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by Eric on March 24, 2007

  1. Where is the 808 in Prodigy’s “Return of the Mac”???
  2. I can’t front…I love Disc 1 of Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics….not just for Primo’s beats either
  3. Why in the hell did Primo give her his best production in awhile..especially “Thank You”
  4. I though I’d give “Red Gone Wild” one last shot…yep, still sucks!
  5. “Party & Bullshit” is Biggie’s best single ever PERIOD!!
  6. “Pain” the bonus off the Above the Rim soundtrack is Pac’s best joint ever PERIOD!!
  7. K-Solo should drop another album…but hell, now he raps like he has no breath control!
  8. Why are Clinton Sparks’ mixtapes the only mixtapes worth pickup up? Just for the skits
  9. DJ Jamad’s Afromentals are must haves…trust me!
  10. MC’s need to check for Nottz’s production…this cat has dropped some BANGERS!!!
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