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Redman-Red Gone Wild

by Eric on March 22, 2007

After countless delays, pushbacks, label politics, the release of Kingdom Come, etc. Redman’s “Red Gone Wild” finally hits the streets. One word folks….DISAPPOINTING!!! I’ve given this new release about five listens, with each listen it gets much more difficult to make it through the whole album. It’s taken all I have to bare with the fall backs of this release and not just revert to Prodigy’s new lp “Return of the Mac”. Lyrically, Redman has taken a big drop off and let’s not even discuss the beats. I love Redman as much as the next dude but this is a tough pill to swallow. As much as I hate to say it, stick a fork in Red he’s done, this right here is your last Redman long play folks! As for the new Prodigy release, it should be appropriately titled Alchemist “Return of the Mac” b/c his production more than makes up for Prodigy’s decreased lyrical skill. Why wouldn’t Hav drop a solo banger? I’ve always felt he was the much more prominent lyricist…hell, he could even produce his own joint. As for both of these new releases they can be found here

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