beer Stand
There are probably a handful of King Tee songs you could through on this, but this little blip with Cube was always a favorite of ours while rolling to where ever we were getting our drink on.

13. Spice 1 – 187 Proof
I thought this was a cool damn thing when it dropped. We’d play it on the way to the college parties or later on with my hip hop heads, we’d play it at a house party.

14. Mobb Deep – Drink Away The Pain
Another after bar joint that my boy and I’d blast during our late night drunken Mortal Kombat battles.

15. J-Zone – 190
This has all happened to a few of us. Wake up the next morning, with everyone pissed at you and you don’t remember why. Play this before going to bed and drink a glass of water.

16. Schoolly D – Saturday Night
This was always my goal when I’d go out at night in my younger years. Well, maybe not the big fat ugly girl, but it sounded cool. It was hoping for a crazy night.

17. Greyson & Jayson – Intoxication
This song starts off great, but has a little message. We here at WYDU encourage you drink responsibly, okay, there’s the warning….but the song is great at the beginning, gets you in the mood, until the drunk driving part. I’m not going to say it kept from drunking too much and puking or from drinking and driving, but it’s always good to hear. There is a reason I have never gotten a DUI, and it’s not all related to luck. It was honestly this song or EPMD’s “You Drank Too Much”, which contains a similar story, but maybe a bit more humorous.

18. Tha Alkaholiks – Last Call
Honestly, I used to just throw on “21 & Over” before going out or at a party. This is a great song, and it’s the last call for this compilation.

19. Hi-C – Skanless
You are lying if you say that this has never happened to you after drinking. It happens to the best of us. Of course this has to be the last song…..

My boys already covered this topic last week as well. I guess great minds think a like because I’d planned on doing this when I came up with the Valentine post as well, so no disrespect. But for more drinking goodness in Hip Hop check out this post on Streets On Beats

Thanks for reading through all this bullshit if you have, just one of those moods I guess….bottoms up! Happy trails…..

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