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Re-Ups & Requests

by Travis on March 10, 2007

Remember the good “Ole’ Days” when I used to do requests and the such on Fridays? Yeah that was a lot of fun……yeah right. It was a big pain in the ass for me, but after it was all said and done, I was always proud of all the shit I posted. I’m still planning on trying to get back into that weekly request post one of these days, but I’m accepting it probably won’t be this semester unless I get hi-speed internet at home.

Since I’m not doing the request/re-up thing on a weekly basis, I’ve been trying to re-up/posting requests as I go. I was planning on starting the next series this week, but for one, it’s been more of a project than I thought it would and two I think it’ll be more effective with it being posted consecutive days, which I can’t promise anything on the weekends and I’ve kind of fell in love with doing the Sunday Lite posts. So bascially what you are going to get today is some recent requests and re-ups. Kind of like a miniature request Friday, except I’m not spending six hours on it. One recommendation for asking for re-ups and requests. Don’t ask for a re-up in the original posts comments. If I posted something in Oct and you ask for it in those comments, there is only a 50/50 chance I’ll see it. Preferably I’d like to see it in the c-box.

I usually don’t like posts like this, because for me, they are rather boring and not very challenging, but I’ve done enough writing the past couple weeks, I feel like I need to sleep walk through one of these posts.

No Face – Wake Your Daughter Up

1. We Wants to Fuck
2. Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch – No Face, 2 Live Crew
3. At the Movies
4. Socially Speaking
5. Xactly
6. Spanish Fly
7. Under the Subway
8. Half – BWP, No Face
9. Stole My Shit
10. Your System
11. Assit

Our namesake album. We didn’t name the site after the album because of the quality of the album, but it repersents the goofiness and the “I don’t give a fuck” feelings we have sometimes about certain things. I finally found the CD under $10 bucks on Amazon ($4.99) and grabbed it last week.

Ill Biskits – Chronicle Of Two Losers
The track listing is in the .rar and I don’t feel like typing it out and can’t find a track listing to copy & paste, so no track listing. The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. If you don’t have this by now, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Black Milk – Sound of the City

1 Intro (1:21)
2 Nigga What (2:32)
3 Danger (3:34) Rap [Guest] – Phat Kat , T3
4 Pimp Cup (3:40)
5 Duck (1:28)
6 So Gone (2:30)
7 This That (3:01) Rap [Guest] – Marv Won
8 Dirty Horns (Instrumental) (0:55)
9 Bang Dis Sh&@t (3:13) Rap [Guest] – NameTag
10 Swing Dat Far (2:27)
11 Sound Of The City (3:51) Rap [Guest] – Elzhi , Fat Ray
12 Dirty Guitar (Instrumental) (1:23)
13 Eternal (3:38) Rap [Guest] – Baatin
14 Applause (1:55)
15 Holla Like U Know Me (3:19) Rap [Guest] – Que Diesel
16 Outro (0:27)
17 (Untitled Bonus Track) (1:04)

I don’t usually like putting up albums that are so new and is still in print, but since the request came from GO14, who has been down with this blog from the drop and is an active contributor and helps others with links, I’ll be more than happy to overlook the fact that he is a Browns fan and hook him up. Unless you are someone that has been around a lot, don’t bother asking me to up stuff that is in print, cause I won’t do it. If you have to download new stuff, there are plenty of other sites out there for that. Another reason I did it, Black Milk has a new album dropping and hopefully some of you that are not familiar with him will check this out then go and BUY his new album, hopefully this is some free advertising for him.

Polarity did and interview with him a couple years ago, said he was chilled dude and most of the stuff I’ve heard from him has been pretty good. He kind of came up under J Dilla, so check him out.
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