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Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Mecca & The Soul Brother

by Eric on March 21, 2007

I can remember the first time I heard “T.R.O.Y.” back in the summer of 92″. Actually, I saw the video on a late nite video broadcast ( I know it wasn’t YO! b/c my folks didn’t have MTV back in the day…hell, we barely had cable) and being blown away by the production. Of course everyone knows Pete Rock is famous for “those damn horns” but this was what really put him out there as the “IT” producer at the time. CL’s storytelling and imagery was so vivid it made me feel as if I was sitting on his front steps listening to him as he unveiled his youth & life travels. When you say “Hip Hop” I think “T.R.O.Y.” Later in that year I can recall the Pete Rock remixes of P.E.’s “Nighttrain” and House of Pain’s “Jump Around” bumping out of Alpines all summer long. But to begin this blog this post is the most fitting and meaningful to me as it should be to everyone who enjoys Hip Hop Period!!!!!

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Fifteen April 6, 2007 at 11:51 pm

aaah. I did a search for my own blog and found a better one with a similar name, started about the same time, access to ALOT of great music, and a plethora of excellent posts….haha I’m probably gonna jump on your fan bandwagon, I really like all the music I’m finding here. good luck!

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