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by Eric on March 21, 2007

  1. Why do we proclaim every half decent new release as a Classic? i.e, Devin’s “Waitin‘ To Inhale
  2. Who do I hate more Florida’s Joakim Noah or Cuse’s Eric Devandorff
  3. Let’s be honest was “Jesus Price Supastar” better than “Monkey Barz“?
  4. Aren’t you glad Andre 3000 is an MC again?
  5. Pick up Consequence’s “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”….Trust me, I was pleasantly surprised
  6. After turning 31 on Sunday, is it just me? Or do B-Day’s suck more & more each year?
  7. Even though I would like to witness the upset, Butler is gonna’ get waxed vs. Florida in the Tourney
  8. Durant is CRAZY!!!
  9. Why do I favor Timbaland’s new electro-boogie production over his past gems?
  10. I love Dilla, but if he had not passed would “Donuts” be equivalent to Madlib’s “Movie Scenes”?
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