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Manic Monday-Albums that possess the overall feel of Mondays

by Eric on March 25, 2007

M.O.P.-To The Death

“Yeah we like it raw!!!”, on the success of their first single “How About Some Hardcore” Lil Fame & Billy Danz dropped To The Death (released Apr.7, 1994). Hell, the album may as well have been titled “How About Some Hardcore”. Fame & Billy Danz still bring a level of intensity & energy to the mic that even today is unmatched. This album will obviously be remembered for “Hardcore”, but “Top of The Line” was my favorite. For any gangsta rap aficionado this album is a must have.


You know the songs that were anthems back in the day, yet when you listen to them today you’re like ehh…Well, “Slam” is a prime example of this. This album along with “They Want Efx”, “F.U. Don’t take it Personal”, and a few others, were pretty daring at the time. With a heavy Jam Master Jay involvement, the beats on this LP had an undeniable tense, wired edge that amplied the vividness of the in your face lyrics. Sticky Fingaz was and always will be the center of attention on any Onyx release with Fredro Starr playing Robin to Sticky’s Batman. “Bacdafucup” (released in 93′) was super catchy i.e, “Throw Ya Gunz”, “Slam” & “Shifftee”, although I do feel Onyx came with a better effort on “All We Got Iz Us”

Organized Konfusion-Stress:The Extinction Agenda

“Crush, Kill, Destroy”…You know the deal. Whats a better anthem to start your Monday with?. Pharoahe Monch & Prince Po are some dope ass MC’s who IMO turned out better music together than on the solo tip, i.e, EPMD. Lots to chose from on “Stress”, this album seemed to take on a much more darker, murkier feel than that of their self titled debut. “Stray Bullet” is crazy vivid and actually gave Nas some inspiration for “I Gave You Power”. On another note, be sure to pick up “The Awakening” Pharoahe’s recent mixtape hosted by Clinton Sparks….Dopeness!!

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