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Check For This!!

by Eric on March 22, 2007

Sneaker Politics

My little homie & Army Roomate Derek Curry (we actually did a tour in Iraq together)has been on his sneaker grind for as long as I’ve known him. Finally, after years of hard work he’s hit the ground running with his new store and website Sneaker Politics. Check for him…it seems like every relevant Down South rapper from Rick Ross to Pimp C (seen in pic w/Derek) already has…avoid the late pass and Oh….Stop Wearing Fakes!!!! Whoulda’ Thought????

All Music Guide To Hip Hop The Definitive Guide To Rap & Hip

Picked this up on amazon last week for about 19 Bucks. As corny as the cover seems to be, this book is almost a must have for any Hip Hop fan. Leading up to 2003, this book has 700 pages of every artist and review of any Hip Hop release. I also found it pretty dope that each album review includes the original release date. I purchased the book just b/c I’m trying to capture every cassette that I ever had on MP3 and I keep forgetting about the Anotha Level’s and Questionmark Asylum’s of the world. Pick this up!!!

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