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Return Of The Request….

by Travis on March 17, 2007

(Yes, I’m a boob guy, any hot chick out there that wants to send me pictures of their Ta-Ta’s, hit up the contact link….haha)

What’s up all my minions? They still got me workin’ for the man and bustin’ my ass. Time has been tight to do anything with this and at a very bad time….BUT, I’m squeezing in some requests that require very little thought, typing or time on my part. I would have some time tonight, but I’m just about out of work and they are buying me lunch, so it’s off for some wings and some beers. Hopefully then it’s off to LoDo for some holiday cheer.

I alway seem to get into trouble on St. Patty’s day. Ten years ago today, was my infamous “Doc Holiday” incident, named after the Val Kilmer played western character who was drunk 99.9% of the time. I started drinking at 6pm on the 16th, drank until 2am. I was supposed to be at work at 7am on the 17th (St. Patty’s Day), well that didn’t happen. Instead, I woke up, still half tanked at 6:30 a.m., called up work saying I wouldn’t be making it to work and cracked open a cold one and started watching “Tombstone”(hence where the name came from) by 8a.m., I was feeling pretty good. My buddy who had passed out on my couch from the night before woke up and joined me. It was a long day of “drunk” Horse (playing the basketball game “H.O.R.S.E”) drunk Sega basketball, and drunk board game “Risk”. Any thing we did that day involved some sort of drinking rules. By Four p.m. every one had gathered at my house (I still wished I remember the drinking rules for “Risk”, it made it much more interesting). At 6 p.m., after the wacked out girl I had been dating called threatening to kill herself….with a BB Gun, I got in a rant where all I would say was “Wooooo Haaaaaa”. By 7 p.m. I passed out in the entry way of my house. I was still fairly young at this time, well 22, and still had the typical Frat boy drinking mentality. I guess the rest of the night, which I don’t remember, involved them loading me into the back of someones car and going to another party, which I never work up for. I swear this holiday is going to be my downfall one of these days. I’m in kind of a foul mood right now after a few busy days at work and my usual finicial woes, and that can be trouble, because I can be a mean drunk on occasions. We’ll see. I might just go to some small neighborhood bar with a buddy, we’ll see..

Enough blabbing, I said I didn’t have time to waste and yet I just did. Here are some requests, the ones I can remember at least, from the past week or so….enjoy!

The Fila Fresh Crew – Tuffest Man Alive (Macola, 1988)

A1 Dunk The Funk
A2 Truth
A3 Tuffest Man Alive
A4 Nasty
B1 I Hate To Go To Work
B2 Fear Of The Rap
B3 3 The Hard Way
B4 Drink It Up

DOC’s first group, when he was known as Doc T. It’s got some scratches on it, so you’ll have to deal with it.

Jemini The Gifted One – Scars & Pain EP (Polygram/Mercury, 1995) *Promo Only, never officially released*

1. Can’t Stop Rockin’[Tribute]
2. Brooklyn Kids
3. Scars And Pain
4. Letcho’ Batyflo
5. Funk Soul Sensation
6. Story Of My Life
7. 50 MC’s In A Cipher

Some grimey mid 90′s east coast shit for y’all….

Dream Warriors – Subliminal Simulation (Capitol, 1995)

01 Intro (0:29)
02 Are We There Yet (3:15)
03 Day In Day Out (3:55)
04 Adventures Of Plastic Man (1:10)
05 It’s A Project Thing (4:24)
06 Paranoia – The ‘P’ Noise (2:59)
07 I’ve Lost My Ignorance (3:34)
08 Break The Stereo (4:45)
09 When I Was At The Jam (1:34)
10 Burns 1 (1:53)
11 Tricycles And Kittens (5:22)
12 California Dreamin’ (5:05)
13 No Dingbats Allowed (4:14)
14 You Think I Don’t Know (1:23)
15 Sink Into The Frame Of The Portrait (3:37)
16 I Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya (3:43)
17 Outro (0:30)

Some tripped out Candian hip hop. I wasn’t much any to this album, but their first was pretty good.

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