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HEY…Whatever Happened To The….EEEEE PEEE?

by Eric on April 5, 2007

The EP…Hmmm..The Extendended Maxi Single? Or just a teaser for the LP? Maybe just a bunch of BS remixes? You make the call.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth-All Souled Out PW=jack4gulli

Well, I’m most definitely biased with this one folks. I love Pete & CL (as a duo, not a big fan of CL’s solo work), but I would say this EP gave us a nice introduction on what we could expect from the dynamic duo. The downside is, over half the tracks on this EP also made it to their full length debut “Mecca & The Soul Brother”, which sucks for your if you picked this one up for $6.99 then in a few more months upped the ante for their classic “Mecca”. “The Creator” & “Mecca & The Soul Brother” fuel the fire on this EP, although IMO “Good Life” & “Go With The Flow” held their ground firmly as well. Pick this one up if you’ve been sleepin’

The Beatnuts-Intoxicated Demons

“I wanna….yeah you know the rest, the chorus for “Psycho Dwarf” which for the sake of my wife reading this blog I’ll leave it up to your knowledge to sum the majority of that one up. But the rambunctious chorus to “Psycho Dwarf” pretty much summed up my Junior year in High School which happened to be the time this EP was released. Now this EP gave you some “Bang for the Buck”. Although there are a few minor skits, the EP more than provides the listener with a few gems for your eardrums. I’d say this is probably the best EP ever released in terms of quanity and quality. I personally favored “No Equal”, but I can remember “Reign of The Tec” poppin’ off like Onyx’s “Throw Ya Guns”. You just can’t go wrong with the Nuts’ who came back with more of a vengance on their follow up “Street Level”. Dopeness for days!!

Ice Cube-Kill At Will

While “Dead Homiez” was the first single released off of this EP, you say “Kill At Will” and I think “Jackin’ For Beats”. Enough to get your Cube fill til’ the release of “Death Certificate”, “Kill At Will” still had Cube in his “Amerikkka’s” mode..still rockin’ that jherri curl. I mean really, Cube had Hip Hop on lock during the time frame of this release..he could do no wrong. Still, “Jackin’ For Beats” was the highlight, with Cube rockin’ over tracks from D-Nice, X-Clan, Digital Underground, LL and of course “I’ll jack them too” Public Enemy. I’d say my second favorite EP on the heels of “Intoxicated Demons”

De La Soul-More Supa Sweet Stakes Baby

Blahhh! This EP sucks..Thank God I picked it up off Album Base yesterday. I had to put it up here b/c it’s taking up space on my F: Drive. I love De La, especially some of their most recent stuff, but I had to take this outta’ my headphones last was making me nauseous. The first three cuts on “Supa Sweet Stakes” seem like an R & B showcase for the JazzyFatNastees than De La. Hell, even the DJ Spinna produced remix of “Stakes Is High” sounds very similar to Pete Rock’s remix of Das Efx’ “Real Hip Hop”, and a clean version of “Supa Emcees” on a 5 song EP? C’mon De La!

3rd Bass-The Cactus Revisited

Well…My feelings don’t really stray away from my feelings on “Supa Sweet Stakes”. A 2-minute renditon of a “Gas Face” lyrical remix? I don’t know..A house version of “Brooklyn-Queens” HELL NO! I’m glad I didn’t pick this one up after “The Cactus Album” b/c I wouldn’t have had very high expectations for “Derilicts Of Dialect”. Plus, the originals on “Cactus Album” are far better than the remixes on this EP, i.e, “Words Of Wisdom”, “Product Of The Enviroment” & “Steppin’ To The A.M.

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Mike Dikk April 6, 2007 at 8:50 pm

Hey Man. I just found your site through the same WYUD post where mine was mentioned. Pretty awesome stuff. I am more into “writing about hip hop” blogs than “posting up records with no explantion” blogs.

Also, I was cycling through your old posts and saw the one a few posts back mentioning that the Boss record only got one download, and I got so excited because I’ve been looking to reaquire that for a while (I have a feeling I am really not going to like it anymore, except maybe “Deeper”) and I was glad to find out the link still worked. So thanks.

Eric April 6, 2007 at 9:16 pm

Whaddup Mike…funny thing..I just got back from checking out your blog…I enjoy eating a bowl of cereal while reading your post:D..but really, I need to add ya’ll to my Top notch blog list…good shit ya’ll are doin’ over there

Alchetype April 7, 2007 at 9:54 am

each of the EP’s mentioned are essentail purchases save the 3rd Bass one. Nothing essential on that one in my opinion. Still own it, but could happily live without it.

Note to self: buy that De La EP somewhere/anywhere

travis April 9, 2007 at 11:18 pm

Yeah the De La EP is ho hum, but being the nerd/completest geek that I am, I had to buy it.

I actually like some of the stuff on that 3rd Bass EP

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