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Manic Mondays Pt.II

by Eric on April 2, 2007

Hoodratz-Sneeke Mutha’z

“If ya’ bootleg”…Ahh, I coulda’ saved this one for “One Album Wonder Wednesdays” but this one actually fits in to “Manic Mondays” quite well. I picked this one up in the summer of 93′, I wasn’t to impressed then and apparently things haven’t changed much. Just gave this one anotha’ listen last nite, and the comparisons to Onyx’s “Bacdafucup” are very prevalent…yet, at the same time you could also throw a bit of The Flatlinerz in there as well. I will say that the in your face aggressiveness does make it a solid entry for Manic Mondays. The only “standout”..if you will, cuts on this album are “Bootlegga” & “Mrs. Crabtree”.

Ice Cube-Amerikkka’s Most Wanted

Where do I start? I first heard a snippet of this album when I was in the Eighth Grade attending a PE/Digital Underground concert that I had called in to a local radio station and won tickets to see. Terminator X was actually slicing about the first five cuts on “Amerikka’s” during set changes. Man, was I blown away. I actually picked this up the same day as PRT’s “Holy Intellect”, what a day huh? The Bomb Squad production is beautiful noise and Cube kills it. I’m gonna’ have to post this one in my top 100 Tuesday (11-20), so the link will be posted twice this week. Do yourself a favor and re familiarize yourself with this CLASSIC debut. Hell, I actually think that “Death Certificate” may have one upped this debut. There are very few albums where so many cuts are solid it’s hard to pick a favor…well, this is one of them. ENJOY!!

Public Enemy-Fear Of A Black Planet

Thank you PE for introducing me to Hip Hop. “It takes a nation of millions” was my first Hip Hop purchase. I played “It Takes” to death, but as much as I loved PE’s second effort I’d have to say that I loved “Fear of a Black Planet” even more. I first heard “Welcome To The Terrordome” during the dance break on “In Living Color” that usually appeared before commercial. Man, was I amped to pick this up after hearing “Terrordome”. Eventually, “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” took the top spot for me. I overplayed “Terrordome” that had to be the case. I will say this..”911 Is A Joke” was not the best choice for 1st Single though. Overall, this album is relentless and that is the best choice of words to describe this masterpiece. Most of you already know the deal!!

Paris-The Devil Made Me Do It

I can actually remember being in shock after hearing Paris’ debut. “Break the Grip of Shame” was my introduction to Paris. Man, that was such an eerie video and song. Paris has an incredible flow that I thought would have excelled even more over maybe Bomb Squad or K Def production. K Def?? you may ask, but imagine Paris flowing over the instumental version of “Turnaroud: The Long Awaited Drama”. I still to this day bump the hell outta’ “The Devil Made Me Do It”. I wasn’t the biggest Paris fan but you have to give him his due for his brashness and undeniable lyrical skills.

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Just Ice April 4, 2007 at 8:34 pm

A co-worker of mine hipped me to Paris when The Devil Made Me Do It dropped. I don’t remember why but I was hesitant at first to buy this. He kept swearing up down it was worth and he was right. The production on this is solid and the beats are bangin’. I wish he’d revert back to these types of menacing beats rather than that fluffy G-Funk sound he sometimes uses, it fits him much better.

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