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Can't Forget About You #3

by Eric on March 22, 2007

Odd Squad-Fadanuf Fa Erybody

After listening to Devin’s “Waitin’ to Inhale” for much I’ve the past two days, I figured I’d post the LP that started it all. Devin along with a blind rapper named Rob Quest linked up with Jugg Mugg and formed the Odd Squad. They where introduced to the world by the late DJ Screw who actually passed their demo tape to James Prince, who happened to be the CEO of Rap A Lot. The lead single “I can’t see it” happens to be, IMO the dopest track on the album. It’s good to see that the group can still drop quality music with the Odd Squad still appearing on much of Devin’s work. BTW, pick up Devin’s “Waitin’ to Inhale” although, it’s nowhere near the classic that the folks over at OKAYPLAYER are proclaiming it to be.

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ThaIgk May 13, 2007 at 7:01 am

Propz for this classic Odd Squad album!!! Igor (from Ukraine)

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