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The Best Of Albumbase….

by Travis on April 4, 2007

I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t stay away from this damn thing for more than two days. Things have been busy, some fun some not, but I hate going more than two days without doing some sort of a post. I really don’t even have any music with me and I’m sure you don’t want just a post of me spouting off about the various things in my life and those around me that piss me off or any other non music releated type thing, so what you’ll get is something half-assed, which I tend to do from time to time when I don’t have the time to do a proper post or have the mental capacity to think of something witty.

Albumbase is a blessing and a curse for us bloggers. I’ll admit, I’ve used it for close to a year now and you can find lots of material on there. You might have to wade through a lot of crap, but if you know what you are looking for, you can do alright messing with it. The bad side is, I think it’s mainly just a big sesspool of all the blogs materials. I know I’ve seen many of my links and other blogs links on it. I’m sure probably just about every album I’ve uploaded has made it on there in one form or another. Now, I’m not one of those bloggers who gets overly upset about my links being used in other capacities. If another blog uses them, I expect at least some sort of recognition for my efforts. As far as albumbase goes, there is no way thats going to happen and honestly, I don’t really care if they do get put up there or not. I’ve never personally submitted a link there, but someone else might as well do it, plus it keeps links alive longer. I’ve been amazed at some of the links still alive on this site and sure I can thank albumbase for that.

The bad thing really though is that with new blogs popping up every day and originality already at a premium, it gets tough trying to post anything that hasn’t been seen before and albumbase makes that even more difficult. When I first originally started posting full albums last spring/summer, I vowed not to post anything that could be found on another blog or on albumbase. I’ve since changed that policy, although if it’s been on another blog, I try to hold off on it for a few months.

As you can probably tell, I’m just winging this post, so it’s probably coming off as rambling, for that reason, we’ll cut it short for now. Here’s a few joints I found on albumbase that I thought I’d share for those of you that don’t have a membership or just can’t find the shit.

Aesop Rock – B-Sides & Rarities (1999-2003)

1. Water
2. Wise Up
3. The Active Element
4. The Tugboat Complex
5. Bad Karma
6. Take Me To The Basement
7. Blacklist (feat MF Doom)
8. Sinister (feat Vast Aire & Yesh)
9. Helium (Vordul)
10. Dragon Coaster (feat Mojo)
11. Inner City Hustle (Wakin’) (feat L.I.F.E. Long)
12. Tap Dancin’ for Scratch (feat Vast Aire)
13. Put Your Quarters Up (feat Slug)
14. Home Again (feat The Controls)
15. Coma (remix)
16. Atlantis (feat Mojo)
17. Bad Summeritan
18. Commencemnt At The Obedience Academy
19. Accapella (Live at the El-Ray)

I’m NOT a fan of Aesops music. I do realize though that there are people who do like his music, to each their own. I really don’t know much about Aesop Rock. I think the only album I’ve sat down and listened to was “Bazooka Tooth”, which was…….different I guess is the politest word I can use for it. There have been a couple apperances he has made on other albums that wasn’t all that bad, so maybe he is okay is small doses.

Since I don’t know much about Aesop’s career, it’s safe to say I don’t know much about these tracks. I have no idea if they are rare or just some crap someone threw together, but I figured there might be a couple people out there that would be interested in this.

Big Daddy Kane – Collabs and Rarities (1998-2005)

1. Big Daddy Kane – Any Type Of Way (Produced by DJ Premier)
2. Marley Marl Feat Big Daddy Kane – Three’s Company
3. Spectac feat. Big Daddy Kane – One Day
4. Big Daddy Kane – Shame
5. Sway & King Tech feat Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & Chino XL – 3 To The Dome
6. Just Ice feat Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhymin’ With Kane (Produced by DJ Premier)
7. Soul Supreme feat Big Daddy Kane, Checkmark & DJ Revolution – Come Get It
8. Big Daddy Kane – Terra In Ya Era
9. Jurassic 5 feat Big Daddy Kane & Percee P – A Day At The Races
10. Aphorodite feat Big Daddy Kane – Off Limits
11. Little Brother feat Big Daddy Kane – Welcome To Durham
12. Big L feat Big Daddy Kane – Platnium Plus (produced by DJ Premier)
13. Big Daddy Kane – Entaprizin
14. Big Daddy Kane – The Man The Icon
15. Afu Ra feat Big Daddy Kane – Stick Up
16. Prince Paul feat Big Daddy Kane – Macula’s Theory
17. Tony Touch feat Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & KRS One – Class Of ’87
18. Big Daddy Kane – Hold It Down
19. Big Daddy Kane – Any Type Of Way (Cookin’ Soul Remix)

had to come correct after posting up that Aesop, so we’ll bring some collabs and rarities from one of the top 5 M.C.’s of all-time with some Big Daddy Kane. This little nuggest of pure hip hop bliss has been on albumbase for awhile now, but it’s still alive. There is some pretty good material on this comp, worth checking out if you are a BDK fan.

