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Guilty Pleasures Volume 1

by Eric on March 21, 2007

MC Lyte-Act Like You Know

Obviously, Lyte had some pressure to come with a more commercial sound on “Act Like You Know”. Sounder much softer and more “R & B ish” this album had mixed results. Looking back I remember playing the hell out of “When In Love”, but “Poor Georgie” was the knock. Actually, it was “Poor Georgie” that introduced me to Lyte beleive it or not. Still, one of the fiercest female MC’s.

Hammer-The Funky Headhunter

I know right…Hammer!! I’m telling you the production wasn’t half bad on this album. Teddy Riley laced Hammer with his best G-Funk impressions as Hammer flipped the script to gangsta. Who could forget Hammer in the G-String in the “Pumps and a Bump” video? Damn, that’s one thing I would like to forget!!! This actually went Gold and stayed in the Billboard top 30 for most of 94′…Crazy!!

Kid N Play’s Funhouse

I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed an album or five back in the day that would be difficult in the present time to admit thay you enjoyed thouroughly. This is one of those cases. Named after the duo’s single from the movie “House Party”, “Funhouse” was even more of the “dance-rap” that made their debut “2 Hype” go Platinum. While noticebaly lacking in lyrics the album more than makes up for it with fun. The only track I can enjoy nowadays is “Decisions”. This beats the hell out of “Face The Nation” the duo’s last LP released in 91′.

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