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Fly Female Fridays-Monie & Yo Yo could've used Kim & Foxy's stylist for their cover shoot

by Eric on March 30, 2007

Foxy Brown-Ill Na Na

Foxy Brown has always been dope to me. I mean, not like Rakim or Big Daddy Kane dope, but decent for a female MC. “Ill Na Na” was obviously Foxy’s best album to date. Man, I can’t even front in college “I’ll Be” w/Jay-Z was gettin’ mad play. But, overall this was a very consistent album. Nothing too groundbreaking, but the album had many notable moments including “The Promise”w/Havoc and who can forget “Get Me Home”w/Blackstreet?

Monie Love-Down To Earth

As a charter member of the Native Tongues family, Monie Love released this prevelant album off the strength of her appearances on Latifah’s “Ladies First” & De La’s “Buddy” remix. I’m not even gonna’ lie..”It’s a shame” is still getting rotation from me on a weekly basis. Although “Monie in the Middle” was the jumpoff for this release, I felt Monie could have dropped a few other cuts on this album ahead of the first single. Still, a decent debut from the former? radio personality.

Yo Yo-You Better Ask Somebody

I really need to sit down and listen to this one’s been a minute since I had this in the headphones or the ride. The only single I recall making any noise was “Bonnie & Clyde” w/Ice Cube. I always liked Yo Yo’s voice and swagger though. Her first album “Make Way For The Mother lode” gave her a nice head of steam out the gate only to be halted with the lame “Black Pearl” as a sophomore release. By the time this album was released not to many cats where checking for Yo Yo. Still, it’s Fly Female Friday so here it is..

Lil’ Kim-Hardcore

As lame as this sounds now, this was a dope rookie effort from the Queen Bee. You can’t even front, she was poppin’ when this dropped. I always loved “Big Momma Thing” w/Jay Z strictly b/c it used the same beat as Kane’s opening track on his “Taste Of Chocolate” flop. Seriously, there were alot of quality joints on the LP. “Queen Bitch” which also appeared on the High School High sountrack thumped, while “Crush on You” was killing the airwaves. Yes, there are a few throwaway joints but you can’t even front on “Hardcore”…Oh, and I how did I almost forget “Drugs” which takes the cake as the best joint on this listen.

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