Ghostface Killah – Pretty Toney: The Lost Tracks

1. Guerilla Hood
2. The After Party feat Method Man
3. Pretty Toney
4. Pay Checks ft Trife
5. Smith Brothers
6. The Drummer ft Street Life
7. Burnin’
8. My Guitar
9. Run (Showoff Remix) ft Jadakiss
10. The Odd Couple ft Cappadonna
11. Got Gats ft Solomon Childs
12. Box In Hand (The Lost Remix) ft Method Man
13. New Splash (No No No)
14. GFK Elephant ft Elephant Man
15. The Sun ft Slick Rick, RZA & Raekwon
16. Flowers (Original Mix)
17. The Watch (Original Mix)
18. Good Times
19. Hot & Wet (Remix) ft 112 & Ludacris
20. Summertime (remix) ft Beyonce

Why is th
at some of the best songs are usually of the unreleased kind? Think about, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Ghost all have some classic joints that are of the unreleased variety. Luckily enough for us in the age of the internet, this stuff still comes to the light in form of “Unreleased Rarities” and the such. All of the tracks that couldn’t be cleared for sample reasons rears their melodic voices on this collection of songs that were made right around the “Pretty Toney” era. Tracks like “The Sun”, “My Guitar”, “Flowers” and “Good Times” are arguably stronger tracks than the majority of the tracks that made it to the retail version. Hopefully you have most of these, but if you don’t, best be picking this one up.

Link Love

I haven’t done this in awhile because, honestly, with all the new blogs that we are bombarded with, it makes it kind of over whelming to check stuff and if I don’t automatically link up a new site right off the bat, I tend to forget about new sites for awhile. It already takes close an hour every day going through my links, so some sites get missed and over looked, more so than what they used to. There are some quality blogs out there and some not so quality. I’m not going to dis anyones effort, that’s just not me, but all in all I’ve been kind of disappointed in the quanity over quality approach that seems to be more rampent in the blogosphere these days. As I said though, I’m not going to knock anyones hustle, it is what it is….but here a few new blogs I’ve enjoyed lately.

When They Reminisce…..
I’ll admit I was kind of weary when I first saw the pink background, but once again, a prime example of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. After reading a few of Eric’s posts, it’s quite apparent he is doing this strictly for his love of the music and not the internet “props” that go with it. He examplifies a witty demenour and intellegence in his posts which remind me of, well me actually.

The site offers a nice selection of classics and a few rare jewels sprinked about the site as well. Combine that with wit and interesting text, you have yourself a fun site to boomark. Thirty somethings unite!

Brazilian Faith Healer

Knowing Ryan Somers, I’m sure there is some hidden meaning within the blog name or maybe something totally logical. Ryan is another former Cocaine Blunts Forum alum and quite the interesting cat to say the least. He’s published a book, “In Search of Divine Styler”, has a group that will be touring Europe this summer and even does painting. I guess you can say he is a modern day Troubadour and Jack of All Trades. It would be unnatural if he didn’t have a blog in the game as well.

Staying true to his original sense of style and life, his blog doesn’t resemble anything else, which is important in my book. You might get links to other stuff, you might get a Basehead album, you might get a couple 7A3 singles from back in the day , or you might just get some pictures. That’s the beauty of the whole thing, you never know what you will get and to me, that’s more important than picking up the new Papoose mixtape. The blog is definately for the eccentric in mind and people who crave originality.

Know Good Music
I shouldn’t mention this blog since A-One kicked my ass this year in NCAA brackets, but I’ll let that slide. As we all know by now, I like sites that tend to say something, to share an opinion, that give me more than just the newest album and that’s what A-One’s blog does. Sure there might be bigger sites out there, but quality over quanity always ruels in my book. You have news, opinions and good music all wrapped into one blog…works for me.

Another site that is more quality over quanity. Mike Dikk and Raven are doing what Polarity and I originally inteded to do when we started this blog, a tag team of sorts on the posts and offering humorous and sometimes biting commentary in our views of the music itself, that is until Polarity became a big Hip Hop star and started shacking up with 5 groupies a night, so all you get is my stank ass writing for you guys most of the time. Regardless, Mike and Raven pull it off well enough that while I might not download much from there, I do make it a point to check it out everyday to read their “expert white boy analysis”. Besides, Rickey Henderson endorses the site, why shouldn’t you check it out?

Just by the quirkiness of the title alone (if I have to spell it out for you, well, you shouldn’t be reading this), you know there’s got to be some originality to be found on the site (yeah, I’m big on the originality thing today). The site has been around for awhile, which is kind of shocking that I’ve missed it for so long since I like to think I’m a self-proffessed Blog Geek, but everything from Soul to Hip Hop to even a “Happy Birthday Hammer” posts. And while it shouldn’t matter, I think it’s great that it’s all done by a woman, which is something of a rarity in the male dominated blogging game. Besides GForce, there are only two other females I know about, KNun on Exploration of Music, which unfortunately has slowed down in the past months and another which I’m not at liberty to say but also has an excellent blog that should be well known to most of my readers (don’t try to guess because I won’t comment on it). But don’t check it out for any other reason that it’s a quality blog that I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past few weeks and because I said so, dammit!

There’s other ones I’m feeling out there as well, so don’t take it personally if I didn’t mention yours. If I have you linked, that means I like what you are doing or you bugged me enough to put it up there, but I try to check everything in my links at least a couple times a week. I realize the link section is a complete freaking mess right now. I hope to change that when Chris and I sit down and try to come up with a new design for the site in a couple months. Until then, may all your dreams be about hot beats and all your nightmares contain giant pink bunnies…..


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