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by Travis on March 27, 2007

You know you are large when you can run re-runs on a blog and still get away with it. Alright, maybe I’m letting my “fame” go to my head, but I’m tossing up some re-ups and requests today, and dammit, you are all going to like it! I was going to finish up the first part of the east coast version of “Where Are They Now?”, but Mother Nature has different plans for me. It’s looking like there might be some severe weather in Colorado this afternoon and right in my own backyard. So naturally, my ass is heading out after work to fuck around and see if I can snap some pictures and get close enough to a twister with out seeing the man upstairs.

So instead of Nas, you are getting some recent requests/re-ups. It was that or nothing at all and I don’t really like to go too many days with out dropping some on this blog.

Alright, boys and girls, first up a pair of albums from a group that resulted in a little buzz when they were first dropped on a request Friday last fall. Success N Effect is a Atlanta group that is different in the fact that their first album was some on some straight up Miami Bass type flavor, which I’ve always liked. The other albums where on some straight up militant/revolutionary/gangsta type vibe, which is cool as well, although I’m still more of a fan of their first album. Well someone requested the “Drive By of Uh Revolutionist” which was their third album. I also just bought “Back N Effect” off of Amazon for a few quarters, so I’ll throw that up as well.

Success N Effect – Back N Effect (Wrap/Ichiban, 1991)

1. Angel Dust
2. Blueprint
3. Robo’s Housin
4. 7′G’s I’ll Flow
5. Slick The Slick
6. Real Deal (Holyfield)
7. Nuthin But Suc’cess (So Use It) (Atlanta Style)
8. Mack Of The Year
9. Jump 2 It (House From The South)
10. So Many Faces
11. Slow Flow
12. Nuthin But Suc’cess (So Use It) (Miami Style)
13. 360 Degrees

Success N Effect – Drive By of Uh Revolutionist (Wrap/Ichiban, 1993)

1. Intro
2. Success N Tha House
3. Cinfrontation In Mosley Park
4. Bucking On Dope Niggers
5. Bullshit Views
6. Raised From Depression
7. Brainwashed Niggers
8. Real Black Souljas
9. Gameplan
10. Ultimatedrive By
11. Police Brutality
12. Fuck1 Time
13. Wblk (We Be Black)
14. Black Radio Aint Black
15. Pimps And Players
16. Out Ta Get Rich
17. Warr
18. Forty Aces And A Mule
19. Fuck The System
20. Comin’ Up
21. Voice Of A Black Revolutionist
22. The Other Levell
23. Change The Dial
24. Final Call

Powerule was a early 90′s New York group that is definately worth a listen if you are into the early NY sound, such as I. Headed up by Prince Power, they should be rembered for the single “Smooth” which got some play from the time frame. While I was writing this, I realized I got this from Dread at Bust The Facts (saw the CD not to long ago, and like a dumbass I waited to get it, went back and it was gone) I don’t know if the link was still good there, but if not, here is new one.

Powerule – Volume One (Interscope, 1991)

1 Interview
2 Back
3 Ruff Neck Freestyle
4 5 Minutes 2 Showtime
5 Pass The Vibes
6 Interview
7 Premises
8 Rub Of The Wax Rap [Featuring] – Leaders Of The New School
9 When The Rhythm Calls
10 Que Pasa? (What’s Going On)
11 Young Stars From Nowhere Featuring – Johnny Jay Rap [Featuring] – Kurious Jorge , Rebel (7)
12 Interview
13 That’s The Way It Is
14 Smooth
15 Gots Ta Get This Co-producer – Large Professor Rap [Featuring] – Large Professor
16 Interview
17 Urbs Inda Suburbs
18 Whassup?

DJ Aladdin & DJ Scratch – LA Shiznit Vol 1 (1993)

Can’t remember where I got this, I think Cocaine Blunts. It’s kind of in the same vein as Dre’s Roadium mixes, so I’m guessing this is something that was sold out the trunk or something. Worth the download.

I started post at 8:30 a.m. it’s almost 11:30 a.m. and the severe threat is not looking as hot, so I’m in kind of a holding pattern….I hope it does something, I’d really like to get out, but we’ll see.

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